Sunday, 30 September 2012

An inspiration from a yogin

It was a week filled with activity , it started with an introduction explaining about the heritage of our Indian yoga system and how we are in the land and still not aware of the treasures of the mystical system.

Swami Kailashnaath, with his sweet flowing words and cute smile took us along with the work shop of prayers,yogic breathing and postures, guiding us with his participation.

He had come all the way from Palani, invited here by some benevolent citizens.

Each morning we assembled at 6 am, and the routine practices went on till 8 .30 am .
For those who could not make it in the mornings, evening timings were offered from 6 pm till 9 pm.

He made it a class of no paper and pen and all practicals.

Lessons learnt from animals, and how we could benefit from them, breathing patterns , and techniques to avoid the diseases of the modern world , all leading to a fit body to do what ever we need to or in search of,  through the body.

We were initiated into the system formally at the penultimate day at 4 .30 am.

He wound up, answering  our stupid questions with his intelligence  and compassion, encouraging us to carry on with the practices that have been shared.

Friday, 21 September 2012

A deck of murukkus

Friday is a local market day, where one could get any thing that is normally needed for the whole of the weeks living from veggies, fruits, broom,  bamboo baskets,linen and even snacks.

There is a village close by across the Salem Coimbatore highway called Attayampatti, it may be famous for many things,but to us it is murukkus.

It is made with rice and other cereals, made into a pasty dough and using metallic instruments with a small gap,the paste is deep fried with flowery designs in oil.

The local cinema shops get them,for their viewers, and it the snack for many homes with puffed rice and  ground nuts.

I showed this picture to a neighbour hood child, she squealed  " santhai murukkus".

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Lessons from Children

Sundays are happy times for kids, and torture times for parents,so a programme arranged to get the kids out  for a day with packed lunch is an agreeable situation for the parents and squealy moments for children.

A week back was one such Sunday , we managed to convince a dozen parents to send the children, but the  bottom line number of attendees was a mystery till the start, and even later.

There are many times when we think that  we can share our experience with the kids, but we always end up learning new and innovative things from them.

The rest in pictures.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Yellow river turns red

The ten commandments is a movie that if seen, lasts for a life time within, the impressions  are non erasable.

It was the first movie i had seen in my primary school, the movies are always selected by a roman catholic, called Brother Basilio, and all if not most had always been winners at the academy or at Oscars.

The picture of the yellow river now running red reminded me of Moses making the Nile turn red.

May be it is the wrath of a Moses there or a dumping of the chemicals from upstream , what ever the cause, "the yellow river runs red" says the head lines.  

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Observe and Accept

Observe and Accept rather than Research and Develop.

In the scientific world there is a term ,research and development.

It simply means to see again and better it, the way things are approached now follows this system, in all ways of life.
There is arrogance and alteration of the original in these methods

It is more so in the modern system of medicine, where newer diseases are being noticed all across the world.

Ding the other sciences, with healing methods, if we see nature and its ways of handling things , observing and accepting would bring on a great humble way of healing troubled bodies and hurt minds.

Monday, 3 September 2012

A class for teachers to make them masters

It has been a long time association with our kids school , we very much wanted to offer a meditation class for the staff over there and it worked out this Saturday, at jothi vidyalaya matric school, Ellampillai.

Swami Atma  and  his disciples arrived from Valapadi at 9 .15  am and by  9 .30 every one was settled.
It was a gathering of about 40 staff members all aged between  20 and 60, most were  local, and Salem,  there was one Anglo  Indian from Kerala as an English teacher.

During the interaction , most of the teachers felt that they had no difficulties except as tension and stress in life and in their work.

With this the class started with  Swami discussing the causes of tension and stress and how to solve them with finding the cause within one self .

Ignorance and inability was found and shown to be the main draw backs to our problems, and with exercises and a bhairava meditation, it was discussed at length.

The participants were allowed to share their experiences during the  three hour interaction, and they decided to share their views for further continuation of the programmes in future.