Monday, 27 February 2012

Sweetness of natural honey

Honey is honey, can there be something other than natural honey, well  in these  days of competition and wholesale marketing of any thing, honey has become a product of adulteration.

The colony of bees are on the dwindle all across the world, many reasons are being headlined, from cell phone waves to genetically manufactured foods, something is destroying them.

Many do have the bees box to hive the bees, we have the trees and they some times select our shade for a natural home.

A few days before the new moon, is an apt time they say to collect the honey, hmmm  honey, honey ........

Friday, 24 February 2012

There is no poison.....

In the last rural meet, the guest speaker was a neuro physician, who cared for my papa in his last days.

His topic was  vertigo, after his speech i as usual was given the floor and i Recapitulated the topics of the year in a power point presentation, with
  A for aspartame and also for ajinomoto,  and  passed on to fluoride, gmo,soya,mercury,free flowing white salt, turmeric, and finished with vaccines, a quick brush to show off  our standards.

The  speaker was so kind to make comments, and asked that the topic of oats be added, the whole public is gullible with the wrong information being promoted with the high glycemic index of oats, he added.

It was a mixed gathering of doctors of rural practice and also of specialities , and we also had a doctor from Florida, on vacation here an anaesthesiologist , the topics were new to her too, not aware of fluoride in her drinking water.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Nursing back with nursery rhymes

The shift  from the hospital to home, and the many adjustments can be a strain to the family.

The period of convalescence can also be a prize of wining back the parent from the jaws of death and crisis, ours is so with my papa.

Every day is so different, with the care, that the last morning was a sit out with him, under the shade of the garden trees and singing our lost and long forgotten nursery rhymes, school song and farewell song with the tunes of Auld Lang Syne, the sounds of which he is so familiar with and the tones of my voice.

The sharing of this may seem very odd for some, but for now my world is here at home with my papa, who is slowing getting back to show his gleam and brightness thro' his eyes and a rare smile from his heart.

The play continues with no rules and all love and care.