Thursday, 28 July 2011

A love kick to a lazy bum

The clouded breezy evening was pleasant, a boy and his sister were on a bicycle, the sister at the back,on the carrier seat, they were talking away and the boy was pedaling away to the movement of the sister's sway.

There was this buffalo, sitting and quietly chewing the cud, on the road side, blissfully unaware of the little traffic of an occasional cyclist and a 4 wheeler.

It was suddenly brought to reality with an accidental kick from the girl on the bicycle, when the boy and girl passed the cattle, how i missed to turn and see that look on the face of the buffalo, i laughed at the sight as i was just behind, and the kids took up the infectious laughter.

If only the buffalo had the gift of laughter, he would have joined us too for that love kick on his bum.

May be he got enlightened, with a hit from the zen master.

Is America rich or poor?

In our village we have a slogan passed through generations" do not get a loan to build a high raise home"

May be that is one reason we continue to live in simple farm,or urban homes.

The alternative media announces the amount of money America borrows every hour, 188 million to be close, if that country is at war and spending lavishly, is that nation rich or poor?

If we consider them as rich either they are stealing or making money from thin air, or have decided not to pay back the borrowing.

Now they are going to raise the ceiling for borrowing,well why not they cut the spending that is the basic rule for economics, it will not only affect the citizens of America, but all the people across the globe, every ammunition blasted is going to be payed for by all of us.

The poor rich nation America.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Leech the leechers with coriander

Our air, water and food are toxic, thanks to many an industry, and to the folks who turn a blind eye to those who are destroying the world.

Many of the modern day syndromes that are affecting us, are due to the heavy metal toxicity, and the researchers quietly turn away searching for reasons they will not accept.

In the country side we still rarely get the local variety of coriander, which is aromatic compared to the hybrid variety that is long and large leafed, and dull to the sense of smell.

This has been found to leech away the heavy metal, mercury from the tissues, and with the help of more organic food and a healthy life style, who knows may be many a Multiple sclerosis, a parkinsonistic or an Alzheimer patient may get back to normalcy in time, and prevent others from getting them.

This variety of herb can be used to make chutney, or dress a salad, or mixed with curries, they go great with any dish.

Have a herbal dinner with coriander.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Take a shot of vaccine, or get shot by a gun

Have u ever thought why a vaccine is called as a shot?

If u have ever read up the ingredients in them then u would know, if not then u could learn from the voice of Malawi, which reported that kids got measles vaccine at the point of a gun, when they had evaded the previous attempt at vaccinating them.

How benevolent of the pushers of vaccine into the dark continent for the welfare of those jungled folk.

Let us stop and think , why?

Start from the ingredients, use the search engines, as the journals and magazines and medical books will not have them, nor will the pharma representatives know what is in the products they promote.

If the answers do not kindle in u a spark to know the truth, well i will not give up, i may try another way to make folks see the label on the vaccines, which require a magnifying glass to decipher.

The child is the father of the man

I had heard of this slogan a long way back, but had no inkling of its meaning till now.
My old man is a child now with that sweet smile, and a laughter in his eyes.

He has lost his power of speech, and hence his try to make us understand with his gestures and babble of words is like an infant.

During a b' fast or a lunch a finger full of food from him is just like getting a treat from a kid, as a present for the care, love, medications and attention.

I had sometimes wondered how the priests in the temple take care of the deity, with concern, the bath, the robes and the flower decorations, i seem to do the same , but with a difference, my deity offers a smile and a vanakkam too.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Fresh greens - with the non magnetic iron

The village market meets daily with its farm fresh produces, and the colourful house wives make a gossiping round about to purchase for the afternoon meal.

This morning i saw an old lady with the greens called as ponnang kaanni,
its medicinal values are many , and its preparations are tasty .

I bought two bundles of them, each costing three rupees, enough for a small of family of 4.

My wife had then cleaned, pinched and boiled, and they went great with plain rice.

The iron rich greens which are non magnetic,are a great way to health, thanks to the farmer.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sex is gen(d)eral

Some new movies have shattered the shit out of me!
I saw Delhi Belly and Murder2.

Frankly speaking, they show a kiss as a way of saying hello!
And sex as a way of kissing casually!

The movies were adult, so I shouldn't be really so worked up about it.
But heck! Wasn't Arth in the 1980's an adult movie?
An adult movie should be adult, an adult theme, a mature story line, a non commercial sensible cinema.
But what was this?
Obscene and vulgar and crass and brazen and belly wrenching horrible violence!!

Both movies misled by their makers and names!
To think about it, its a nice idea, first back up your filth in a nice movie, meaning show a Murder and a 3 idiots and then release the filth.. the people will have expectations with regards to the previous films and your filth also fetches you the revenue!

And I think, if you make this kind of movies, you should be responsible enough not to show trials of it on national television. So many have argued, they are showing facts, and these things are common nowadays, be in sync with the times!! What times? Times such as these where sex before marriage is just another peck in the cheek? yucks!!

Movies are a mirror to society, and I do agree that times have changed, but this is a little more than exaggerating!
My fear is that the exaggeration will become a reality, because it is what people will start believing and following!!
Youngsters are gaga over the movie, they think now they have got the permission to do what they always secretly wanted! Its as if the animal instinct has been given free rein, and then there is no stopping you!!

PS. Both got a 4 and 3.5 star rating.
Disclosure: Maybe I am primitive!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Adorable Appam

My kid loves appam, and it tastes wonderful with the spicy masala sambar, and his mom likes that with coconut milk, and country jaggery.

The dough is made with idly rice,raw rice,black gram and menthi, grounded and fermented the traditional way.

The pan is the round bottomed iron utensil, with a strong handle at either sides,and it is a sight to see the lady of the home, make the appam with a twirl of the waist and the utensil.

This dish has been a recent addition to our menu, and it goes great as a leisurely breakfast .

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Iceland – an example to make other lands green and warm

I had a feeling there is not much that one can do in any profession as the international banks have a finger in all things, and are manipulative.

The Icelanders have shown that one can be free, creative and independent once the bankers are kicked where they would feel it.

Now the Icelanders are not in debt to the international bankers.

Iceland may have little trees, but it sure has men who have lots of courage and the heart and wishes of the common folks.

May the countries of the world note, and follow.

A homely lunch at breezy coimbatore

The breezy coimbatore played host to us this week, when we had gone to see PSG tech for the seat allotment for our kid.

We have a cousin there who picked us up after our college work, to his favorite lunch joint called "Lakshmi mess"on Thadagam road.

A simple tinned shack with thached palm leaves for added coolness as roof,
the mess offers south indian meals.

Served on a banana leaf, the rice and curry and vegetables, are so tasty, with no oily, greasy remnants on the fingers, the lady of the mess Mrs Lakshmi keeps the food nutritious and health conscious , with country sugar as the main ingredient for the payasam.

Watermelon and grape juice was the winding up dessert.

I made it a point to offer thanks and appreciate the hostess for the lovely good food.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Human commodity- a life long customer to the pharma industry

I cannot claim the credit of making up these words,in the title, but i can for forming that line , sharing this video, and making one sit up or curse a ranting .

Padmanaba-could u have not held your treasures for longer?

Now that the whole world knows that India not only has a large population, but also has large bullion hidden in secret vaults in temples.

Who knows the pilferers may already be chalking out plans, to steal away the treasures.

History has stories of repeated episodes of stealing away temple treasures, from India, which could not be taken away in one sitting or one carry away.

If a temple was a look alike form of a human, then hidden treasures could also mean treasures with in us, if only some one could open up that too!!!!!!!

Friday, 8 July 2011

lets start from the very beginning

In the movie"The sound of music" there is a song which starts with "lets start from the very beginning" i am reminded of that line.

If one walks through the kindergarten, in many school we can hear the alphabetical song sail through the air, ABCD......with the tongue rolling and the teacher to the highs and lows of the vowels,and its famous ending XYZ pronounced as z jetttt.

We have non questionably passed through them and called zoo as that and Zambia and Zimbabwe with the normal zzzzzzzz, so if we are going to be teachers to the next set of kids,or grand kids how will we call that z

zeeee or zjetttttt?

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Mom Nature comes to town, to get NDI approval

Mom Nature came to town with a certificate,
showing her credentials for creating fruits of love.
She says , she heard that one has to get the NDI accepted ratings,
to be allowed for folks to sell her produce.

NDI stamped her files with " adulterated" seal
Moms eye brows got raised
Her look alike synthetic molecules got accepted
Nature turned around and found her way back to kingdom come.

Mama nature has no one to lobby for her, and get her products sold.
They will rot, those things as precious as gold
Well no more food supplements of nature.
bye bye food.

(NDI-new dietary ingredient)

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Disgrace on the covers

The American Constitution is being shredded in pictures and words, on the covers of the Time magazine, and yet the magazine is being allowed on the stands, with the words " does it still matter".

The constitution is the highest authority of the land, and it is happening , it may be a piece of paper , but it is the representation of a land and COUNTRY.

Listening to the editor on the "morning joe" Richard Stengel, he seems to be in a hurry to vomit what he has in his guts, to follow his bosses.

He knows very well he will not be penalised for his thoughts as they are not his, but those of his rulers .

If the citizens of the land can tolerate it and still carry on their lives, u have no laws,and only those that can be bent to the wishes of the invisible.

U are loosing your liberty, and no one to care for u - run man run to where ever u can,but out before u find yourself barbed.

Monday, 4 July 2011

An exchange of the nano kind

Population reduction, is an agenda, in which many a government, and elite group, and all seem to have in common.

Each one seem to have a way, from genetically manufactured food, to plastic products, chemicals in medicines and vaccines, and many more if one can search for things in the engines.

"Get on to an operating table and then drive away a nano car."

There was a time when India did have forced vasectomies, but things backfired,now with offers of some thing free, in every thing,how about loosing a chance to have a kid, and taking home gifts .

Totally unscrewed, and free rides offered, in Rajastan , north west India.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Happy independence day - Americans

Being free is the most important feeling, and for which many a war is waged, silently or brutally.

If we are lucky to have won our freedom, it is time we know if we have given it to others with out they having to work for it like we did.

Wishing the Americans a very Happy Independence Day, may u enjoy the Liberty u have won over from the British, and remember that u have won it, and that u are Free.

Presents from the peasants

Agriculture has been taken over by the greed of the corporates.

The small time farmers who toil in the sun do not get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Mother nature is seeing her creations being adulterated with Frankenstein monster food look alike, to supply the wasteful world of the rich and food is being deprived for the needy poor.

It is rare these days to get organically grown food, with the developing nations copycatting the rich nations in the use of fertilizers and pesticides, for a plentiful yield in farm products.

The rich nations are filling the air with chemical trails, water with pharmaceutical excretions of the patients and soil with fertilizers.

In such a state, we who are in a village continue to receive rare gifts from lovers of nature,who respect and understand the health of the land and soil.