Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Watering the plants without pinching them

One can notice an involuntary act of pinching plants  by the by standers when they walk along  plants, i have wanted to slap many a person doing that, but i knew i would never be able to stand the retaliation, or they would catch me and get me  an electro shock  therapy, thinking me mad.

Last Sunday morning we had a chance to do some thing else, i was just getting ready to hose the garden , when my lady said why don't we give a chance for the kids to water the plants.

The local neighborhood kids were coming home some of the week ends for a relaxation time and this Sunday was one such week.

Between the dances and exercises , the kids were asked to move out into the garden and water the plants orderly with out causing a mess, and with love and care, with out breaking branches or hurting the plants, and clapping the hands to encourage those who were watering .

It was a simple start to a great compassion in the lifetime to happen.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Careless Calories

There has been a shift in nutrition classes (which do not exist in the curriculum)   from discussing healthy food to discussing calories.

I had a chance to notice this when i was attending a health camp at an ashram , where many had come with illness and some like me to know what is health, i had been reading too much on diseases that i did not know health.

Many had been told to cut their food , to so much of calories per day, at earlier places.

I had since wondered how one could be on a fixed calories /day when the seasons changed, the work shifted and the mind was different every day.

The same folks had no idea if the calories came from junk food or organic food, but calories was their yard line, or guard line.

If one is on natural food, u cannot eat more than u need, the body mechanism will tell u .

If u have a way of listening to it and respecting it , i guess the calorie theory would be a sham, and we would not add up carbonated drinks so many calories, chips so many calories and well they are within the limit of my calorie requirements--- stupid.

Easy is right ,you are hungry , eat ,choose  your food according to the availability,and its closeness to nature, and cook with your expertise in not destroying it, no self respecting person will stuff  like a pig,( may be they are force fed)and then worry about calories.

(kannaku potu  sapidu vatha , illai  kannaka  sapiduvatha.)

Are u going to eat after calculation, or are u going to eat calculatively.