Monday, 31 October 2011

Cauvery flows out through a leaky pipe

Many a pipe gets to leak due to a sudden force of flow, or a faulty tube.

On the path of our morning walk through the village street is a water way made recently with the sudden leak in a drinking water underground pipe, which comes from Cauvery river.

The water seeping out makes a dance of the sand particles with the flow,the water found a way to the nearest gutter and cut a pathway for itself.

It will continue this way till, the public works department gets a notification or the roadways gets a call for damage to its road, either way it will take some time, and till then many a pedestrian will walk over it and the kids will wade and play, for photographers and writers it will be a theme for a work out.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

A blend of rains and shines

It was a day of engagements,a family function in the morning brought all our country cousins to the hall , with the band of village musicians playing and leading the grooms party.

The morning had been shining , but the weather changed and re- changed to bring on rains in a matter of minutes, to clear away soon, one could not believe that the weather could do an act of redressing so quickly, on stage.

It was raining when the guests had their lunch, and while they were leaving it was giving them all a warm send off with the rays.

If fine is fine why refine?

Anything that is nutritious in food, is bound to get destroyed with time.

If we understand this then we would not fall into the trap ofthe advertising tradesman gimmicks, of refining tactics, to improve the shelf life of many a product of normal usage on the rack.

The word refine has gone very deep into our mind,as if meaning, it has done some thing very good for our system.

We must understand that our bodies are made to assimilate things of nature in that form, if we in our intelligence, think we can bye pass that for better usage,then we need to get prepared for the many new problems it brings on.

The list of refined products in our food , starts with the flour, sugar, salt, oil and with it all the products which need preservatives , fruits and vegetables.

Mother nature seems to be taking the insult pretty quietly.

May we look at refined products with caution.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Guarded -for a safe pineal gland

There was this feeling in me, what has my rambling and ranting on fluoride got to do with our indian bindi.

We in india have a tradition of our women folk keeping the bindi, and even men keeping a mark on the forehead, each one has a reason, and some a custom through the family.

Those who have religious contact and those with meditative skills, have pointed that there is a spot between the eye brows that is important,which is the command centre, it needs to be guarded and strengthened.

Now the anatomist say there is a gland called the pineal which has connections to past present and future--- oh sounds too fantastic.

What ever the manifestations, the fluoride seems to accumulate in that gland, which makes a person dull and obedient, so for the best of the pineal gland, we shall avoid toxicating ourselves with fluoride, and if we have it already calcified, it will get gone with exercise,good fresh food and lots of sun shine on our head.

Let us get to keep reading,stay cautious, and be aware for a meditative healthy life.

Boiled peanuts - worry less snack

There are more folks who are scared and allergic to peanuts than we know,this is an alternative method where some get over that reaction, what ever it may be.

In our place we get a variety called kodi kai, we prefer that.
The peanuts are washed and boiled with salt to taste and after an experienced wait, the water is drained, cooled,de-podded and relished.

The frying with sand is a variety that could bring on fatty worries, this way it is avoided, for a tea time snack.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cholam -offers a nutritious dosa

We south Indians are famous for our dosais and idlies, made with rice dough, you will find even in Srinagar,push carts selling the masala dosais.

This evening my lady made cholam dosais, she normally gets the cholam and has them milled.

Today was an exception we got a packet of ready made flour of cholam and she made a blend of this and urud dal, the dough was quickly done with the addition of water, fermentation is required in this preparation, she added onions and chillies and salt to taste

The dinner was tasty with a side dish of coconut chutney.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Kattabomman Gadddafi kattai bommai aaginar( patriot Gadaffi gets sculptured)

A patriot Gadaffi of Libya has been murdered in his own land by foreign forces.

What wrong did he do? he never went along with the foreign forces, he opposed their will to steal the wealth of his nation, he let out the truth of the multi national forces, and he asked questions embarrassing the might of the mighty.

Such people cannot be tolerated by the cowards, who will not fight face to face, but send robotic video game children to war with computers at seats in far away lands.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Blooming to share the emptyness of a bulb

Many moons ago, on the way back home from a picnic, i noticed some flowers on the roadside house, i was given a bouquet on expressing the beautyness of them, and also some onion bulbs, to bring on our own flowers.

I dug and planted the onion bulbs, and grassy leaves grew and grew, and when the monsoon rains came , the flowers bloomed, they seemed to wait for the rains, our watering did not offer their wants.

Not having a name of our understanding we gave it a title of "Shankagiri lilly"
in remembrance of the place we got it from.

Monday, 17 October 2011

A call to action

We can hear the thunder,see the lightening, and are ready for the rains.

We can also see the false accusations against the Iranians, to beat the drums of war, we see the blame gathering hands across the world, to make them see a cause to make war.

Is this not reason enough to get ready to leave where ever u are, or get the food ,batteries and water stocked in case the hiding is for long .

Do u hear the sound of war, the smell of it, and the fear, another war that needs no votes.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Cosmic bliss under the pyramid

The pyramid in the midst of our village stands simple, offering a veranda for the ones who have been blissed out, to take rest, or do they take rest and then get blissed, it could be found only with an experimentation.

It is a tile roofed structure with pillars of stone for support. sitting under the pyramid, each one could get an experience, unique to their state.

Many a child of this village has grown up, seeking the support of its shade, with a prayer in the heart, and a wish in the mind.

To come back later to pay homage and sit quietly meditating to a cosmic design , unfathomed in this civilised world.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Tracking - to neat the place we dirty

The tractor moves at a walking pace, being filled with the garbage of the village, to be dumped at a site of filling.

The workers in khaki uniform move with precision and a stiff neck, deciding what to move and what to let it stay, to fill the truck for dumping.

I once asked a worker, why not u clean up my green foliage which have been cut, he said today we will only remove the in disposables of plastic, yours another day and off he went to my astonishment.

What ever, he has the last say ,as one day of non working can get our clean village stinking, and get the birds pecking.

Vanishing birds, bees and butterflies

Our garden had always been a space where the birds and the butterflies used to come to play hide and seek,and the bees make their hive, it has been a constant source of chattering, fluttering and humming.

Things are changing now with us having to seek and search for them, the bees do not seem to like our lush greenish trees any more , the butterflies do not sense our fragrant flowers and rich pollen, the birds do not see our coconut shell bird bath and the seeds of rye and millet.

Where have they all gone? are they on a strike to make us realise our happiness was with their presence, and this realisation with their absence.

What should we do to get them back to our homes, and gardens, if only they had an agent of communication to show us the way to get to their hearts.

" come back, oh come back, to make us feel your humms again."

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Federal actually means private in private

When we look up the dictionary, the word federal means" governmental' or "compromised of relatively independent colleges ".

There has been a lot of confusion, now with some bodies acknowledging that the Federal Reserve Bank of America is private, how could that be, when the president of America appoints the chairman of the Reserve Bank, discusses things in the congress, asks questions of the chairman.

Too many questions are surfacing, with large amount of money being printed, called as “helicopter drop" with no backing of gold reserves, now the slogans of occupiers sounding “End the Fed".

So is the Federal Reserve Bank of America, government or private?

Monday, 10 October 2011

A rich soup of chow chow

This rich soup is for those who work to bring on a sweat to the brow, and not for the easy sedentary under the fan toilers.

The chow chow is washed, peeled and cut into pieces, and boiled,with green gram, the greens of the day and tomatoes.

The large pieces of the boiled chow chow,greens and green grams are blended for 5 seconds and reboiled for a few minutes, with salt, pepper and cumin seeds.

The thick soup is ready to be served with coriander leaves to season and appetise.

( for those who do not sweat, this would make them skip two meals with its richness)

We are all in it together

Joining hands to celebrate, or joining hands to destroy, what ever be the cause we are all in it together.

Recently we saw the same thing happen all over , like it started for Libya, at the United Nations, this time the target nation is Syria.

So the Syrians in a way know who are their enemies, and who are their friends in the dark.

The next thing will be more strength for sanctions, then reason for no fly zone and we all know the rest.

How is it that those who are close to the heart of the problem, fail to notice these things, allowing an integral nation to be targeted at will and command of stealers from foreign shores in this modern world.

For the time being Russia and China have halted the stalking by America, Great Britain,France, but for how long from these aggressive nations.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Calendral confusions on letterheads

We have always been taught to date our writings, to let us know when we had thougtwaves or have written to friends and cousins.

Having different nationalities and directions, our dates and months could easily be confused.

I had made a change to this, a long time back when i myself could not make out what month and date it was on a certain situation.

5 -10 -2011, could mean 10 Th of May, or 5 Th of October, depending if u are in United States or in India.

How it would be if we were taught to write our date, month and year, for us to know it right when we shift continents, or the sheet shifts.

From tomorrow how would u write?

Late night laddus

The ayutha pooja time is a cleaning the junk holiday, and vacation for the college kids.

We never knew reasons , to make a sweet dish, but now we are making the kids vacation of even 2 days a reasonable sweet dish time.

I was given a list of things to buy for the home coming kid,

Pala greens, coriander, peanuts,snacks of mixtures of more peanuts.

Calls were placed to find the closing of the evening class and bus timings, and the kid was at home at 11. 30 pm.

Any time is good time for laddus, which we had saved from the ants , and prepared with love and care.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Plotted Plots

Farm lords are in a situation where they are unable to get labourers to work,their own children are away to study, and work for big industries.

Many are in a state of selling, or plotting their lands to make a space for home makers.

Recently many lush farms have been carved for the plotters.

Farm lands are turning into flat home lands.

Education has become a mugging business

The number of vehicles conveying students to institutions has multiplied so much in this village, that is has become a sight seeing affair for many to watch children, and their parents pack somnambulistic kids with last minute lunch boxes being packed and hurried to school .

The college buses too are plying from far away towns to gather their students.

The transport departments have made a rule to write slogans of caution and ecological reminders on the transports." save rain water", " children inside drive carefully".

At times i wish the vehicles had such slogans written at eye level to the drivers too, they are like the fast track racers.

The teaching institutions have come up across the fields of farms like crops, with semester yield.

There was a young chap i asked , how is his coaching at his institution, ohh very fitting to the name sir!!!! i was puzzled and he explained, Study, Revise and Vomit.

Fitting to the initials of the institute,but they are the ones who yield the best scores, naturally, flogging and mugging brings the highest grades.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Belated b' day wishes Grand-pa Gandhi

Happy Birthday wishes to u Granddd pa.

We celebrated your b' day by sharing sprouted horsegram sundal, with fellow patriots of your kind, at a small gathering.

Our village loud speakers were softly singing, Tamil movie songs with Shivaji as the main theme.

Other than that we have forgotten u papa Gandhi, we have taken it for granted our freedom, as if it was to have happened automatically, u helped us to kick out the colonialists, with " our problems will be our problems, not yours".

Thanks Grandpa Gandhi, u have shown the whole world, freedom can be attained with out arms ,but a shaking ,and a hug with arms.

We will pass on the freedom, and will not encourage slavery of any kind.

Hormonal harmony through a curry

There is a passing over tradition, in our village where the newly married couple are invited by the cousins for dinner.

The slim kiddy looking couple are well fed, for their prosperity in body and mind and spirit, and a healthy well being of their future generations.

The original dishes have been forgotten and now all the latest junk has been added.

Some families do continue traditional vegetarian dishes of sweets, made from country sugar,rice and sambar, with drum stick, and radish, mashed brinjals as a side dish, unripe banana as a vegetable , and bananas as a fruit to end up.

Drum stick has been found to have an androgenic effect, and the brinjals as has been rightly termed as the egg plants has oestrogenic properties.

These keep the body balanced and the necessary effects brought on.

It is a pity that plant flavinoids are irresponsibly added to food and the hormones imbalanced,that we have to seek external help for normal coquettish attitudes, and chemical medicines for natural reproductive acts.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Honesty attracts disasters

From the days of Jesus to the present times of Osho, with a variety of them in-between, have always attracted attention for their honesty, and have paid for it dearly with their lives , a loss to those around, and for times in memory to come.

Socrates could never keep quiet, he brought out questioning attitudes to the younger generations, to make them wise, and bring on disaster to himself with poison.

Some wise ones realized that and have always kept silent, non interfering to the surroundings, yet instilling wisdom to the ones around, like Ramana Maharishi and Yogi Ram surathkumar.

There were those laughing saints who laughed themselves away and kept aloof from danger, in the far east.

I wonder what kept these holy ones, to keep making these famous wordings, to bring on hatred for themselves.

What ever the reason,one thing is confirmed, Honesty is never a good policy.

It Attracts.