Friday, 31 May 2013

Snack-fun time

It all started with a simple  request of  a  neighborhood child who had come along to get a xerox copy of a document," get me a chocolate or a lays chips"

I told him the usual no  no nos  and then the whole gang had somehow got together and we trooped in to the  chips store and returned with carry backs.

The long  holidays are nearly over for the street neighborhood kids and they are bored with the rotting  time of no classes.

Some of the children are shifting school , and they are thrilled and enthusiastic , others are glad to go back to see their teachers and friends.

All in all every one is glad to have the school re - open  including the parents who have found it difficult to manage the hyper active kids of these days.

Paper plates were distributed and  murukkus ,mixtures and other savories moved around , and  the feelings are there in the pictures.

Sharing times are wonderful with children, and if they are orderly , it adds to the wonder.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

There is no God - but Man

I have never been caught in an argument if there is a God or multiple Gods, or other terminologies for THE Spirit.

But now with the destruction  of things that are happening across the world i know for sure there cannot be a God to bring them on.

God would not have had the heart to do all this, so there are two options  either God is not there or the other,   Man is.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A stage on a railway platform

Sitting at the window seat i was waiting for the passenger train to start, and there i saw this small family have their break

fast on the platform, gotten from the cafeteria.

One parent was feeding the girl and the other the boy, each one having a mouth full in between the feeds, so homely on the Salem platform indifferent to the surrounding freeness on the Sunday morning .

Then i noticed one of the subjects had seen me ,and then the pictures could never be natural from then on i knew.

I walked up to the man and said i am writing an article " a man can be a caring parental mom"   he smiled and i clicked away another shot , before his wife could come back from an errand.

 I went back to the waiting train to start and move away, to witness another act in another place. 

Monday, 13 May 2013

An eye on the pyramid

It was an invitation for a family function of the street mates, being on a Sunday and at the times of the school holidays, it was filled with kids and laughter and a back ground of light music not to disturb the gossiping of the get together.

The chairs were draped with a sash and curtains  for the windows,it was some thing new for the village atmosphere, we were pointed to an artist and a painter , who decorated the kids and the women s fore-arm with designs and the artist with pencil sketches , all large eyed like me .

The lunch was all a difference too , with bombastic terms of the menu of the neighboring states.

We let our steps lead us on and found ourselves at a stall with a magician, mumbling the famous abracadabra  mantra to a kid and showing out a feather turned pencil.

The magician said he is more of a puzzler , and that he has resigned his engineering job for his love of the puzzles and its teasers.

He shared with us his trade, and my  lady s attention caught the magic balls to form the pyramid.

Many a participant like her tried and she with her calculation decided she would try,she moved this, that and then, voila there was the pyramid.

We suddenly realised we had a puzzling puzzler , with her eye set on the pyramid.

We wished the magical man the best of times and left , with a take away presents of two jasmine plants from the function hosts, and our hearts blessing them.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sitting silently, doing nothing but watching

The evening breeze brought a few cousins to our home , with my lady inviting them.

I don't know what words my lady used to get them , but it seemed to have worked for the half a dozen of them who came.

Explaining the watching of the breath,and the gaps in between

  she took the participants into the experience , and  the half an hour seemed to go away so soon with no disturbance.

The participants shared their intimate half an hour  for themselves, and quietly left with requests to be invited again when such a programme was to be conducted.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Cubic smiles

The Rubic

 cube was bought and played and kept away , unsolved.

The next generation rarely looks up things of old , but when kept away unsolved may be it triggers a feeling of solving, and that is what happened .

There lies the cube now solved and steps being taught for the older generation.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Little Star - Leaders

It was once more a time for the children of Elampillai , India ,to get to welcome Swami  Atma for a programme titled "Little Stars".

The summer vacation and a Sunday was fixed, and even then many a child who could have taken part was whisked away to a grand parents home, or a vacation to a hill resort .

The school was on the western outskirts of Ellampillai , and the kids arrived on schedule at 9.30 am.

They drew greeting cards and whiled away the starting time on the cloth carpet, finding friends among the participants.

With the arrival of Swami, the kids shared their creations in greetings, and the programme started with a an anthem for mankind as a prayer.

The children between 7 and  14 years were enthusiastic in the group activity of exercises and specific musical meditations.

Swami was explaining the reasons for this programme and what are the benefits, and it always seems new to the volunteers who listen and a class for them too .

A 20 point charter was made with each charter being pointed by the kids themselves with what they expect to be in future , and what they lacked now.

The traffic walk, the tide watching, pranav, giggle,phoenix language, each a music filled activity, were fun filled and scientific master pieces with explanations.

 One  'o' clock was lunch, and the kids shared the break sitting among themselves and sharing their lunches , and accepting treats of cucumber and salted unripe mangoes.

Post lunch was filled with games of, Stop,wolf and sheep,lock and key ,rap a tap tap i am the leader, and hugging a number, they were all thrillers with active participation of all the children.

With the parents coming to collect the children at 5pm, Swami talked to them about the importance of this programme and how it could benefit the participants.

With the parents sharing and opening them selves up, the one day little star programme came to an end, with leader ship qualities being tapped from within them.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sugar, the poison

I have been told  white sugar can be dangerous, and a cause to alter our system with in and with out, but i never knew it could be so well put as in this small article and video.

I have  heard and been asked , if sugar is bad  why does so many sugar factories come up and how could it be available with so much advertising.

The only answer is our unawareness and the lobbying of the sugar companies  that the secrets are hidden .

Let us let the secret out.