Friday, 16 August 2013

Kelaakai - long forgotten

They say that the taste and a name brings on long forgotten memories.

It was a long time ago, on the kolikadai street, adjacent
to the Dhoduswamy' s ancestral home in gugai, there was a small petti kadai , a lady selling u won't believe, strings of this kelaAkai all soaked in salt and chilli powder, coiled  on a saucer.

The other thing that lady sold was the ajii paangu mittai, that one could chew and chew and go on chewing till the taste lingers and the sweet melts in the mouth.

The elantha vadai was another of the fruit made into a paste with tamarind that could go great for an interval period between two classes.

The memories go long, and it got kindled last morning at the local market, when i enquired what it was, just hearing the name brought on all this and more.

I don't know the English term for it, or may be our men hid it from the English folks, as a reason to kick them out soon, lest they get hooked to this fruit, and stay for any reason to keep us in slavery.

The green ones are the original and the other colors are the breeds i guess for a change.

Independent and Free - May we work to keep us so

May we retain our

freedom and be independent to bring on our creativity with no fear of slavery.

The local school had a celebration and it was touchingly organised to bring on the patriotic spirit, and the enactment of the long forgotten days of the freedom struggle.

Now that they got the freedom for us, i wonder whom we shall give that freedom to.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Forgive? hmm , Forget? NO

The silent memorials at the Japanease cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, show that the Japanese have not forgotten the bombings.

Remembering the 6th August as the day of the atomic dropping is a thing that cannot be forgotten and needs to be studied.

What really gets me wondering is how did the two countries get to patch up after that dropping.

With the things in the archives coming out and shut up mouths talking and other things, truth of the bombings are surfacing, we know the rushed up scientists and developers wanted to see the actions of the inventions and the power of the beholders.

The forgiveness!  Japan must be some society to have that compassion, and to continue to do trade and exchange program mes, in spite of seeing the destruction, with the chromosomal anomalies still occurring after 67 years.

The scientists have been duped with their inventions being put into destruction.

With every commemoration they must be silently crying where they are,as with the present scientists who see theirs being misused.

May we learn from the past mistakes for a safe livable planet.

A water tap to quench a hunger pang

I was waiting to catch a train, with enough time to have a leisurely lunch on the platform.

Enjoying  the breeze that was,on the crowdless station ,i noticed an old man walk up to a drinking water tap and have a large long drink,  then i noticed  after some time he came back to the tap for another long drink, and then i knew it was no thirst to quench a parched lip.

Strange are the ways of attraction, i walked up and asked him if he would accept a drink of porridge blended with curd, that could be the most difficult moment for a man of richness, but i saw that and felt no pity or bigness as i was only going to share.

I gave him half my portion of the blended drink, and his appreciation was as good as mine later, after he finished his, he felt a oneness as this was what he  normally had at home.

He was on his way to a temple,being kicked out of home, for not being wanted.

He left a line," a dad  can  even take care of 10 children , but 10 children cannot take care of one dad".( he has two sons,and is now a vagabond)

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Mushrooming banks with out the rains

Our village is not a village any more, with the spurting of so many banks,each one offering us, services beyond our means.

I have always wondered how could the bank officers get to get paid so much for our money transactions, and with such facilities and area.

It is our money,and we put and take away,how could they get so much benefit, there is something beyond the loans.

We have about 10 banks in our place now, the most recent is the State Bank of India.

The old adage " kadan vaangi maaadi veedu kataathey " i
s no longer applicable.