Sunday, 20 December 2015

A stylish beauty with courage

It was closing time for the college, all the staff and students were filing out, the portico was busy.

With a small twist of the neck, the tuft of hair hiding the beautiful face was shifted, sending waves of magnetic attraction to all those
around who could notice.

There was this graceful one with a blue and pink costume hugging her petite figure , she carried herself with grace, aware with each
 step like a precious vase pregnant with fragrance , not to be spilled.

The high heels of a shade of chocolate carried her sweetness across the large hall which was belittled with her presence, more could be typed by her fan.

But these are enough to let an artist know she is noticed, admired adored and appreciated for her style, grace and courage.

Mother Nature would have come down to see her creation if she knew, and so these words......