Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A market in our bank

It was just another Tuesday morning , gathering our pass books we ventured into our bank this morning, to find the entrance full of slippers like it is at marriage halls or temples.

We were forewarned that the bank is full and there is no standing space, we entered the banking hall, and there it was full  and over flowing, not knowing what was the event, i slowly but hesitatingly enquired a teller to be told the public was here to collect their pensions.

The public normally got their old age pensions at their home through the passing postman, but it seems some one has been complaining that the postal people are taking away a portion of their money, so now the banks have got added work, and  the banking folks have to move away or search for other sectors to do their banking.

 If this is going to go on every month, some one is going to get very angry, or there is going to be a strike.

Something drastic has to happen to bye pass this government scheme through the bank, for the welfare of the workers in the bank.

We are with the bankers.

Trapped to be freed

We do not know the  tunes of the piper, nor have the heart to get the poisons, there was a suggestion of getting a cat to keep away the rats, but the hunting cats dragging the victims was way beyond us to bear.

So we decided on the trap do get the rats in our home.

We got one from Salem kutti bazzar, and set up the first trap with tomatoes, hoping against hope to find the  rat next morning, we found the tomato gone!

Not to be lost , my lady tried with a coconut , only to be gobbled away,   hmmm  so she tried again using more sophisticated tactic of sleuth in her new trade.

We caught the first one yesterday and , we went off  on a trip to let him out into the sun shine on the outskirts of our village.

There was another repetition of the same act this morning.

The census of rats at home are coming down.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Drinking to health or drinking to misery

What ever the cause or what ever the reason, the distance between a high stool at a tasmac (tamil nadu state drinking house) bar, to a floor mat at a spiritual bar is not much .

May the revelation strike, as the things that happen are similar and beyond they say.

Blissed out.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

An anxious elephant crushes an ant for security reasons

The power of the elephant lies in its greatness and not using it for destruction,but when it does it causes ruin for itself and others.

The american bully has been known for what it is in the past few decades, for its arrogance and its stupidity in hiding itself in the sand.

We Indians feel it now with the shooting of a fishing craft, in the middle east shores.

The target practise with video games has got prizes for the american  navy, with insults from across the world, with some singing bye bye american pie while shooting at targets far across the globe sitting within safe quarters.


Shame on the cowardly soldiers.

The Mesopotamian civilisation has been ruined , others are on the way.

Each one of us can give them punishments in their own way ,
making their own sanctions on american goods ,tourism's, shunning things and letting them know where they stand.

May those with a keyboard type to let silent dead hearts to beat the Americans of their doings.

Let it not be just another incident , and let bye gone things be bygone.

Let us not just drink to forget the shootings, with a cheer " down with the americans" while nations continue to bleed of their cultures and their homes.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Mix up - causes a mishap

Salem junction is  a medium sized simple railway station with little traffic of trains and people.

At 1 pm there is a train from Bangalore to  Nagoor, at  1.30 pm there is a train from Nagoor to Bangalore both arriving at the same platform.

How ever clearly the announcements are made , one is bound to board the first train , those Bangalorians who want to get back home or see a loved one in that anxious state of travel.

I have seen the hurried ones leave  the boarded wrong train earlier, and such a mishap happened again last afternoon.
Someone stopped the just started train,as a lady had hurriedly wanted to get down from the wrongly boarded train,there was a crush injury and  the middle aged lady survived, with a deep wound.

With the help of the guard and others, we got her on to the platform and gave her a drink and got back some decency to her appearance, called her relatives on line and waited for the ambulance.

I forgot my trade.

If this should not happen again , the Bangalore bound train must be sent off first
and the less crowded  Nagoor train held to be flagged away later, or best get those two trains to different platforms, and split them.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Free from - but then full of what ?

Now the shelves are full of  colourful sachets and packs of goodies and baddies,how is one to know which is the least of the worst, for the  best of our health.

We have never had a tuition in nutrition, and yet are to tell the patients to what is
it that they should take ,let alone what to avoid.

Where does one learn? if there is no one to teach, who grants the permission for the companies to promote and sell them?

Does any one know what to see in these coloured packs?

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Artists and craftsman - blossoming

I was recently questioned  if  i run a clinic  or a nursery, by the sounds that were emanating from my place, there was no crying but only squealing and shouts of joy and  music .

I said i run one to prevent another.

It was another of those casual evenings, and one child realised the potential of Uma in simple paper work, finished; word was passed around and the children invaded, to be kept at bay with some  patients who wanted clarifications.

Once clear,  it was a free for all for some time and , then it was follow the word and the movements of the teacher,simple camera,pants and shirts were master pieces and it was craftsman ship.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

When u can't win 'em join them

I have always been trying to bring out the worst in the vaccine for the concern of the general public, the effect was  pity,  not noticed or side lined or worse, being questioned "how could u be right?"
Now i have switched sides and so the title of the article.

The craze now in our village is slimming, many a child, man and women are on different programmes, some trotting away in a field, others step counting on the terraces, still others drinking herbs and shakes and concoctions from far away lands.

In all these one has to work to sweat it out physically or from the purse.

Not any more.

I heard that they were coming out with a new line of jab against obesity , wow  one side they promote junk food and the other side they have a jab to counter the effects.

The one question every patient enquires is "what can i eat," as  no one knows the answer to that question, the only reply would be " what ever  u want, medicines would take over all worries" .

The end result would be a flabby obese one with the lickings of all the junk food that is marketed, oh don't u worry now we have a vaccine for the obese, it acts against the somatostatin.

What a result, a quick fix shot for the worried super size.

Roll up  your sleeves those who can , or pull down your pants, get shot.

Remembering the proctologist

There are many ways and situations, when we tend to remember persons or things.

Let me share with u mine.

On the other side of the western ghats, on the door way to Kerala near Coimbatore is  Palghat.

Many remember it for different reasons, some for the sudden change in climate from our warm temperature, the beautiful look and costumes of the land, the tantric helpers of the malampula dam and its gardens, the BPL Nambiars of Chandranagar colony and their factories, and me for a proctologist with a Krishna statue at their hospital complex.

Some one in our family had originally had their bee hind operated there and the tradition has stuck on , if any one has a worry at the end part of the gut, u need to visit palghat.

So there i was taken to see the family surgeon and a day and time was fixed, and operated on.

The nambiar friend could not believe, " but why here ?"   oh  there are no reasons , when things of tradition follow.

So here i am still remembering my proctologist, daily or when i am in a hurry , rushing to the loo, for that loss of a bit of sphincter, he had to take to heal me of my worry then .

Ohhh  if only he had spared that sphincter.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Thou shall not admire


We have past memories for paying a fine , for being late, or not finishing a record on time,forgetting to pay a bill, or any thing stupid.

Now meaning full things are being fined and one such episode is when a policeman fined a handsome driver for eyeing a beauty on the road.

Good lord a driver who admires a beauty, but who still has not yet done any road in-disciplining activity!

If this is not going to be objected , no women would get noticed, and that would be a shame for all the make up and beautifying acts that they go to large measures to do.

Or may be practise using our abductor eye muscles well, and our 6th cranial nerve into action.

Do u English men have to accept all rules and not retaliate at least for the sake of the women.

May be we can add one more commandment to the ones already present..

Thou shall not admire a women on the roadside while driving.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Choking oneself to live

The dress code was a tie, belt and shoes, it was the way the school days moved in that hill station where the climate was cool ,and the teachers were Anglo Indians,who taught us to look smart, and get to know the ways of the world in studies, games, manners and discipline.

Coming down from the hills to live in this summer heat reaching above 100 f and still getting to be in a tie to maintain that English style was what  i thought was choking one self to live.

That was when i remembered , " when in Rome be a roman," i just added, " and dress like one".

Earlier it was to prevent that chill wind from entering that gap above the shirt button,now things have changed so much that the dress remains, and we get to have that chillness flow in thro' the air conditioners.

Well one gets to change with the rulers, and their left over styles.

Mud pot water is not muddy

I have always wanted to have drinking water stored in a mud pot and relished, the idea never worked out till recently.

There now sits the curvaceous clean mud pot an envy of the refrigerator in this matter.

The benefits are immense, first the container has no chemicals, and the porous material seems to allows aeration and at the same time sending out toxins don't ask me how.

My lady  hates to have hands dipped into water pots ,may be we can get a pot that has a tap fixed to it later, and there is nothing like a glass of cool water on a hot summer day.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Mud games - participants

We all have rememberances of playing in the mud ,building tunnels and mounds and rolling all over.

Those games kept us satisfied to some levels of transformation.

The kids these days have no such facilities as neat roads and mud less  streets exist , laid with cements/tar till the gate.

Jumping tracks to be on time

Who would want to go all around the station , when one can pass thro' the station with ease, and that too to catch that zooming non waiting school bus.

With time being a seconds alert, many a mom hurriedly packs the afternoon lunch into the bag and  feeds the still sleepy child his breakfast, to catch that school van in seconds timing.

she has to make it or else she would have to zoom the child to the school campus , pleading with the husband to be on time in the nasty early morning traffic.

With all this in mind, the short cut thro' the still open pass through station is a walk by.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Getting together to bless at Vellore

It was a school class mates kids wedding arranged at Vellore.

We were all settled into one of the posh hotels of the city, and our school mates arrived from as far away as Hyderabad, Calicut , Chennai, Karur Madurai,Salem, and one from Chandigargh.

Most were already into frendly wild mood, but for those who needed to loosen up their tight life styles , malted drinks flowed, with masalaed snacks.

We cuddled into the wedding reception,  and got to be one among the grand arrangments.

One of the old timer is now a super cop, and his wife was spell bound when he was addressed as "adai", with warmth, she wanted an encore.

It was a small get together of  a sort.

Some memorable moments there in pictures.

Our blessings to the couple and family.