Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Shocks and further shocks following an anaphylactic shock

We had a rural gathering of doctors meet last month, and the topic was " medico legal aspects - caring for ourselves while we care for patients".

A village close to ours was affected with a death of a patient , in transport from there to Salem.

The public demanded action, the relatives were shocked , the doctors astonished, in short it was hell for all.

The pharmacy companies do not seem to be affected at all in this confusion.

I heard about the child s death at Bangalore thro' a patient from there yesterday, in this we are all confused , who should do what, the western doctors comments on the articles , say we should follow protocols, right we do not have them for any thing, but what about the situation as it happens , and where do we point our finger, today it has happened to a common patient, but we doctors too are patients some time.

How are such situations managed legally , and how is the heart dealt with for the doctor.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Screaming sirens clears a path

There is not a day when one does not hear the screaming sirens of the ambulance on its way to the emergency of a hospital.

The availability of the 9 11 and 108  has got the vehicles on their tyres reeling in early for their action.

In these days medical emergencies have become too common, with the quick pace of life and no rest in between.

The sirens on ,clears the path immediately for the injured person to be transported , and for many who are far away ,but still hear the sirens, it is an anxious call  of " how are u , do u hear me ?"

kids will be kids

The 20 odd kids were slowly trooping in at the appointed time of 10 am , some came in shyly with their moms, other joyfully with mysterious bags, across the shoulders, sharing a joke with their friends.

This time there was more exercises, a drummer  was on his drums, and a key board instrumentalist who shared his spirit with music, a few budding singers, jokers and dancers.
Some brought out their drawings for exhibition, there was one who even shared a maths magic.

To top it all a few minutes of silence , before the group shared their energies , namstheing and seeing eye to eye, and dispersing away, promising that they would be back for more fun the next time.

Monday, 4 February 2013

What expires in expired medicines, and what survives.

I have always wondered and felt jealous that other systems of medicines do not have expiry dates on their medicines, why should only Allopathy system have them.

With the present trend of such interruption in the electrical circuit, and the hefty amount of medicines in the racks, due to the turn over, would it be possible to maintain what needs to be maintained.

There was a time when i used to add ice cubes to the thermos flasks that contained some medicines, not knowing any thing then nor knowing any thing now.

So coming to the title of this sharing, what is it that has brought on the term expiry date to the medicine, and what expires, and what remains.

Maybe with some interactions , things could get understood.

Friday, 1 February 2013

The tough looking graceful earth mover

It was one of the mid afternoon times when i was chit chatting with one across the seas on my screen, when a call came , informing about the earth moving machine.

 I wanted to fence a plot of land , and one advised why don't u clean it up, this brought on the  mover machine.

The man machine went to work, pulling up things and pushing , there was not much , for us to utilise the full capacity of the machine, but we could see its enormous capability, in a matter of a few hours, the place became neat , for the next work to be done .

We did have spectators, watching the hydraulic system work with such ease and gracefulness  at the push of a gear system.

Man is free to use his time for other things, and let the hard labor be handled by such inventions.