Friday, 24 June 2011

Great job to lower population

“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

If these are the words from a promoter of vaccines, what is it that the vaccines that they make do, as a great job?

For those who find my hitting hurting can turn away, there are many things that are good and bad in the alphabet " v" it is time we sort them out.

Charity to the third world

Charity is a 7 letter word of love with material offer, but when developed countries offer them , that is when we seem to look at it with a why? and what do they want from us?

A lot of examples can be shared, but this is the worst.

A recent offer of dumping was noticed at a shipping harbor with lots of waste from abroad into India.( hidden in containers)

Let this be a reminder that the charities that are offered to us from other governments have sinister values.

Individual acts of charity too have a value of consolations to the heart for the offerings to tackle the guilt of another action.

Sharing what u have with another who does not have it ,with out hurting the dignity of the other is best for the soul and most logical.

I learn t this lesson from a child, who asked" u are giving this , because we want it or because u do not want it".

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Rain drops falling into the well

The after noon shower was making the rain drops, a spray of transparent paint falling on the surface of the well water, to make a painting.

I who had gone for a bath, was not worried about the rain clouds passing by, but was cautious to give off the change clothes to the bucket vendor to keep it dry.

Then came the slow drizzle and then the heavier drops, but it was such a relish like i always enjoy the rain, but this time with the bath, it was a look of jealousy from those on the clouds who only make rain.

Mother Nature can cast a spell and make it rain, but she has to come down and join us, to feel the tickle of the rain drops on the skin.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Kinetic action and static repulsion

If we had to go back to physics class, we would say kinetic is movement, and static is just being still.

If we try to understand it at home level, we would say the kinetic movement and arrogant action of a man gets stalled by the gaze of the static beauty at home.

What about the kinetic military action of the American army at Libya.

If there was a dictionary for military may be that word would get a meaning in it and explained, but other wise this is a new term for the powerful mighty who go to battle without fighting and with out using the word " WAR".

Cindrella's sandal

A week ago, I had gone to a mall with my brother.
He was checking out some shoes for himself.
It was a high end store, and quite expensive.
I took a fancy to one particular sandal which looked like Cindrella's glass sandals, though it was made from transparent plastic.

I was on the verge of buying it, though I didn't need one at all.. It wasn't cheap at all.
I somehow wrenched myself from that slipper gave a lame excuse to the shopkeeper and went out of the shop.
I can say I feel so relieved and I thank God, my money is still safe with me and with it i can still dream and think about things I can buy ( probably wouldn't ever buy).

I think to have a dream or a desire is more important and keeps me going more than if I achieve it. Achieving it gives me such short term happiness and it drains me of all emotions and passions I possessed when I was lusting for it!

picture from

An earth quake that never happened, but caused a tsunami

The news media is a mass hypnotist, initially with the words on the paper, but now it has grown with the times, and evolved with the innovations of the electronic media.

During our meet at kodaikanal i had a chance to share a power point presentation, and in it was one slide regarding the destruction of the twin towers of New York city.

We had been hypnotized with the planes slicing thro' the buildings like a knife thro' a ripe banana, and it coming down, being shown with punishmental repetition, on the TV.
( tell a lie repeatedly, and then it becomes a truth u will believe it yourself)

Now we have another destruction with equal sadistic style ,but blamed on Mother Nature.

Lakshmi Narayan shared one picture of a tsunami striking , a fraction of a second before hitting land, which was just 48 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake, ( if that was Sendai in japan) nothing was destroyed .

9 magnitude earthquake destroys a large radius, literature says 1000 km of the epicenter, and Sendai has no structural damage.

So who caused what happened and why?

Another waving of a false flag.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Trading on a board

We started to learn to buy and sell land ,with paper money from the bank at a young age.

The game was "Trade", we sat around a board which has all the names of places , and public affairs.

The rush then itself was to be a banker, how strange one knew it was easy to be that, as u had money and all the others were paupers with no holdings.

We are not aware of the happenings here, but it sure seems to be the same across the Atlantic.

The comparisons are near enough, and the pains are realistic, with the different bubbles coming , and the money printed on easy means with no collateral gold .

How stupid we do not see the reality of the bankers driving the nails with ease, with the turn of every screw.

How strange.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

A gift from the plumber - the swivel tap

There are still many thatched and tiled houses that use the tubs drums and mugs to do their washing and bath and dishes.

With the economic boom, and the help of the innovative plumber, the pvc pipes,the flow of water within the home has become a possibility.

If there is one industry that is thriving the most, it is the construction business, demolition is rampant and with the help of the cranes, quickly beams go up and pillars go down and those who had gone away for a tour when they return they see changes happen in this one time village.

We still use a tile roofed home, but make use of an over head tank from our own building complex next door.

It is such a pleasure to have water flow from the tap to an open palm, to wash a face of happiness.

Thanks to the plumber/electrician.

Friday, 17 June 2011

o or 0

The digit and the alphabet have the same curves and the same globeish structure.

One could be nothing to any thing, the other could be an exclamation to a full name of Ozymandias.

The figure seems to be at the two ends of beginning to infinity.
The alphabet from a pauper to a super rich with an addition, a simpleton to a family of Elite.

What ever, it is the hard work that makes, to show a title or a fortune.

Ohhh from that zero to a trillion.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

God - no GOD, or is it Godliness

India is a secular country, where one is allowed to worship or not worship any one they like or do not like, and practice their traditional rituals as they seem fit without hurting the feelings of another.

We have seen religious gatherings and festivals being celebrated all across the country with calendered duty.

A few days back, since morning the main road had cops in pairs doing beats, and cut outs of a vociferous person being tied to every telephone post, by sunset every one knew some thing was to happen.

At the turn of the village market a band of musicians got their instruments ready, and with it men and women and children dressed in black tops, carrying placards depicting the stupidity of religion in words, made a parade along the main road in our village, shouting slogans.

They got cars, vans and some folks were pulling them with hooks attached to the body like some folks do at temples, as an act of penance.

For a village which has a procession often of Hindu Deities, this was a difference, i heard a child asking a parent what this meant, the parent replied" they are saying there is no god".

For many, religion is a consolation or a pacifier, at many a crisis that befalls humanity, and this was shattering to them from the intellectuals.

I wonder what they have as an alternative to religion. meditation, introspection, or may be work is their worship.

Dainty hands that worked to live

Ours is an industrial area, which makes saris and women garments of the latest variety.

The small scale industry needed hands that did not ask for lots of pay.

The masters of the machines had jobs for families with a secure income all through the year, who would refuse.

Caught in this circle were the children, till a few years ago, but not any more,
thanks to the awareness of the parents, and the group that would seek and search those who had children as wage earners, and stop them.

It is a wonderful sight to see the happy children doing a hippety hip skippety skip to school, relieved of the chores of work for the tender hands.

what is a weapon of mass destruction

We have be constantly echoed about this weapon ever since the twin towers destruction a decade ago.

Many may have a certain idea what is that weapon,i have been wracking my brains what it could be, that the powerful governments do not possess that another possess to call that land a criminal.

What ever came to mind, the super powers had it, the latest and the costliest, in ammunition, biological, chemical, ecological, thermal,physical,but still it has a nerve to call another as one who possess a weapon of mass destruction.

May be the reader can help, to let my mind think and bring an answer from with in.

A mockery of the peace prize

A referee at a boxing match would have made a better choice for the Nobel peace prize, for at least preventing a knock out between two fighters,how cruel and mocking it would have been if the referee would ask the fighters to fight on and he also bash up the fighters during the bout and time out moments.

We may have forgotten or try to forget the prize affair, as we seem to have accepted it, with our silence.

With continuous war, more war, and sure another will start with out the approval of war, it is a disgrace to the sheet that bears the prize to the name.

I hate war, and those who perpetuate it.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Your children are not your children

"Your children are not your children, they may come through you , but not from you," philosophical words of Khalil Gibran in " the prophet".

How the laws of the land that govern us, have mistaken this to use in their style, in the modern world.

I had a chance to meet a few of my class mates who live abroad, they shared with me, in our casual exchanges, that they cannot scold or discipline their children,as they would be called up by social security folks, if their children sneaked this to their higher ups in school.

In India, a family is the center of all doings, and the children are the reason, the family works for and expectations are high and valuable regarding the children.

Discipline and freedom go hand in hand for the welfare of the children, would there be a balance if a child cannot be admonished,yet many a freedom is offered in work and leisure in the lands of opportunities?

Recently a law is being readied in California AB 499, which says a youngster is allowed to take up a sexual disease prevention with out the permission of the parents, even if the child is only 12, with medicines.

How can parents be by- passed,in such matters, whose children are our children?


Think I was in class 7 or so. I was out at a stationary shop to buy something.
As I bought my stuff and collected the change, I took a step and saw a 10 rupee note lying on the ground.
Since I did get some 10 rupee notes as change, I thought it was mine and might have dropped from my hand accidentally.

I promptly bent down to pick it up. A gentle breeze blew it a few steps away, I followed it and bent again, but before my nimble fingers could even touch it, the breeze came in again. I pressed on and this time decided to be quicker than the breeze.

As I pounced on it for the third time, I heard a clutter of laughter nearby. Looking up I saw a bunch of boys laughing at me. To my horror, they had tied a string to the note, which up until now was invisible to my greedy eyes. Just because I got 10 rupees as change didn't mean the note on the road belonged to me and the way I was hell bent on taking it was yucks!!

I was reddd and turned back hastily.

Inspired by the last post 

Power to control starts young

The evening sun was going down the horizon,6 pm said my wrist watch.
I was returning from the afternoon bath and laundry in a two wheeler with the bundles of wet clothes on the side.

A troop of urchins were playing around the road side on the deserted farm lands, a kilometer from my village, just as i was near them they shouted that my head light was on, i thought that was kind of them to address that issue and looked at the light switch, it was "off" .

I turned back and i was not able to fathom the look on their faces, was it u got duped or something else.

Could it be they had a thrill of getting the passers- by yellowed. ( nauseating feeling when anger over oneself)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Siesta on a rope cot

The mid summer heat is still on, and the relished spicy lunch is still aromatic on my fingers.

The first thing i search for after my lunch is my pillow.

The south easterly breeze blowing through our home is cool, and the rope cot is inviting me for the mid day snooze.

Lying lazily on the rope cot one could forget the aching back, and the buzzing flies that get attracted to the snoring sleeper.

A simple rest for an hour or more can get one fresh, for a long evening of work.


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Betrothal ceremony of the village kind

A temple hall was selected by the brides party, and carpets multi- colored in designs were spread on the floor, a dais was prepared for the rituals to be performed, and some plastic chairs were arranged in rows for the elderly and "cannot sit on the floor" folks.

The women folks dressed in silk saris ,and layers of cosmetics,with shining gold ornaments started to dribble in, with their men in dhotis and cotton white shirts following their beauties.

They were welcomed by the brides parents and cousins with sandal paste and flowers and kumkum made from turmeric.

The pilots for the bridegroom party had come with betel leaves and flowers to get permission to come, they were welcomed and sent back with readiness for the grooms folks to come.

Then with the musical band the grooms family came with loads of large plates with delicacies , sweets,flowers,cakes ,ornaments and clothes, to win the heart of the bride and the families.

The elders of the village sat on the dais and both the families and their cousins on either side, perfumed water was sprinkled and betel leaves offered and flowers and drinks and sandal paste was shared.

The decked up bride was invited to get the blessings of the elders and the guests, and then she was made to sit and blessed personally by the elders of the families with yellowed rice and sandal paste and turmeric.

This was followed by a lunch arranged by the bride's family and served by the friends of the brides brother.

A gala lunch on a banana leaf .

Every one waited for the auspicious time, for the bride to follow the family of the groom to their place .

With tears the bride was ta ta - ed and every one left with function presents,to be reminded that the wedding was to follow the week after.

Good GOD!

God is greatest, the most powerful and he is so mighty, that none could defy
him, not even Satan.

Since a child, I wondered why hasn't God destroyed Satan/Evil. Surely God could
have finished Satan and let everyone live peacefully, doing only good
and going only to heaven.

Now Imagine a world without hell? There would be no 'go to hell!'
slangs or swears for starters.. Hmmm cool isnt it?

To get back to the point, why did God let Satan go? This was a
question which gnawed me all the time. Was Satan released for the sole
purpose of being an adversity? If this is true, then satan is
indispensable.. even to God!

God needed to put fear into the people, and who is scared
of good, noble and merciful God? Naah, not me. Are you?

God cannot be nice, if Satan wasnt so despicable. Satan seems so
foolish, all he does seems to favour God! Satan does no good, thats
for sure.. But whatever he does backfires, and God looks even more
better. God benefits doubly, and by creating Satan and then when
destroying a deed of Satan. But god wont dare to destroy Satan
himself. If he does that, it will be akin to killing the hen which lay golden eggs.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Shifting a house to make a Home

We had been living in a street in a rented house for more than a decade, our interests in plants made the drab street into a landscaped greenish garden street, with the help of the kids and permission of the elders.

Circumstances have made us to move to our ancestral home, with a natural garden, in the main road.

It was a slow arrangement of things, to pack in a day to day style, with out a sweat, and ultimately helped by a few Ceylonese folks to move the fridge, air con,bureaus,grinder and things we never knew existed till then, but taken for granted.

We bid farewell to the neighbors,land lady and man, to make a home of our ancestral house.

Monday, 6 June 2011

E coli- from organically grown sprouts?

There are many ways to make an intelligent man keep away from sprouts , say it is contaminated with E coli.

The same media, allows meat that is stored for months,and filthy livestock in damp places, they do not harbor E coli?

It is so easy to contaminate, and blame a source of natural food.

A real pity this time the German, Spanish farms have been pointed as carriers of E coli.

The contaminators will never be caught, and even if they are found ,they will go Scot free, for their connections.

There is no limit to cause fear, how ever wise u are and courageous.
May be u too will avoid the sprouts, and listen to the media.

Keep away from the enzymatic rich, healthy, nutritious and easy to digest sprouts.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Superbugs-when u can't kill them,u get infected

The modern world is at a dead end, with the advancing MRSA and a strain of E-coli.

Many moons ago, at a seminar arranged by a corporate hospital at Salem, the topic was antibiotics.

Many a prominent speaker has spoken on the latest in anti biotics,we had a speaker from Chennai, who pleaded with the grass root physicians not to explore the latest in anti biotics, and ruin the treatment when we send them for acute conditions to the super special hospitals with non treatable conditions.

The best would be to let the immune system tackle the problem with out anti biotics, or to select that which would be a first line of cure with simple anti biotics.

He said it has been years since a new anti biotic has been invented and it was a costly project, Please do not go and shoot a cannon when a rifle would do, at an organism.

Better still would be to develop a system that which would not be invasive to a germ. Any takers.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Fluoride - not a cavity savior

Me and my fellow villagers have a yellowish tinge on our teeth, the result is that extra fluoride in our drinking water.

The water works department tested our drinking water and gave us a result, not drinkable.

They say fluoride is bad for the teeth and bones, makes them weaker and painful in the later stages of life.

We are living examples.

Now we have advertisements exalting the good effects of fluoride, in the prevention of cavities in teeth.

The cavities in the teeth are due to junk food, artificial drinks sweetened with quickly absorb able carbohydrates, the dentists have realized they have been duped and they just followed the masters game for too long - time up.

Enough of quick money from the tooth glisteners and tooth paste companies, time for some honest words to the patients, and general public.

Avoid junk grub and get natural chewable food, for strong healthy teeth, and a lovely smile .

If there is no news _ make them

The professionals in a certain field have reached a crescendo, at whose height, they have no work to satisfy their spirit, so what do they do, make them.

The press, if they have nothing to print, they make news,
if the doctors have no cases, they create them.

If the politicians have nothing to do, they make laws to create a rift within the land and across the borders to make wars.

Meteorological folks have now got powers to alter the forces of nature,who would keep quiet with such a capacity?

If we have the capacity to do wonders, why don't we just sit and wait for the opportunity , rather than rush to show off our powers.

Where does the fault lie, the highly qualified egoist, or the stupid ill equipped ego of a maniacal ruler,at a department.

It is like trying to help an old lady cross the street , who does not want to go that side.