Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pyramidal cart ride

In this month many a village in Tamil Nadu celebrate the procession of the village deity around the town.

Today was one such day, the local deity was decorated on a pedestal over which a pyramidal structure was built with natural materials of bamboo and casurina posts,coconut coir and cotton spreads over it,colorful decorations were added and temple priests and musical vidvans sit on the top.

The electrical wires are disconnected across the roads to prevent any tripping, the procession moves with the help of iron chains which are pulled by the devotees and the movements slowed or stopped with wooden blocks placed at the wheels.

At such times folks who have moved away from this village, return to spend a few hours or days for the celebrations and thanksgiving to the local energy fields, that have taken them to where they are and what they have become.

A simple celebration for the sharing of warmth and togetherness of the village folk for the welfare of every one.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Alternative - the other bank

Those standing and living in this bank, rarely get to have an opinion that is strong, supportive and understanding as their own of the other.

It is time and space we get to at least from now on to see the alternative as the world now is a smaller place, we are living in with all the latest gadgets and quick travel and knowledge of the other.

History gets to be written by the winner and supportive of his actions and the looser , looses not only the battle but also the honor with the false trading of information by the media.

With the media taken over by the strong, the gullible public gets only what will keep them consoled and passive and calm, or make them violent to act the way the elite want the public to react.

This is not only for history,and news , but also in the lessons we are professionals in,we are not taught to question things that flow from the top,rebellious nature will not be accepted, for higher studies, or for picking topics which will go against the nature of the firm and stronghold.

Alternatives are good to let us know what we have, it may make us stronger or make us seek truth with bearings.

May we get to open up to alternatives in many areas around us for the best of what is available.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

we dont have oil in our soil

The happenings at the Mediterranean coast and at the middle east, sets ones mind working, what makes one to go to that land, its beauty , its long lost civilization archeology, its sands, well not any more, soon they will be lost.

The bottom line ultimately comes to Oil, the booming business, the tall corporate buildings the extravagant life style, all come basically from oil.

The offenses that is taking place which is not called war, but kinetic military action, is allowed by the peace keeping body called United Nations.

If this unity of nations could be bought and traded ,with a term called lobbying what is the fate of calm nation with riches below them ?

Who would voice the offensives that are happening with in the land of the mighty.

The prayers would be " thank god we do not have oil below in our soil".

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Chatti Paanai - Clay a remedy for toxic radiation

Radiation leaks are the topics of discussion, ever since the Chernobyl incident
and now it has become more focused with the Fukushima accident,or is it really so, the conspiracy theorists may have other views.

Alternative medical folks and the nature therapists have French Green clay as their healing detoxifying substance for radiation absorption.

We in our village cannot afford them clays and their import, we have our own natural vessels made of clay, and so we will stay safe according to them.

Many of the house holds still use clay pots for cooking and keeping them as casseroles for warmth.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

In tune with the village dance

It is the season of neem, and chicken-pox and local festival.

The village is getting ready for the three day festival next week and the evenings are the time for dance at the temple courtyard.

The time is around 9 and the drummers are warming up their instruments with the burning straws, the handsome men and their family move after dinner, drawing and encouraging their friends to come along.

The dress code is lungi, vest and a towel tried as a turban, these days the boys have slipped to shorts and elderly men still in dhothis.

The beats start to the shouts and yelling of the boys, enthusiastic to show off their steps to the beauty village women who are the silent cheer girls for our handsome men.

The steps are simple and the dancers get into orderly line formations to move around with ease and for the benefit of the audience and visibility to their silent sweethearts.

The dance is a sort of a relaxation and catharsis for the village men, and the audience bring on the best of the men folk to keep them in health and custody of the village discipline and honour, for the betterment of humanity.

Post-Fukushima effects

Now that the Fukushima melt down has been confirmed, and the radiation leaks
accepted by the Japanese, will we all start to melt with the affects of the one world atmosphere or will the governments of the world help to save their citizens with safe air and radiation free homes.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

When UN is US

Bills are passed after so many votes are tallied and cross checked and then discussed.

Does nothing of that kind ever done when an act of aggression against another nation takes place?

To tax a public, so much is discussed, and the pals are given the best of the tax cuts, but no discussion when missiles and courageous men and women are sent across seas, to hurt civilians with different cultures, who have nothing to do with yours.

Is there no one in the land of the brave and the home of the rich and cultured, to ask why are the lands far away to be given special attention, to take for granted that they are yours for asking, and plundering.

Representatives in the congress have got glue stuck in their pants and within the mouth, preventing them from raising and opening their orals, or silenced by other methods.

Friday, 18 March 2011

A lone kite on the evening sky

It was a coppery evening light and the rays were from an acute angled sun, the village urchins were with a lone kite, and it was already up when i had come to their area on the way from my laundry at the well.

The gang of about 6 had been jumping around taking turns to hold the twine, negotiating the kite and the other at the bobbin with the rest of the twine, one came up with an idea to attach a hollow sheet of paper and send it up, quickly it was sent thro' the bobbin and up and up it went along the twine towards the already drifting kite.

The kite had a small tail and attached to it were three side liners like whiskers to a face of a diamond bird.

It was a small entertainment , but enough to take all the energy of the moment and bring on smile and inner happiness to the whole self.

I was tempted to join the stringed pull of the navigating team, but chose to watch at a distance for more time, till i moved away and eyed the kite till it was lost to the glare of the sun and the hillock.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

HERBS to be kitemarked

It is good when things need to be quality checked and offered a state of safety for public use.

Imagine we quality checking things that come from nature with medicinal qualities which have been in use for a long time in folk and traditional methods, to heal and keep humanity in a state of health.

When such methods are used to check for quality, and dangerous heavy metals, like they check synthetic chemical medicines, they will loose out in the trade, as it would cost a lot of money and no traditional ,medicine maker makes profit like the large pharmaceutical brothers and so in the long run, sorry in the short run, he gets to run out and the losers are those who had been safe with the herbs.

A pity the very methods used to check,do not carry the same standards on the big brothers Pharmaceuticals, as we can notice them if we run a cross check for the side effects on the multi -organs that the modern synthetic medicines hurt in their stay within the body.

Well, coming May this goes to effect . Ta ta herbal medicines we can see u on the go.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Silent communion

The dancing leaves blowing in the cool breeze, were forming disco light effects with the sun shining thro them on the garden floor.

The early morning garden times are spent for break fast and mind games of the money kind.

He is up at about 6.30 am and is ready for bed exercises, and all the sit ups and other things that have been taught by the physio therapist, whom he has taken a liking for making me go green with envy.

The sprouted oats and hand pounded aval uppuma make a great break fast with idlies and sambar as touchy side dishes for me and my old man.

He has taken a liking for the maths games with coins and paper money, and the skills are taking a roll on the ground, and moving to fun and laughter, with mistakes of the elderly kiddy kind.

I wonder what goes on in his mind at those silent moments, the recent times with him have been more of a silent communion of the human kind.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Moony effects on Earth

If the happenings on earth are due to the strong effects of the moon and its closeness in the next few days, will our men and women also see changes in our manners and behavior between ourselves?

The footage's of the Japanese disaster comes on as a shocking interval to what ever we have been doing during the telecasting.

Unbelievable and each one will have their mind racing to think of loved ones and friends there or the incalculable loss of homes and industry and paths.

Is this just laws of physics playing havoc or some one up there in heavens moving coins in a chess game.
Whatever, the consequences will affect the full blue ball called EARTH.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Feasting to a Fasting

The difference is not much in the words, except for an 'e', but great when u stretch the 'e' to eating to non eating.

Those days when the eating times where difficult and food meager the feasting days were a celebration,but in cultures where the food was available in plenty they already had started the practice of fasting and balanced the rations.

A few lines in the difference between starving and fasting,

Starving is when u think of food and food is not available ,
fasting is where food is available and one plans to be away from it and get the mind on other matters, with the help of care takers.

I was once asked what is the rational for fasting when one should eat and make merry, difficult to answer that.

A home maker is busy with her whole household chores from morning till night, just say she is allowed to take rest with no work, and all things cared for, what will she do? she may sleep or she may ( no no no no shopping and no ladies club) while away her time with simple things like making her home more orderly, her energy will clean up all the mess.

In the same way when one is allowed to plan a fast and know how to break it , the energy used to digest could clean up messes with in ourselves, and god knows what and where all they are.

Happy fasting

Monday, 7 March 2011


If we are really part of the health care , let us try to expand Health and what we stand for in it.

If we were to talk to those who are healthy, will we have any thing to offer to their state of health , or will we care only if they are ill, then it becomes ill care, or disease care, or sick care, why HEALTH CARE?

Do we take them to a state of Health or only pre - sick days.

ohh if only some one could tell me what is that state of HEALTH.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Approved Unapproved drugs to be banned

Few days back the FDA has come up with a list of unapproved drugs for cold and cough and allergic preparations, that need to be banned

It looks like we could not do without these preparations in a day to day practice, and the otc counter sales could come to a stand still if the unapproved stand continues.

Well as far as India is concerned, if a medical drug is banned any where in the world, it will surely be available for a price in our land ,and we who have studied them will never get to know its disapproval for times to come, and when we do we can always say " really!! but it is available so i thought it was ok".

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Slate and Chalk

It is a time to teach lessons, back is the slate and the chalk sticks, the alphabet and the picture books.

The kuruvis which descended to share the grains looked on at my dad , every thing seemed same, but he was not the one offering the grains, and he did not seem to notice them like before with interests for their b' fast.

Now i was doing the classes of picture matching, and the movements of the lips to organize the next flow of words,

He was over writing the words of tamil and forming the numbers with help, every word seemed like an accomplishment to me, with claps and he responding with a smile, he enjoys blowing the whistle and hand pumping the springs and the smiley ball for exercises.

The strain is less , my dad taking his own food and moving around the home,he seems to be a grown up child, with a happy smile as a reward for a simple act of wiping his face or a wash after a meal.

Thanks to all those who have shared, and shown help thro' words and encouragement during these difficult days.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Searching for a heart of gold.... oil

We have heard of greed for money as gold, land,riches, and more dames ,it is in this century that we hear of greed for oil.

We are seeing a recent grabbing of land which has lots of oil underground, many of the acts are legal, though not lawful and not worthy of trust and pride to a nation of law abiding citizens.but who cares for the citizens of their own or of foreign lands.

We saw it first in the Middle East, not that it was not present in the South Americas or in the Balkan lands, but the most gruesome was the take over of iraq and now the recent build up in the land of pharoahs and Libyas and who knows where it will lead, am sure there is one compass and that is where ever there is oil.

How much some are interested in liberating and making democracies of other nations, when their own lands are in turmoil,and getting bankrupt.