Monday, 3 September 2012

A class for teachers to make them masters

It has been a long time association with our kids school , we very much wanted to offer a meditation class for the staff over there and it worked out this Saturday, at jothi vidyalaya matric school, Ellampillai.

Swami Atma  and  his disciples arrived from Valapadi at 9 .15  am and by  9 .30 every one was settled.
It was a gathering of about 40 staff members all aged between  20 and 60, most were  local, and Salem,  there was one Anglo  Indian from Kerala as an English teacher.

During the interaction , most of the teachers felt that they had no difficulties except as tension and stress in life and in their work.

With this the class started with  Swami discussing the causes of tension and stress and how to solve them with finding the cause within one self .

Ignorance and inability was found and shown to be the main draw backs to our problems, and with exercises and a bhairava meditation, it was discussed at length.

The participants were allowed to share their experiences during the  three hour interaction, and they decided to share their views for further continuation of the programmes in future.

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