Saturday, 31 March 2012

simple lunch from a clay pot

the pictures say it all.
 rice and bringals iin a pot and cucumber with lime

Inter- continental breakfast

This is  fresh brown bread, which could mold in a day or two, ( it has no preservatives or sweetening agents, and no added vitamins or supplements) the butter is from a farm which does not use bovine growth hormone or oxytocin  injections for their cows, nor do they pastuerise their milk.

 The banana is a naturally ripened fruit, from the orchard, and the sprouted sundal is made with traditional sea salt.

 The aval  rice is hand pounded and also has sea salt.

This nutritious  breakfast  under the shade of a tree in a family garden , can be a luxury if one could have the senses right.

Thanks to all those who made it so.

Magical sticks of nutrition

The clay pot keeps the richness of mother natures creations i believe in our cooking.

Ingredients, magic drum sticks, egg plant, country coriander, onions , tomatoes.

The drum sticks are cut, but not put into a container of water as normally done,our vegetable cutting class teacher , made it a rule .

i bet each one could try out the remaining preparation to their hearts content and intelligence.

The finish is a blend of energies.

Sweet wheat bondas

This  is an innovative preparation , thought of suddenly by  Uma , a few days back.

A country banana naturally ripened,milled and unsieved wheat  flour, country brown sugar, these are the ingredients.

 She first mashed up the banana and blended it with the brown sugar( jaggerry) and  then added the flour  and   further made it in to a fine paste and then made balls of them.

 The idly cooker was then used to steam the balls, and....


Monday, 5 March 2012

Bill to pay the bill for vaccinations

 For a profession of healing, no doctor would willingly accept words from a layman, to thwart his principles of hard learning,practice, and updating yet we would willingly accept the same laymen to lay foundations or things to enhance a medical project without questions , when we should be careful to accept with caution.

Whoever it may be, the words apply even if it be Bill Gates.

How could he promote vaccinations with lavish donations, and we accept his word as truth for the benefit of our patients and the world at large.

Bill gates and his foundation is on to offer 10 billion dollars in the decade to make this the ' decade of vaccinations" how magnanimous, but would it not be more wonderful to improve sanitations and other basic necessities to fight against diseases, which seem to keep on multiplying, with new names and more sporadic nature, than  imbalancing ones immune system.

Does no one really see something wrong there?

(There was a question from a patient the other day, previously if we had a case of viral attack, it was said that we would never ever get it again, how come things have changed now with the present.
Answer - Now we play games with medicines and the organisms mutate to play with us.)