Saturday, 27 April 2013

An afternoon in silence - an eye opener

The term was an intended pun Swami Atma used about the silence programme that took place this sunday at the ashram site near Valapady  at 10 am on the bright sunny morning.

It brought together about 40 of us from Namakkal,Salem,Ellampillai and many others from near Valapady.

Ever since i had seen the tamil movie "Thiruvilayadal"  the episode on the third eye opening , and burning away ignorance, it has been in my mind, to unlock the significance of it .

Now this.

The meditation  said to be the cream of all meditations, started off after a short talk by Swamy, and every one sitting and watching the silence of the outer and inner.

With an occasional break of a glimpse around to see if things were alright , many returned back to watching the breath and the gaps between one and the next breath.

Lunch break was one of the best, sharing ourselves in silence with others and relishing the lunch, the silence continued till evening, when the mike was brought to let Swamy bring us back to a state of words.

Swamy spoke on the importance of the meditation and answered questioners.

Following this we formed a ring and Swamy shared a namsthe to each of us going around the circle.

We dispersed with a thought of sharing this way to the third eye meditation to all.

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