Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Laughing away to grandness

It was a simple programme with 12 participants, at a local school titled as 'grand master", conducted by Swami Atma, a pharmacist who had worked with Astra.

we started the programme at 9. 30  am with self introduction and getting relaxed with mind and body movements of exercise.

It went on with asanas, where one person showed surya namaskaram, and how it can be done with ease and breath relations, and not to be done as an exercise.

Laughter , sharing hearts , touching centres to increase our creative capacities, which they say we use is such small percentage of our capabilities,were part of the programme.

Followed of course with dance with background music  called as Bhairavi.

We had house wives, college students and some in soft ware companies taking part  and us as volunteers.

Lunch was got from Ananda Bhavan.

One person's feed back was, lost himself with past and future , with awareness of the present.

May be that is what meditation is all about , strong steps for Ellampillai.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Fresh wheat buttered buns

Tea and buns are a legacy of the English man.
Many in our village are addicted to it and the weaning away from the tea bun, tiffin  can be a difficult one.

we are advising our country cousins to eat wheat buns and  sundal ( sprouted horse gram ) available at a tea stall , they use sea salt and are shifting to cold pressed sesame oil.

Fresh cow's butter from a farm who do not use soy grain feeds, and who do not give  oxytocin injections to milk their cows.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Death of Torrent Sites

Finally, it is here. The total ban on torrent sites which began in the US through their movie moguls. Indian courts bowed to the pressure to prevent downloading of movies through torrents and brought pressure on internet service providers. They in turn have put a total ban on all torrent sites. So along with movies, you can no longer download music, books or videos through torrents. What a shame.

Bangalore's Airtel caved in last week and banned all torrent sites with a message "Blocked by court order".

There is a simple way around this at present. www.Clearhide.com has a box for anonymous browsing that allows you to visit isohunt, pirate bay and other torrent sites for a few minutes before the block kicks in.:)

Homeopathy for Dogs

The last 5 years I had found a measure of peace by setting aside all energy medicine. Then a dog with scabies adopted me. Within days, my dogs and I were itching along with the newbie, so I thought, "Aha, a dose of Psorinum will cure this." Not! That was my slippery slope into using homeopathy and reiki again.

I opened a can of worms with Psorinum 200. All appearance of health vanished with the hidden disease rising in me and my dogs. One of them developed cancer of the jaw, another died of a heart attack and a third of urinary problems. The newbie died as well of a genital cancer. All the dogs lost their fur and were hypersensitive to weather. I was a mess as well - insomnia, herpetic eruptions and a nervous wreck.

All this from a single dose in July 2011 and the reverberations are still with me today. This may sound like a criticism of homeopathy, but it is actually my tribute to its unbelievable power. I thought I'd write a few notes on the blog to record and organize my thoughts on this.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Groping hands to identify b.mbs

We have talked about this before in regard to body scanning at airports in states.

Well u folks seem to like the exposure, and even look forward to a picture at the other end, and a result to collect auto graphs like Shah Ruk Khan.

For those who refuse it, get groped i have heard.

If the security reasons are so strict, can they not use other methods like sniffer dogs or questioning suspects, at least the privacy of a room to feel a person, rather than at a hall.

I still cannot understand why this humiliation has to be undergone for flying, such precaution or is it psychological terror.

Now that the machines are found to be useless to find the things they are searching for,what next!

What trading, a loss of privacy for security and freedom, or is it just sexual humiliation.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Brittle calcium to strengthen bones

The calcium advert is on the screen so often that it looks like the general public seems to know more than the professional us.

Our strength lies in our teeth and bones, but more in the truth about them.

The inorganic calcium that is being marketed in the media, which is pre-formed, do u think it will go and get plastered over our bones and cover our teeth and make them fortified.

Great hope.

They may get to settle any where.

In our village , taking curd after a dish of meat is prohibited, stops with rasam.

what we need is food that is balanced and natural, or the body has to leech other minerals in our body to maintain blood pH.

So do our bones and teeth get strong or weak from supplemented calcium  ?

But calcium is a great industry how can it be wrong.

The oysters and other shells in the ocean have enormous calcium , but not the sea.

If this is only for calcium, what about all the other elements in the periodic table and the trace elements.

We will have to see where all they are  in our body and all the foods available, and more supplementation, what nonsense.

Nature knows how to convert what we eat to what we need.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Infiltrating alternative medicines

The competition from alternative medicines is growing, may be a 0. percentage a day, but nevertheless growing, so how to put a stop, there are many a ways, but the easiest is an infiltration and , adulterate the syllabus, and wow.

Let me give an example,

"The basic principles of homoeopathy that it treats the patient and not his disease should be constantly impressed in mind of the students, and it is only when this approach is firmly inculcated in them that they will be true homoeopaths. "

Now if we look at the syllabus of the homoeopathic colleges,  they have  from anatomy to all the study of diseases, and when they come out, they will be easily handled to dash our prescriptions of allopathic medicines, and commit suicide to the system they have studied.

How simple.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Snake gourd delicacy

The climbers are a variety of vegetables in a class of their own, healthy, nutritious and tasty, with all the blessings of the sun and wind.

Today we had snake gourd made traditionally in a mud pot, a change with the addition of green gram dal.


snake gourd
green gram( paasi parupu)
small onions
dried chille powder
turmeric powder
country tomatoes and sea- salt to taste

First the green gram is half boiled ,  the rest of the ingredients are added with enough water and cooked.

Goes great with rice and chappathis.

Make enough, so that u have much for a second serving.

Not a diabetic? Not an hypertensive? don't u worry we will find it for u.

Many a private, or a board of doctors , send out pamplets like this or stick them on walls as free billboards, to advertise their trade.

It has become selling oneself to win patients to carry on the profession, today.

Those who are healthy, reading such pamplets would get to become an hypochondriac, and wish to have themselves checked,  eventually falling into some category and get to have a life long relationship with some medical shop, being shifted from one specialist to another.

Free camps may be free, but not the things that follow it.

Friday, 18 May 2012

A crowded waiting room

I was once asked by a patient, how come your clinic is always so free and never crowded even in the epidemic days.

Well my patients are well.

It is an insult to a doctor if his waiting room is always full.

There was a time in china, when a physician was paid for the welfare of the family, and when they got sick, his fees for those times were cut or not taken by the doctor.

Such a policy can be brought back with times with small steps, and care and concern for the doctor by the  patients.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Dont sell us your gay ideas

We were naive to accept your colas, then were coerced to buy them, but please don't trade your gay ideas to us .

Religion is an integral  part of a marriage and each one has a line, now u are   " man and wife".

IF that is going to be changed with the Americans allowing gay marriages,now u are " man and man " or " women and women",    we would go crazy.

why did  creation bring on two genders?
 they are each unique and a blend of them brings on a family.

Save  your  gay  ideas for yourself and don't export them .

Saturday, 12 May 2012


There was a long distance call, from a cousin across the Atlantic  a week ago.

it was only a courtesy call to a younger one , and was enquired about this and that, i, like i always am, traded what i was doing and how i am .

I was told it is bad luck to stay in my village and i must move out,  our parents worked hard and got us to what we are, but it sure is bad luck staying on... the  voice  in the ear piece said.

Well i certainly had nothing to say, he has a broader vision and greater expansive travel, and more of every thing.

Seeing things and feeling the freedoms available and lesser rules , i do  think  it is  good luck to stay  than bad luck .

Each one to their wants and every one is right.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Junk joints are whore houses

How could  one justify such a title i thought, well it came to my mind and i decided why not try .

wooing a lady, needs lots of care and attention to detail and climatic conditions to go with the offerings to win the heart of the beauty .

one cannot take for granted that u would be allowed to be shallow when u woo,
there is so much to learn and savour every moment, and every moment is different.

whore houses i guess  one doesn't need to know any thing , every thing is slam bam thank u mam, unless u have fallen for the whore and intend to woo her to be your lady of the heart.

one never gets to ever know what is inside a junk food, from the drinks to the eats, and the licking ice creams.

In organic home food , one has a chance to know at least what u are eating, and how it is made and from where u get it.

Now with the awareness growing ,we know,that junk food restaurants offer plastics as food which look like they are eats, which even the  bacteria and fungi  keep away from .

Finally one knows what one gets , immediately or in the far end of ones life
visiting whore houses.

Shame, one has to make such comparisons to drive deep  nutrition topics.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

May Day - meditative celebrations

May day calls are distress calls, but this may day  call  was for a celebration.

The kids have got their summer vacation ,and we wanted  to arrange a  jolly time  for them for a day, before they all leave for their grand parents home or run away to tourist spots far away.

My wife made calls to all people she knew who had children above 7, wishing they send their kids for a dance and fun time for a day at a local school.

The programme was called " little stars" and it was conducted by a master , he came at 10 am.

The kids had arrived before that and after an introduction, it got away with songs, dances and traffic watching ,cooing like an infant, and listening to multi- voices and sounds.

A star cut out was pinned on their chest with colorful ribbons, made of chart paper.

The kids were encouraged to share jokes, sing and dance , to the tunes of many a cinematic music.

We could see the happiness in the eyes of the kids and the warm enjoyment in the organisers heart.