Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Loosing one s insanity at the sand pit

I was on the way to the market this morning, and there i saw this sand pit,with some bricks around,a usual site these days of construction work happening around.

What was unusual for these days was the kid in the pit having a dig and playing around.

This had always been a past time then,making tunnels or hillocks and hiding things to be found and such fun.

Vacations times were for this,I can imagine how one would roll over or ride buses of bricks with paved roads,and more words.

Seeing this kid brought back memories,and a sadness kids have no time for this or interest and no parents are interested in 
encouraging it .

May be if this is brought back,hidden things in the mind and sub conscious levels can surface,and heal many an insane child of the modern world with playing.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Just a wad of notes, but so much difference.

We who only notice the price of tomatoes and potatoes rise, and the quantity reduce, do not know the back dealings and reasons for the happenings, other than blaming the rains and the middlemen stealing profits.

The criss-cross businesses that happen on the international scale, with its foreign policy rules and regulations can be strict, when it comes to sanctions.

Many of us do not know where our oil comes from and how it has reached our vehicles, and how are the payments made.

This article,and our search,will let us know what is happening now, and what could happen later with diplomatic relationships.

May we continue to get our oil and be safe.


Nutritious snacks with the morning tea, at the village bench

This gentleman and his family,are serving the village with sprouted grams and  an assortment of pounded rice,with tea for the morning snack.

Many in this area start work from 4 am and they slowly start trickling in here to gossip and read the morning papers,by 7 am it is peak hours and by 8 , it is a stand still quietness.

He had some ailments for which he had recovered with his nutritional changes in his diet with other help, and wanted to share it to his customers.

Sea salt, cold pressed oil and whole wheat buns ,are the other changes he wants to make permanent, in the changes he has made silently already.

Thanks to him and his family for this healthy move for the welfare of the village folks.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

A garbage dump for holy pictures

Many a new picture of holiness and soul satisfying contour, gets to be added at home or work stations, and where will the old pictures go?

hidden at dark corners,
left standing where they are,
sent away to praying spots,
but never thrown away .

This is what has happened to this pyramid , it seems to attract many a picture that has served the family for soul support,mental health or preventing an insanity and more capacities of well being.

I who seem to find this pyramid a place of wonder , find this a garbage dumping ground of nervous wrecks who are scared of hurting dieties or too guilty of themselves to throw away,yet not throw away, a family heritage.

I am reminded of a zen story , when a master was found burning a wooden statue of Buddha on a cold night , and scolded, he was then looking for the bones of Buddha

in the wood.

What ever it is a disgrace to destroy the sanctity of the pyramid with our holy pictures, which do not belong there.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Guru poornima - salutations to the Masters past and present

The last full moon day was special , as a remembrance to all the Masters old and young.

We had a trek around a hillock and a stop over in between.

Many a moment was shared of silence and words, but one that touched was, "How could we say our thank you s to the masters " i enquired,we cant work it out that cheap of a line and run away , i was told.

The Masters like Lao, Bhuddha, Jesus, Mahavira, Ramanar if they were here in spirit and form,would sure accept nothing  better than u and i  to become like them, and nothing less would do.

Wishing well to becoming Masters of ourselves.

Monday, 22 July 2013

An 11th commandment for the tablet

I had been against the vaccines in many a voice, but i have always had an inkling of doubt, not in my heart,but in its design, but that has been confirmed by the judiciary in a recent ruling.

It seems like a ruling for an addition into the tablets of Moses as a commandment,"Thou shall not sue the medical brothers, for their vaccines

A win for the Big Pharma, and a bye pass for the judiciary from having to read about the pharmacology, and give a judgement against themselves, and their mentors.


For those who are not going to open that link , this one paragraph would do.

Dr. Marion Burton , President of the American Academy of Pediatrics, said “Childhood vaccines are among the greatest medical breakthroughs of the last century.  Today’s Supreme Court decision protects children by strengthening our national immunization system and ensuring that vaccines will continue to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in this country.”

May we make our own search - till then the defense does not rest.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Doctors were treated as GOD, and they continue to act as that

In our village, a doctor is next to the deity in a temple, it is not for the subjects that he has studied, but for his acts that are done at times of disasters in health .

 I have always felt that it was a treatment we did not deserve,for it would unnecessarily make us go heavy in the head.

It would separate us at home too with the professional status continuing to act in the subconscious.

Reading  on God, i have found many an expansion, and i liked two,
1  it just means  "that which is" , no objectivity , but a present moment.
2  G - generator , o  - operator  , d  - destroyer.

My god this sure got me thinking if the health care workers were looked on as this in the modern world , it would be scary to take on that title and role.

Like a clause to many a bill that is passed, i shall add a link on vaccines.

Many a fertility clinic is cropping up, as the happy couples cannot seem to bring on issues, i did read on quite a few, and the link on this opens up more regions to explore.


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Shhhhh - cancer is a taboo word.

In our village  there are a few things which are not discussed in open, one is sex and the other is death, but now another thing is added as a side track of death and that is cancer.

The number of deaths in our village due to cancer has become so much noticeable
, that folks are asking why,where and how?

Any thing and every thing is hacked and repackaged , but this is never out, as it is mysterious and threatens everything, and brings on darkness.

The scientific world is and has been trying to track it, but we are happy with the few survivors, other wise we could be as ignorant of it as the public.

Many have their own researches, and with time may be they would all come out with their findings and save mankind.

There are some secrets from the virus in the tobacco, and other virus that cause a contamination and cause  cancer, who knows u may find your own links, and spread the truth.

Find the causes and halt spread cancer.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Bitter gourd helps to keep away worries of sweetness

The news on the screen told me that the seeds of the bitter gourd helps a diabetic and some one got interested in marketing them, only to find himself chased for his good fortune, of making the folks healthy by the companies

Strange , but it sure is confusing with the text booking and study of the marketing world even for health care, with the MBA degree everything becomes a business.

The morning marketing found me attracted to the small kutti kutti bitter gourds, and with no bargaining for the double palm full for a sum of 10 rupees, i returned after picking up other things .

The afternoon lunch  was goody with millet balls and the bitter gourd curry, rice, rasam and curd .

Pineapple slices were wonderful  before the lunch itself .

The bitterness is adjusted with the addition of jaggery, try them tomorrow.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Their preservatives are ( our ) killers

Cancer is a taboo word in our village, yet it is slowly surfacing to be discussed at village gossips spots like the tea shop benches and dark low brick walls parkers called as "thinnais".

It is as mysterious as it is for scientists, but with practicalness, as what has happened to us that we are being given this, the village elders and working middle class all seem to be affected .

There are no very high and low class, all are middle here.

Every thing seems to boil down to food , with few side channels .

A happy healthy home is one which has its folks spend much time and thought regarding to food and its preparations.

Now  food preparations are not a topic for discussion , unless it has come up on the tv screen with  some one else trying out our local dishes.

Any food that does not get spoil t soon , needs to be looked at with caution, we had seen some pictures of them here made at fast food joints and  forgotten and seen again after months still in tact and not smelling.

The things that are used to keep away the fungus and other scavenging things of nature, are our cancer causing chemicals , reading them may scare u too, my words are just to get u to search them to become  more aware of our Health.

If u want a clue for the start, try sodium benzoate.