Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A trek up a hillock

It was again one of those lazy sunday afternoon, and i suddenly had a thought why not a trek.
A water bottle and a towel and a carry on bag, it was 4 some thing on the clock, i left home.

There is a small hillock near our village and a temple at the base, i had a wash and asked for blessings
for the trip up at the deity there.

For the city dwellers this would be a shock, to see no people, just raw existence,i went along the zig zag paths, loosing it at places to find new ones opening up, and up the hillock to the farther end all stony and thorny.

Sat down for some time and had some egg sand wit

ches and watched the sun going down.

The return was very peaceful, it would have been more fun to have had some of u along.