Monday, 21 July 2014

Lived to teach and share

There was this maths teacher we had in Montfort school for the higher classes, called Mr Macedo, ( he could never get to pronounce my name and the closest he could get, was a switch to  badword pathy.)

His wife Mrs Macedo was our teacher for English in the 3 rd standard, to whom most of us in our class owe our literary gifts to, she was later awarded  a Good Teacher ribbon roled Honour.

I got a memory of this couple when I saw a movie Titled “wwjd woodcarver”.

Many an Anglo Indian family has left the shores for greener pastures, and these wished to stay as they found the climate of environment good and the people around too.

I never got around maths, so I got special attention with the chalk pieces aimed at me with a flick of the thumb and the mid finger, or a knot of the hair and a click on the head, what ever, the numbers just did not get right when they came through my  fingers.

I remember An elegy written in a country church yard, “ Many a flower is born to blush and waste its sweetness in the desert air”.

No flowers are ever a waste, they bloom where they are to bloom, and share their sweetness to those around.

Friday, 11 July 2014

When bad boys could be good boys

It sure has been some time since I reviewed a movie, I was touched today seeing one.

Battle fields are every where ,but never in peaceful America,until professionals and sincere ones do things with a passion.

If one could make quotes , the whole movie except for that " oh man u are cool" could be made so.

A community centre could heal wounds, or be a place for confessions, but this one became a dance hall and more.

A buisness tycoon  gets to baby sit  the normal kids with difficulty, and falls for them and their care taker.

Was honestly touched, even though I could have thought the dances were like fights, and our fights are like dances.

"Thank you Mr Lewis"