Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A life line with a master

It was another of those traumatic emotional crisis times, wreaking the happy times of unawareness.

One could weep with self pity, or could drown oneself with an unconsciousness enveloping alcohol.

There is another way,a talk to a master to help over come the times with awareness.

The last week was one such times with shades of possessiveness and jealousy coming to surface.

How could one over come these delusional times?

Lucky are some, who have such a line, some are lucky to have an inner contact with a master within.

May we all find a master and surrender to one .


ravi said...

Very true sir. But finding a true Master itself takes a lifetime. Many times when I am depressed and helpless, I feel like surrendering myself to the guru who can shed light and shows the path.

venkhat said...

i can understand your feelings ravi, very very painful and empty.

Master Atma is a Master , who is at present in valapady in tamil nadu.

Sujatha said...

ravi - Quote - "But finding a true Master itself takes a lifetime."

Instead of searching here and there, develop yourself "thro Swamy Vivekanandar's book " "His calls to the Nation" again and again sure..u will get a "brightness" read the chapter "power of the mind" and "the maker of his destiny" many the book with a gap of time..each and every time u will learn something. as he said "You have to grow from inside out. None can teach you, none can make u spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul"

PS : Am not advising..but i am an addict to this book..i will fly in the air whenever i read it...enjoy the "power". If u ask guru "i can say Sri Sri Raghavendraswamy"