Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Shaking the wrong hand

I am not into politics, but to keep safe it is wise to know with whom u are shaking your hands with, to safe guard our resources and freedom,in this modern world of warfare.

India had a long friendly relationship with Russia, and if one is with one of the super powers, u are a distance with the other super power, America.

Now we see that things are changing a bit, with the American president hosting his first dinner to the Indian prime minister.

The Americans had always been pally with our cousins across the border, Pakistan, now they seem to have had enough as the 3 billion aid they had been offering to them yearly, has not been getting the desired results, and on one hand they are dropping food and the other side droning them.

It is a time for us to look into the allies of America and what happens to them when they are getting into the dull looks.

Beware the hand that u shake, it is not to share warmth, but to check if by shaking, if there are any hidden things which will drop with the shake.

Flaws in the Laws

It is getting crazier every day, seeing the new laws coming on across the Atlantic, now there is a new one,' if u are getting fingered by the tsa and u don't smile, God , u could be arrested for suspicious activity.

The brothers and sisters across the sea have a sweet and accepting attitude, i wonder how much more they can take it, till they break or go down the knees!

If this can happen in " the land of the free, and the home of the brave" may be it is not that any more.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Calcium myth - as brittle as chalk

There isn't a day when calcium is not shown on the media, as the support for strong, healthy bones and teeth, nothing can be more from the truth.

Milk ,natures most complete food is practically carried on a plate like a tiara for the queen,claiming that its calcium is most necessary for the normal growth of the bones, quietly leaving away, the fact that we could also be as moronic or as dull as the buffalo, chewing away the cud in the shade of a tree.

The calcium in the cow's or buffalo milk has the amount necessary for its infant, who is so different from us.

Do u think that the calcium that u take will get pasted on the bones and teeth?
actually phosphorous and magnesium are leached from them to keep the ph value of the blood stable.

In inference, do bones get stronger or become as brittle as chalk?

Violence above and beyond movies - the UFC!!

This break has been very good for me, and thanks to venkhat and Shaz, I haven't deleted the blog to take time off to think. During my last year of posting reviews I had begun to notice a disturbing change in my viewing taste. I had stopped enjoying romances (which was my staple diet in both books and movies). Maybe this is because of falling in love myself, I could spot the fakeness when it is shown as a sweet emotion, maybe because of hormones. But I think I had to overfeed my inner child enough with animation, skip the sugar and leap my moral restraints to see the real emerging 'new' me ... as one prone to violence.

It started with my fascination for the 70 yr old Sylvester Stallone's Expendables. That was so deliciously testosterone-filled. I went on to feverishly download every man-thulping-man movie made. And even that wasn't enough. In Stallone's interview on David Letterman, he mentioned Randy Couture and how amazingly strong that MMA fighter was.

It got me started. I've watched UFC for almost 8 hours a day for weeks now and can't get enough of the bloody fights. The more I understand it technically, the more I watch ... its amazing how refined fighting and violence really is!

Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre and Couture are my top favorites - their fights are like watching a ballet in blood and guts - a thing of beauty. And the work they put into training is astonishing. (I want to post some of the coolest fights I've seen but I'm wondering if blogger has some rules about copyrighted vids.:)

Just a note: I used to hate the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) so much a decade ago that I used to call it the Ultimate Redneck Comedy. There is one Matt Hughes who epitomized all my old hate, repulsed me on sight, that I searched and regretted immediately - never look too deeply into a US redneck's life because they're chronic abusers. Like serial killers - abusing animals, children and women before they work up the guts to hit a man. The cliff notes of Matt Hughes in the comments here will deepen the hate for the sport.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Memorial day

The last Monday in the month of may will always be calendered, until war is celebrated as victory.

Memorial day, a day for what? a celebration, a sadness, feasting or fasting?

I would consider this day for introspection, why do we need to have this memorial day, for what acts of bravery or compassion our soldiers have offered to fellow soldiers or to the civilians of the land, they had fought in.

Medals are offered to silence the acts of brutality, and kill the compassionate feelings that surface in a soldier.

I who am against war, feel the soldiers are exploited, and freedom always is a distant horizon for them and for the humans of earth.

In Memory of those who have fought to be remembered.

Friday, 27 May 2011


I have often observed that people dislike wasting money.
If money is spent, it should be spent with results.
No result makes us smirk and say, “ Oh the money has gone to waste!”

The definition of waste is also quite variable in the context of the priorities of one's life.
Some would consider buying clothes a complete waste while others would find buying cars and tech stuff a complete waste!

I came across an even more interesting “waste.”
A relative was sick and the doctor asked her to undergo some tests and x rays and ultra sonographies.. I wonder who the doctor is? The machine or the man? But then this is another topic!
Anyways, this relative was quite satisfied because the doctor took so much interest in her and written such a lengthy prescription. The fee given to the doctor did not look like a waste at all.

The tests were done and all reports were all good and clean.
She was aghast and was quite grumpy, saying to everyone she met,” I spent so much on the fee and the tests and it has all gone to waste!!!!!”

What a waste!! Had she been diagnosed with some dreadful disease, I wonder what she would have said then!

Moral of the story, " Don't waste money on doctors/tests/medicines, it always goes to waste!"

Friday, 20 May 2011

A picture, a frame up , nailed and hanged.

Many a hard working person reaches heights and then when he does not go along with the trend,he is sacrificed with loose strings, irrespective of his innocence.

The world is seeing the mess IMF president is being subjected to, his guilt has not been proved, yet, he has been painted red and dragged across, as the threat he is to many, has been removed.

It is for this reason many a person likes to be invisible or, away from the lime light to be caught on a picture, to be discarded and shamed .

God does not have the heart to create Aids

We who have been taught from the times we started our lessons on our mothers lap, have always been told that God is compassionate, kind , loving, caring and gives what we ask and more words, it has continued through our schooling and social work times.

Now we are in a world with so many pathetic diseases that do not have remedies.

In our country we have been told " health is natural" and stays so unless we mess it up with unnatural methods of living. ( the rest u can let your imaginations wander)

With this back ground, do u think the present AIDS virus could have been a product of His Creation.

For the atheist, with evolution as a base,where did the aids come from suddenly, for which mankind has nothing to tackle it with.

Evolution has adaptability of a species to tackle problems, where is it ?
with regard to aids.

It is time the scientist kicked the politicians, to help themselves to use their findings for the betterment of mankind than for its destruction, and the greed of the elite.
( do u see where i am leading)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

When will our prince marry?

There has been ample celebrations of Will and Kate.
But when will our very own cho cute and most eligible bachelor of our country marry? If you are wondering who it is? Here is another clue.

Arrey Rahul .. Oh not the Rahul Mahajan (yucks) or Rahul bajaj. It is
the Rahul Gandhi.

cute na? :P

Each time I see him, now seeing him because of the land fued going
on in the news almost every other day.. He seems to become cuter day by day! How many hearts will break
when he finally ties the knot,(sigh!) I dont know! But I wish he got married
and let off the many gals who think they have chance, off the hook!

picture courtesy http://www.pravasitoday.com/there-were-rapes-and-murders-in-bhatta-parsaul-rahul-gandhi

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


With due apologies to all noble professions!
In this age of professionalism, no profession is noble.
I am fortunate to have got the last dregs of the generation of dedicated teachers who taught like wowow!
I never felt the need for tuitions really!
Unlike nowadays where even a toddler goes for tuitions.

Anyways, I just got news of the results of my kins and friends. Wow! Brilliant!
My school has delivered 20 outstanding results and 100 and 99 in Economics!
(When I was in school, you could get 99 and 100 only in maths!)
What do these kids do? Are we becoming more intelligent a species?
Kids are studying like an absorbent tissue paper!

What has brought such high standards?
Are the teachers better or are the students better?
If both are so much better then, can we expect some great inventions in the near future?
Something that can blow us out of our minds and be able to say wowow! (as we did when we heard the results)

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Lesson from a medical representative-thiomersal

The day started with the usual leisurely work outs and spacey times of relishing a nutritious breakfast.

I get marked for calls from national companies to prescribe their products, being shunned away by the local ones, and this particular morning it was one presenting Rabipur, he was methodical with the visuals and he said that his product does not have "Thiomersal", some how that word caught my attention and i asked him details , for which he could not expand.

All that he could say was, his company has removed that from the ingredients in that product.

I cannot thank that gentleman enough to have touched a curiosity nerve in me, that opened up a whole new world of things which have been hidden.

If only we had more time, to deal and question the pharmacy folks, with out being lobbied by them, i am sure our prescriptions will be much different.

( for those who do not know what is thiomersal------- preservative containing mercury)


I was in the mood for some gold!
Akshaya tritya was an excuse!
I went to the jewelers, and I asked for my long wished and put away for too long, a mangalsutra!
Now I wanted a simple chain with black beads, but there were umpteen designs, in some the gold was to much and the beads too far spaced out!

To say the least all hurt the eyes, I kept saying, give me a simple one!
The wife of the shop owner happens to be a friend, and she was bent on showing me the latest trendy ones! But they looked like fashion/fancy necklaces with beeg diamond or gold pendants. She said its the way it is worn nowadays, more like a thing of showing off rather than the original yellow string with black beads!

After much searching and going through several boxes, I found one which looked close to the simple design that I had in mind. But, there was one problem, the beads were not round ones but square beads.
Needless to say, it is really tough to find simple things.
What amazes me is that complicated sells!!
If I wasn't so stubborn about the simple look, she had almost convinced me to buy those strings they called mangalsutra!

I was almost yelling inside,”Keep It Simple, Silly!” (Kiss)
now you know why the title was thus named!! :P

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Goddess of earthquake

Cultures around the world have innumerable stories to keep their men from being up to mischief, and let them know that there is some one somewhere who is better and stronger than u .

Hence there was Thor,(god of thunder) , rain god, Goddess of love,Poseidon( god of the sea) and others, many turn to them in times of crisis for help or advice, through prayer and silence.

For the present times how wonderful it would be if we had a goddess of earthquake, we can pray or ask forgiveness for her overtime work of shaking herself into quakes, and destruction.

Even if there was one such goddess one thinks real hard could she really be so sadistic to bring on such disasters?

The time has come, to think could such tragedies be brought on by man, and his greed for more natural resources ? or some other motive, that man himself gets to have a shake brought on at a site ,he plans to show a lesson to one who is a Rebel.

Sounds crazy.

Results-of hard work

In the early times the results of an exam, was published in the press , there was a clamor to check if one's number was in or out.

Now things have changed with results arrived with the flick on the keys or a click on the mouse.
It was one of those times this last week, with the kids all relaxed , most of them know the marks they can expect to a digital level, and where they have made mistakes.

The web sites offering the results were crammed since morning and meanwhile many with clouts got to know the results by other means , and sending messages to favorites.

How well the kids study these days and they seem to know more than most parents, and they are sure of themselves.

Wishing the kids and their careers the best of times, and challenges that will bring out the creativity from inside them.

cctv aimed at kids

It was play time and the kids used to freak out, irrespective if the referee was watching or not.
not any more as the fields are fixed up with cameras and so also the corridors of the school buildings.

The last time i visited my school for the sports day, this is what i noticed in the corners of buildings, with the cameras hooked to the angle aimed at the favorite haunts of the kids.

It may be a simple get together to plot against a common enemy, one among the fellow classmates, but this hook up being watched on a closed circuit tv at a missionary school premises is abhorrent.

We had a tricker who used to sell pears, and get for us masala dosais from muruga bhavan, a restaurant on the outskirts of the school campus, but those favorite hide outs can never be ventured again by these kids.

What ever the reason, why should such practices be brought up by an institution , to spy on the school kids?

Will these kids ever grow up normal, or will they always be on the look out for that hidden camera whirring about to catch a normal mood of a child , or one who is home sick on the steps.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Obama shoots Osama

The world woke to the news of Osama,from Obama.

We who are so much into asking for proof, take it for granted that Mr president only says the truth after evaluating things from his level to share to the world.

Many have said he had died, right from December 2001, only to find him and his videos surfacing, but now that the word of Mr president is final, we will not find him again as the cause of more destruction and death, fearing and hating the freedom of the Americans.

He who had brought his name to fame from the hot sands of Saudi to every mouth on earth,may he rest for ever, and not come back from the dead, to have been the cause of some destruction some where posthumously.

Monday, 2 May 2011


The only labels we knew were the ones that got pasted on book covers,detailing name and subject, and school.

Now one gets to see labeling all over,food is one that gets the maximum attention.

We ate what was offered sure it was nutritious and safe,from the market, fresh with no packages, now with all the food from the shelves, reading the labels, seems to be a talent one has to learn.

We villagers are dumb stuck at the small words, and bombastic terminologies and wonder how the folks in the cities decipher, it is an art of picking things.

The coded numbers, the fancy chemical names, and "permitted colors and preservatives added" as a government seal of satisfaction given, as an authority of " passed".

Where does one learn, to read the words and numbers, and how trustworthy are the list and signs?