Thursday, 29 December 2011

Seasonal bean brings the family together

The December month brings on the seasonal beans to the market.

This being a once a year harvest, all homes make a dash for it,the peeling of the beans and the other variety of soaking and further peelings can bring on family members under the roof, or to the table for gossiping.

The nuclear family can get the hubby and wife to bring on an act of togetherness,cleaning the beans and discussing issues of the family.

We had a dish of brinjals, and these beans, with spice and curry, go great with rice.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Travelling on the road of prescribed vitamins

The spiral visual being shown was of a multivitamin compound, with a basket of fruits, colorfully arranged and lighted for the picture.

I got the picture mentally saved .

I asked the representative where does the vitamin that he is marketing got from in that array of fruits, he said he did not know, i requested him to take that as a company work to be submitted for the next visit.

The next visit and further visits did not bring on results, and neither did he take the spirit to get to know.

I volunteered and showed him most synthetic vitamins are got from petrochemical derivatives, that we prescribe to our patients.

He was shocked and so was I. (different reasons)

Where do the ones u take, come from? Road Tar or Nature.

Chill days seek Chilli dishes

We are folks who are used to summer heat, sweating,with cottons and hot walls to bake chappathis.

The winter with temperatures just touching 15 c at night and around 20 c during days is literally not bearable to us.

One could find us with shawls, pull overs and jute caps to keep warm.

There are some who find escapes with an eatable of the spicy kind, and in our area, the food world has been taken over with adding chilli to any thing and every thing, to make the stomach warm and the nose drip.

A chilli this and a chilli that , from cauliflower to mushrooms and now parathas and even a chill idli.

May we all manage to stay warm with our ways, till the coming of march.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Piercing the ears to progress - for men

The practice of ear piercing for all children , and the continued use of ear jewels for girls is a common practice in the Indian community.

The relationship of it to health and looks is legendary.

The style of piercing the left ear, and dangling a simple earring or a stud has become a way side acceptance of men in the modern world.

It is the fashion these days promoted from the actors to the singers, and young rebels.

In the school days , if a student was found lagging in his work of studies, he was asked to pinch his own ears, and do squats, or the teacher did it for him, little did the student or the teacher realize that this was a form of insinuating his system to work harder with intelligence, it was thought of as a punishment.

The left ear is given more importance,the modern anatomist now realise that there is a crossing of nervous tissue and the left hemisphere represent the right ,and the right hemisphere the left side of the body.

Now the piercing of the left lobe and with it the stimulation of the right hemisphere , may be there is a better performance of the system.

The acupuncturist would surely have much to say in this matter, as they heal many a person , with the points in the ear.

We would realise it if we keenly notice the effects of it on the person.

With it comes an added jewel to the pierced ear, and a chance to model.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Holy days have turned to holidays

The christmas season in memory of jesus christ has turned into a time for travel, relaxation and forgetfulness of ones nature and work.

Well can't blame any one for that, as the trend is into that, and many a highly placed person encourageous it, and sets a standard.

Some set out to churches, others set out to beaches.

Happy holidays and holydays.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Your President, is our President

The citizens of America may have voted for their President, but with his signing against the bill of rights and favouring the NDAA S1867, he is no longer just your president, he has the concern of all the citizens of all nations,against bad guys, and so we can call him as the President of the united countries of the world.

Long live America. ( she needs all the blessings she can get)

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Caught u cold on global warming

It is a trash for those who have been promoting co2 as the cause of global warming.

Canada has walked out kyoto and has given out its reason.

It is a ding a ling from all high goverment and tax collecting fraudsmen who want to make quick money, with carbon taxation , promoting vaccines and the likes, as they think co2 is a worry .

I am an evironmentalist, let us grow trees for its shade, its greenery and more benefits, to encourage natural medicines and a ring a roll with other species, for a warm planet called "Earth".

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Birds at a breakfast

They used to come regularly, but they seemed to have lost themselves, may be it is the traffic noise and the eating habit change or the weather.
good to have them back at the garden for now.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Prisoner drone-caught in the act of espionage

Now that a prisoner has been caught, though a robot, it is a shame by itself, wonder how the super power would act, will it work out its release through international bodies it pays, or bully Iran to get its prisoner released with out torturing its internals.

What ever the outcome, it has become universal knowledge that cowards of politicians , and army personal has come to light with their toys of drones to cause destruction in distant lands.

Cowards fight with toys, courageous ones are destroyed with inequality.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Patients trust the doctors, whom do the doctors trust?

In many a clinic, a usual sight would be to see a patient listen attentively to a doctor and his words, in some the sight would be a prayerful gesture to a doctor.

The trust in a doctors skill is immense, and his insight into many a health related subject is thought of as profound, this being so , where does the doctor lay his trust on?

The laws that come on, from the politicians , who are bought by the industries, seem too scary for the honorable profession of Medicine, that a trust in oneself is all that is left for the Doctor for the benefit of his patients.

May he offer his best , knowing that his trust in Himself is as good as the one his patient has on him.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

If “war is peace” then “stupidity is intelligence”

I had a chance to see this slogan " war is peace" on my screen, i tried to fathom the depth of the slogan from the roots of my heart, to the base of my intelligence, i could see nothing.

Then i remembered that story that if u want to see God, u must have the tip of that nose cut and bleeding only then visibility happens.

Freedom is slavery , poverty is richness, stupidity is intelligence, cruelty is kindness, any number of such atrocious opposites can be formed as long as there are folks to sit in front of leaders who will utter such nonsense and have folks try to make a theory of it .

Will no one stop and ask questions when folks utter them or make a walk out.

May be i am making a say, as i have no claim over a post, or a boss to keep me in check with a dangling pay.

A is for anti, B is for bios

If A is for anti, and B is for bios meaning life, what is an anti-biotic.

If this is going to be against life , why is it being administered to a living person,or if it was only for the bacteria , which is living, should this general term be used, when we could have just adopted anti- bacterial.

Or was it purposely selected to destroy life later on.\

Well if we agree they are termed right, it may have a sinister outcome to be realized at later times.

A vacation at work

We villagers have a life of simplicity and can even manage a life style with out a clock, but now that the kids are present and sending them to school or college ,at a distance, the time machine has started to work.

Our days of action are a routine , and easy going that we are not stressed to take a break, and during them if any vacation does come in, it would still be a part, and things would work as usual.

In this sense a vacation is a term that is a puzzle, and with leaders or folks in high places , vacationing to run away to distant lands to forget their work, sounds more puzzling for us who cannot actually take a vacation.

If ones does not love their work and get stressed to have a need to run and let out steam , there is something that needs to be thought of.

The headline reads" The P...., takes a vacation to the island resort for a fortnight" poor hard working P......

Vacation filled work, or a working vacation.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Guilty - no need to prove or disprove

The judiciary world wide had a common dictum , those who are charged with a crime are innocent, until some one proves their crime, now things have changed.

It has happened recently in the land of the free( sic) where u are guilty until u can prove u are innocent, which is not possible, with the passing of more laws, where u have no one to prove with your absence and in some unknown prison across the seas.

The judiciary have lost their right to fight for their clients with wit and humour and laws laid out in their constitution, it has become a stab for all humanity, the judges can hang their heads in shame.

What can be proved , can be disproved with an intelligent argument , innocence is stable.

One can only prove a crime, innocence is there for u to see, it cant be proved.

If someone does not like u , u can be termed as a t........ and off u go with the passing of the bill S 1867 to some place with no address.

Ta ta.

Friday, 2 December 2011

A friend turns a foe

In a world of, Friends of Today, turning into Enemies of Tomorrow, bringing foes together to sit at a table would be a thought of bye gone days.

This should be the way of peace and the path for the next generation to start with us laying the stones for the castle of togetherness to come up from today.

The line of making an enemy would not have happened suddenly , the process would have started from the time of friendship, starting with a suspicion and more exploitation and finally the enmity.

We see this very much in the international arena these days across continents switching sides to drop ammunition and finally destruction of poor civilians, and business for marketers.

When will we have courageous referees, who will bring the warring sides to an embrace of understanding.