Monday, 28 January 2013

Drunk at a spiritual bar with out the wine

The neighborhood children passed word around that there was a time and place to have fun.

My lady was interested to share ways to study well, and have fun at the same time, things matched and this Sunday was fixed.

The children who could get permission started arriving 5 minutes to ten o clock and , having flipped the foot wear to the distance of a kick , they got in with the money for registration.

20 rupees , was the amount fixed and they named themselves, spelling out the alphabets, some did not how to write their names , they were helped with the spellings.

 22 was the number and just enough space at our hall, the gong was the plate and spoon to be heard over their voices.

The programme started with a prayer of awareness and righteousness for the betterment of oneself.

After a small introduction of themselves, the kids were allowed to talk as kids, blabbering away, then sing,enact skits and bring to surface their creativity.

I quietly left them to do with the programme, and arrived just before they finished with the transfer of energies between them selves , namastheing and  a visual contact with the eyes.

A bond has been created between themselves and others, to get on with the life that is theirs.


As for the title-  a long time ago at a rural meet, i was told that i was the most drunk at the gathering , until it came to be known i don't drink, but drunk i was , that compliment cannot be taken back.

A decision was taken to share that drunkenness and the drink.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Down to earth water dowser

The modest dowser for water had arrived 10 minutes before the auspicious hour , he had got the traditional lime and his " y " shaped dowsing twig and incense sticks, and camphor.

After a ritualistic prayer of a minute, the dowser started to move with his twig and lime attached by means of a small rope smeared with turmeric.

Within a minute at a space of a few steps the lime started to twirl on a circumference, and  wow it stopped as quickly as it started , like the movement of  the needle on a meter reading.

Moving up and down the plot on his feet he seemed to be in thought and he asked us to identified some spots with a collection of stones.

Finally he selected a spot, rammed down an identification metallic length, said u will get water at 200 feet, go further till u can , good supply and may u use it without waste.

He collected his fee and away he went.

He said he will return when the bore well machine comes and will confirm his findings then.

Such swiftness and his findings are never wrong, he had been for my building a decade earlier , and now for this cousin of mine.

He has nothing to confirm his qualification for this , no family tradition, no meditations , nothing of speciality , just his being.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

hot dogs to cool cucumbers

I have always wanted to taste the hot dogs ever since i have seen them in comic strips and western sites, we dont get them in our place so it was the way it was.

This afternoon while getting the cucumbers and plantains ready for lunch , a sudden wave came, so  the shots and the words.

It is the season of cucumbers and i have been told it is best to slice them north south than at the equator rings, with the lime , or plains , they are cool

The plantains are like i said earlier , a fruit for the every day man, goes great with the bread too.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Masterpieces on the road

The pongal morning finds our village streets with colourful rangoli kolams, i walked our street and had taken a few snaps.

It is a sharing event, the kids, mom, grannies and aunts all take up , to bring on a colour to the designs.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Money laundering with a detergent

I have always felt jealous of the way our beauty women managed to do multi-tasking and all of them well,while i had to shut one doing, to do another
and not too well too.

with the present crisis, it is more apparent now, one at a time, god how did things ever happen on time earlier.

No wonder the boss always had them as secretaries.

The manual laundering of wetting, soaping, crumpling, brushing and rinsing were all done , for my small bundle of clothes, with little wacking.

There was a small bulge at the area of the pocket when i was just getting the shirts on the hanger to dry, shifting i found a few rupee bills all wet and unnoticed till now, but clean new,and wet.

Well i was never one to use the wallet, scared  some one will flick it away, or i may get stranded,  if i lost it all in one place , or worse i remembered , "do not put all your eggs in one basket".

So there they were drying under the breeze of the ceiling fan, to have the words come on .

A measure full of onions from the heart - for a price

The early morning slanting rays of the sun, was just trying to get to her serene face at the vegetable market, the lady selling onions was an elderly  person with a pyramid of small onions for sales.

I had just crossed her and looking at the onions , it seemed a rapport was built in a second and was pulled to purchase them .

Like all purchases it was made in a matter of  a few minutes with the lady making enquiries of home ,and adding more onions as a gift from her palms, after some ooing and aaahhhing i left to make a few words and share the feelings of the onions, the buyer and seller to all.