Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A trio at a tricycle

Most cyclist start at the tricycle to become competitors of games or artists at a circus,may be the ones i saw through  my camera lens would go to be one of them one day

It was another of those cool breezy afternoons at  the temple grounds, and the entertainment was a kid being given a ride on his own tricycle, as he had not yet found the clue to make the pedal turn with his feet.

It was an up and down trip with their grand mother at the closer end , watching them with an eye of caution,lest they run to fall , which in-spite

it happens as there are no brakes and no speed breakers.

All in all it was a single race competition, and the  finish line was me with a trophy as a click and a smile.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Suicide notes are written , but never addressed - it is for all

I had never seen a suicide note, but i have heard that they are written out of desperation, as the last contact with the present world, which has been shattered.

This is a sensitive issue, but here i was reading one that could have been checked and crossed ,on the air, but yet let out for all to read , and the family had given permission for it to be passed around.

A heart so pure and compassionate, placed at a corner , with orders to do other wise, misplaced heart and soul.

Hope in  future such losses can be avoided, with understanding and mindfulness, or a revolution in the individual.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Loosing our lunacy to the full moon

They say that the word lunacy come from the lunar - moon, it has been blamed as one that brings on those effects in a person.

It is like the broom being  blamed as the cause of  the collection of dirt in a room.

May be that is one reason why our fore fathers decided to  get one to do exhaustive physical work on those days, so that the lunar effects could be channeled to a sweat and its mental effects not noticed, and still bring on an inner cleansing.

A walk around a hillock or a self proclaimed  project, on those days.

Strange but good reasoning,  better than being taken to a psychiatrist or for an exorcism  through an exorcist, or more things, of subjugation

May we get to use the loony days of full moon, for the beneficial effects of  liberating hidden resources within, by mystics who have worked on such channels.

Tied - to be free

It was a walk along the country side, and the scenes was picturesque, but one thing caught my lens and that was a kid tied to his waist with a rope to a window sill.

Something just seemed out of order, there was even a comment later, "the child is tied and the dog is let loose."

The families of old had a string of offspring , the elder child always  baby sitting the younger ones, may be this child is the first in the family and the next is on the way .

I have even heard of workers giving a dot of opium to the kids and sending them off to a blissful sleep while they worked, but this sure caught me .

Recalling i  have heard stories that i was an infant vagabond loafing the neighborhood
during my days, and my mom used to tie me up to that window bar too, limiting my area of spread to a radius of a few meters.

What ever, the children of now are so quick and hyper active that they cannot be contained in a play pen, or tied by a rope, may they be allowed to roam and bring on their creativity for the benefit of the world and the comfort of us all.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

A dialogue with a crow

It was another of those days of wonder and travel, waiting at a station for the train,they all seem to be running to time these days.

There was this waddling child, careless and free, seeing things with multi - senses, and yet alert.

It seemed to be talking to itself and making faces, and then we noticed there perched on the iron rails on the top was a crow.

The crow seemed to carry on the flow, as it has found one who could reciprocate its feelings, without shooing it away , and  not imitating its own non- voco chordal


This went on for some moments, and looked like they had settled to carry on  later as they had got some audience with disturbance.

I wonder where we had lost this rapport we had, on our way to knowledge and degrees of certificates.

May be there could be a way of getting it back, and yet retain the sciences.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

A bow to the Native Indians - or of what is left of them

A long time ago in standard 4( as it was called then) , our class of around 36 were divided into two and named as " Cow Boys" and " Red Indians".

The marks were for discipline, curricular and extra curricular activities, and some skills.

I was a cow boy and my second cousin was a red skin, they always seemed to do better, which was some how not acceptable , as the movies we got to see on Wednesdays , occasionally were the cow boy pictures  with the heroes like Charles Bronson and Clint Eastwood and Gregory peck, the cow boys always won , and the natives were always shown to be the wrong doers.

I got to wear a pair of moccasin, some years back , and later realised ,that was what the natives wore in spite of all the other differences they had between the tribes.

I had a lucky  talk with a native indian on a wild chat in the open channels of irc ,and another who married one,  and i got to change that term after i was corrected at the kodaikanal meet, of a re union, calling them Red Indians.
I got a chance to read on some of their culture and civilizations, bless them and what they have saved of their culture for the future generations to come, of their wonderful past with such respect for the enviroment.

Those who respect Nature are my friends even though they are strangers, and far away .

Friday, 21 June 2013

Spicy cauliflower elampillian

There are many a traditional dish that could go with an oil less roti for  the occasion, but the cauliflower was decided.

Normally the coconut is shredded

, and along with the other spices blended to a paste and let to boil in the curry paste,we are avoiding the cooking of coconut

The ingredients were turmeric, small onions, garlic and ginger, curry powder and chili powder.

The small onions were first peeled and cut up, next on the board were the garlic peeled and crushed, cleaned and chopped  ginger root and blended, the paste keep ready .

The cauliflower was cleaned and chopped , put into the iron cooking pot after the initial oil and cereals roasting up , the spice paste was added and  left to cook.

The results are the pictures, we had it with rice in the after noon and with rasam,and in the evening the left overs went with oil less chappatis.

Try and relish the dish,and again when the heart asks for a re - do.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Food poisoning - a calamity in the loo

I have always thought that i am fully unhygenic , born here and living around filthiness,nothing could make me get any problem.

I always felt sorry for the class mates who are in the west and come back for a holiday and refusing any thing bought on the road side and taking only bottled mineral water, very cautious to prevent being poisoned with stale spoilt food.

I had a taste of it this week ,it was a simple idly, sambar, chutney dinner from a local restaurant, and  ohhh it was  a rumbling  night, and a heavy morning, and a day spent with multi visits to the loo, and not to be just happy that my insides was getting an over haul, i was getting tired, something i have not realised for a long time if i could remember.

My mind was playing games, how stupid i was with taking what ever i wanted and when ever i wanted, and how much ever i wanted and what ever time it was and more ..

I felt i was getting very wise and strong with convictions i will be cautious from now on .

So it was tender coconut water , butter milk and curd rice and a repetition of the same for another day , to become well and ok for work the next.

Oh for those poisoners of food, but nothing happens to them , just shows our body  immune system is sharp, to kick out the bad things from inside.

My poor tummy, and bee hind.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A paragraph of lies in our text books

A child  trusts his teacher , more than his parents at home, we see that in the school premises, where the rich famous  parent begs the teacher to put in a word, as the child refuses to accept his understanding.

We have been ingrained in that way , and when there is a wrong word or a saying of mistrust  done purposefully  by the masters, who are the makers of our needs in a variety of businesses, through our teacher, then who would make a correction. We  trust them much.

When one just works for the government agency in matters of health , one looses one sense of individual assessment , or if one does, it would get him to a state of whistle blowing , which would end in professional suicide, a disaster for the family and career.

Generally speaking one could go on , but coming to the point of hurt , it comes down to the centers who make the rules, that make the print as the order.

In this case the study on the flu.

In our village the  seasonal flu is never taken as some thing big and a case for treatment, unless the patient is adamant and has made up his mind for a shot of medicines.

I was astonished myself first, but it works. simple herbal decoctions ,rest, vegetable soup, and the meat broth,  for those who do not have difficulties with the meat as medicine.

One asked me , i agree with other things , but why the meat, u who advocate vegetarianism, i said  meat is bad and it releases such toxins in its digestion, that the flu virus  runs away with the toxins released or gets destroyed  by them and the natural immune system takes over.

So it is time we have ways to see what our teachers  in print bluff us with our trust in them .

( worth the read, or u may have to get another chance to read it later , take the time. )

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Guarding the Guardian with a prayer

Many a time has changed, but the attitude to a messenger has never and never will.

First they were stoned or brick batted, now may be fired ,isolated, silenced, or ignored, or worse sentenced to death.

what ever, but the truth of things, and the one who brings to light are something which cannot be tolerated, what ever field it is from materialistic to spiritual, may they be saved . 

Who ever goes to give a helping hand would end up worse than them , so all that one can do is pray, and pray hard.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

The different shades of Godliness

This is a season of weddings and  school holidays being on , the photographers are happy with this combination.

Food Supplement - an insult to the Mother

The hypnotic state of advertistment is a shame on the intellegent to bring on supplements.

Mother Nature has made a blend of assortments which we could digest and assimilate with our internals for our health in a season.

Man in his altruistic nature has decided to make better with his mish- mash of chemicals and name it as a supplement to our food.

Packed in lovely containers and colorful pictures we tend to forget that this mix up would go against our body , when we already have what we need in our food , unless we recognise the nutritionist of our home- Mother, does not know what she is making for our health.

Picking up an element  from the periodic table and talking very high of it and saying it is available in the supplement is just showing the ignorance of the person or company , when it is the collectiveness of the food that makes it full and not the separate nature of the element.

I know of families who after a full meal have a glass of the famous nick named drinks to satisfy the mind and heart , and ding the stomach.

May we get to realise that the Mother of the home and Mother Nature know what we need and  that it is complete by itself, and we do not need to supplement them with external dappa stuff.

An assortment of fruits and vegetables - fit for all

The Saturday morning market is busy with the post shanty day sales, at the village.

It is a ritualistic presence of the regulars  wishing each other a vanakkam, a silent nod or a recognising smile, to go about the dutiful purchases, between the bargains, which we men folks never seem to have wired into our system.

A rare cucumber was sold and it is still the jack fruit season, the tomatoes are beginning
to climb, and the climbing creepers are declining , it is wonderful at times to see the market trend for the simple sales.

All in all every one gets what they want as the wares all get sold out , before the sun gets hot.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

A cradle in the bus

The entertainment on the road side is wonderful as usual, with the grayish clouds , just getting ready to drizzle, the pedestrians moving swiftly to reach home, the large 4 way road looking like a run way for the express bus on the highway.

The seat in the 3rd row of the front of the bus , gave a three way view of the scenery  moving on the Coimbatore - Salem
highway, i asked the conductor why we were going slow , was it the speed limit or some thing wrong, he looked into his calculator like  ticket puncher , and said the problem was the bus.

Well there was no other way but enjoy the views, each frame being drunk and  savored, when i suddenly turned and noticed a fellow passenger enjoying a lovely nap, blissfully unaware of the crowd or the lovely scenery flowing by on his window /exit passage.

Only to awaken at his stop.

Must have been a full day of hard work,and a good lunch.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Fruits - to consume or avoid in diabetes

The Stedmans dictionary says   FRUCTOSE sugar is independent of insulin in its digestion .

Ask any diabetic in our locality , what fruits do u use?    "fruits ? me?  and u know i am a diabetic , i have been told to avoid them like poison".

This subject has haunted me for quite some time and we did have it, a long time back at one rural doctors meet, where i talked on the "cause of  diabetes in the modern world".

This was triggered again this fortnight , when a colleague shared a pamphlet , advising the use of green apple better than the ripe apples , and reasoning that it has less fructose sugar.

I brought this up at the last meet, with many a diabetologists, finally there was a doctor who said we should promote taking fruits by the diabetics, and that he has a large patient following, and he is also a diabetic for the past 25 years and is on fruits in a normal diet with caution.

May sound stupid, but a cousin  dropped in who was recently diagnosed with diabetes, he says i normally consume a banana at  night to avoid my constipation , now that i have been diagnosed with this i have been told to avoid the banana, what do i do?

I know , but how does one break the hypnotic game even though the logic and reasoning is there to prove.