Monday, 31 May 2010

Microbes to the rescue

From the times of old, microbes have always been the reason to clean up dead and decaying matter to renew the land and sea and air for the new and living.

I had let these thoughts flow a few months back.

The recent gulf of mexico oil volcano gushing from the sea bed is in need of a solution.

Ways to stop and ways to clean up the mess.

Let us hope they stop the gush with wishful thoughts of stopping it, and not siphoning more oil, with cunningness.

The mess is visible now, and its effects disastrous.

The methods to clean is available from mother nature if we are willing to accept.

Learning to dance to ones own tune

It was a one day programme for kids ranging from 7 to 14, was organized by youngsters around 25yrs and conducted by Swami Atmo.

It took place in our village at the government school campus, and 35 children attended.

The kids were allowed to be themselves, and encouraged to take part in the meditation techniques, with music as the background.

It started with the kids offering flowers to the swami, and the kids being allowed to share their background.

One technique got them to talk in the language before they learnt to use words like Appa and Amma, it was fun.

Another was to get them alert called traffic walking and watching. There was exercises and dancing and sharing of their skills like painting and arts and crafts, and singing.

Another was to bring totality of use of ones senses, and more which involved things to bring out the talents of the kids.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and so did we.

The parents came in the end and were allowed to interact to get to know more of the programme, and benefits.

Those who could forget their age,were allowed to take part too.


Friday, 28 May 2010

The cooling fan is hot

The height of summer is making folks, sweat and swear, and people like me to express our heat in words.

Most homes are like ovens, or tandoori pots, whose walls could bake chappathis and nan.

We are in the village with a few trees here and there, practically very little of the jumble and crowd of a city dwelling with vehicles. The tar on the road has not yet started to melt , but I heard it has started in some towns.

The situation is making us feel,if this could be the start of the desertation of the ground , and desertation of the people to another place, for want of coolness and water.

Those who could afford a cooling fan, it is practically on rotation all the hours when the electricity is available, for those who cannot, it is the hand fan made of bamboo, or the simple newspaper.

The deforestation is noticeable,and a pity there are no shaded trees for the weary traveler, on the road sides, the rains seem to evade our land, and the cool breeze a rare few moments in the evenings.

Last night we went on to the terrace to sleep, the air conditioning system failure let us enjoy the full moon luster of the cosmic beauty, with the cooling fan, which was hot, to keep off the mosquitoes.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Great Mouse Detective (1986) [* * * * *]

Based on the book, Basil of Baker Street, this is a very good Disney movie (which makes me suspect I might have reviewed it before, but anyway ... I've seen all the Disney toon movies now, so doesn't hurt to highlight it again).

Basil lives under Sherlock Holmes house and does the same brilliant detective work. A little girl goes to him to find her kidnapped father and he uncovers a plot that Professor Rattigan has masterminded to take over Mousedom. Very entertaining and as action-packed as any Holmes movie.:)

Sitting cross–legged on the floor, a live pyramid

A hill station school with a Roman Catholic backing and an Anglo Indian syllabus , was a high class education for a middle class family.

We had individual desks at the class room, resin topped tables and benches with china crockery and spoons and fork for the refectory, coconut coir mattressed cots and stools for the dormitories.

So there never was a chance to sit on the ground, unless the teacher wanted to punish us with making us sit down, little realizing that they were making the student more aware, straight backed conscious, and more benefits we are beginning to realize now of that posture.

Coming home for holidays, the cultural difference for the duration could be noticeable with the English mixing with our mother tongue, and the geometric posture of “X”when I used to sit down, with the shoulders nearly touching the knees.

Our south Indian fore fathers inculcated this posture, right from the child hood realizing the importance of a straight back and supple legs, for the meditations that would follow later in life for an individual.

One of my class mates felt that if the women folks were taught to sit more in this posture the obstetrics difficulties would be so much less for the child bearer, she said.

In this modern world we are beginning to appreciate that the olden days folks of Egypt and South America had hit upon a mystery of the pyramid we do not know yet, and whose cosmic and physical actions we are yet to unfathom.

Our elders had eased this with a simple posture, and it depends on us to demystify that with the “alive pyramid” that we become in that pose.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Hanged by a stethoscope

“The king is dead, long live the king” would be very apt in this ruling, where Dr Andrew Wakefeld the gastroenterologist, who has been banned from practicing medicine in England, because he was dishonest, misleading and irresponsible, while conducting research as to the possible link of Autism, bowel disease and MMR.

In his own words he has only said there needs to be more studies done to look at the link of these three.

Going against the trend, torching(enlightening) and touching the area of wrong doings can surely get one into the dungeon is really true.

I have written many a line regarding this, we need to go back to our immunology studies, let us not take sides with individual folks, each one has their own faults.

How can an article which is once published by a reputed journal like Lancet, can be felt to be wrong with scientific studies and later withdrawn. Are the backers for the journal so powerful, or may be the article slipped through their notices first? And they noticed its ramification with reduced vaccine sales later.

He is one of their soil, the cream of the medical profession, the higest caliber of fellowship, if this can happen to him, the message would be clear, “keep your feet within your shoes.”

I wonder how come there are no doctors to his rescue, and no one in his own field seem to see things with his angle, are they all worried with his fate, is this to silence those who have similar ideas around the world?

Is this the way of stuffing the world of truth?( today it is him, another day another honest one.)

One can get to listen to his side of stance, by googling , dr mercola +dr Andrew wakefeld + interview.( reading the transcript is easier than following the voice alone)

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Biotics or Anti-biotics

Ever since the serendipitous discovery of penicillin, the micro organism world has been won over, and continues to do so, with the medical research spending large amounts in finding new formulas.

The anti biotics, have been abused so much that there is no binding rule or procedure to save their dignity of action, that new ones have to be discovered, to keep in check the fast mutating organisms.

I once had been to a chicken farm, where the worker rattled off all the names of anti biotics that they administer in the feeds and other ways,that made us think what was left over for us to treat for our patients!!whose system with these foods will be immune to our medicines.

I have had a thought that if these magical cures have an effect to save lives why have they been termed as ANTI BIOTIC, against life, they should have been termed as pro biotic or just as biotic.

If they have been termed right, then we need to really see how they are against life, and if it is so, how restricted must their use be, when being prescribed.

i recommend reading my old article " an encounter under the microscope"

Friday, 21 May 2010


The term is very clear; it is that which disperses another substance, which is contained.


The substance is the oil and gas that is spewing out in the Gulf of Mexico for the past one month.

The dispersant is corexit that is made by an American company whose share has risen sharply since its product has been allowed to be used by authorities.

The butoxy ethanol in the corexit will disperse the spewing oil and god know how much will go where, how are we going to get it collected then, what happens?

Wont folks in high places seen sense in these toxic games of destruction to nature, by adding such things to the seas, making the sea an area of depletion of oxygen and a dead zone.

While more natural things are available, like I mentioned friends of nature, farmers advising HAY.

First plug the leak.

We are killing ourselves , but first our resources that live in the sea.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Sherlock Holmes (2009)[* * * *]

Sherlock Holmes has been done so many times that this one shouldn't have had any impact. But it always does.:) Robert Downey Jr. is quite convincing as a mad and wonderful detective, he's more lusty-looking than the other versions for sure. Still it starts at the beginning and does an entirely new adventure with a lot of modern pyrotechnics and an intellectual romance with the mysterious Adele thrown in. I'm sure Arthur Conan Doyle would have enjoyed this action-packed version.

Precious (2009) [* * * * *]

Precious is the daughter of an african-american woman on welfare in the US. All you see at the start of the movie is her violent nature to her classmates, her hugeness and her flights of fantasy about her math teacher and hwo she can barely read or write. Typical urban american.

She's expelled from her school for being pregnant with her second child and refuses is hostile about it to her principal. You're thinking, "Gosh, she's promiscuous too?? At 14?? Serves her right."

But slowly, you begin to see her in a new light when you see her home environment and what she's lived through. Precious has been regularly raped by her absentee father with her mother watching for years. Her two children are his. Her mother forces her to eat, abuses her at any excuse and wants her to quit studying to get on welfare too.

The 'each one teach one'community program for school dropouts begins her journey of writing about these struggles and how she creates a future where there was only suffering in silence before. I'd say it's a must-see for americans. For the rest of us, we need to understand the vicious cycles of poverty too, even in rich countries, and know how victims appear to be aggressors to mask their incomprehension.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Those three hours

For the past one year, we have had an electrical shut down for a minimum of three hours

daily,a monthly day of shut down is another thing, for maintainence.

There are times when there is an extra hour, but this time gap of 3 hours is constant.

There is a shift in this, between area to area.

No one has been able to really guess to this lapse, an insufficiency! what happens to that electricity, and why do we spend away in waste at times of certain functions.

I remember the local festival, when whole streets have multiple tube lamps burning the whole night, I wonder for what…I have refused to encourage that extravaganza.

what happens to those things that need refrigeration( medicines), things which need life support systems, where a generator is not possible?

Now a days practically all the affordable homes have an u.p s. or a portable generator.

Are these the things which make certain folks move?or to keep folks in quite control.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Gulf spill - Mother Nature has a cleaner

The Gulf of Mexico had a blast on one of its off shore oil rigs and it is spewing up oil .

The Bp has been using chemicals to disperse them and is lost as to the future of its firm and its mess.

The whole world is watching how are the oil spillers going to clean up, there may be many issues as to what caused it and more conspiracy theories, but for now the clean up.

Mother Nature has a help if we are willing to take up the idea from her agent the farmer.

A line of empty colored water pots

It has become a common sight these days to see long lines of pots at a bore well,or a tap which offers this liquid gold of necessity.

This summer has been very cruel, and the rains have been missed much .

The rain clouds don’t seem to make a halt over our area, may be they have other calls to make, more needful than us.

We watch the lightening and thunder and the cool breeze blowing, in the evenings and they silently move away.

The water tankers seem to make a thriving business these days, filling their tanks from distant wells, the drinking water from mettur too has been stopped for some reason.

The fighting scenes at the lines have started, and some have taken up spots to hear the streams of words flow where there should have been flowing water.

The bore wells which had the water table at 300 feet were the first to go dry, now the wells much lower at 600 are gone.

May be the next bore rig will come up with petroleum when they tap for water.

We need rains.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Sitting silent, doing nothing

In this fast world of timings and running around to fix and get things done, sitting silent can be an impossibility.

It is this, that is a break for the rusher, to build up ease and calm the erratic mind and the freaked out tired body.

At silent moments like this the mind gets to be noticed, and all its wild ideas seen to cross the screen of closed eye vision.

Moments of silent stillness, help to move out of a situation and see the cause of worry and disturbance, and hence, a remedy.

The brain gets a washing ,with no new ideas , and hence a clarity of thought for sane decision making and a state of dehynotised freedom.

Planet Hulk (2010) [* * * * *]

If one can be shown the value of rage and destructiveness in a positive light, we'd probably condemn it less in the movies. The way it is usually shown is senseless, the impotent collision of an individual with society. Whereas the Hulk series is more thoughtful. It has always been about the strength of anger - a force we've all used at some time to free ourselves from the weakness of despair or convention.

In the Planet Hulk we find a more positive potrayal of the Incredible Hulk than before. On Earth he was an object to be feared and pitied, but sent into exile, he is the answer to another planet's prayers. The Hulk is forced into slavery as a gladiator on it. He fights his way to freedom for himself and other slaves and brings down the dictator Red King and frees the planet. A simple and very gripping story where violence is, for once, quite inseparable.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Swift and sure in the left

Many an artist, a poet,a musician and a mathematician is a lefty.

In our village if a child is growing up to use his left hand more he is forced to change, scolded and hurt and ridiculed and parents blamed for letting it so.

Our kid bats in the left and bowls in the right, eats with the right and plays shuttle with the left, may be this is more balanced for his being, like our poojarees use both hands to do the poojas, (the bell and the camphor plate)

They say that the right side of the brain works different and brings out talents and skills unknown by the left brain and the right handed ones.

Great ones from Leonardo to Albert Einstein of our times were leftist, Hellen keller to our present president of states are them. There are some who are equally good at both hands and called ambidextrous, those are the rare ones.

May we allow the natural tendencies of the children to blossom and bring on their creative spirits to reality.

Any lefties of the blog readers, and their kids? may be there is a talented one out there.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bills from the blue

Currency is a media used as an exchange for work or produce.

When the work or the product is good , the currency becomes valuable, in exchange.


The gold is the standard, with this as a reserve , a nations currency is valued and a media of use and distribution is printed as paper money.

When a nation prints money according to the safe backing of GOLD the printed money has a stability, but when the printing presses go running according to the needs of a call for money, there are many words for it , but one could call it lawful counterfeit, or a bill from the blue.

Now pick up your wallet and pull out a bill, and check if the state promises to give the amount of exchange of the bill in gold.!

It is your work, your savings,check the body language.

The hard workers continue to work harder, the pilferers continue to learn more ways of pilfering.

Vacs sin

Most topics of sins are taboo, and this is no better.

I have an expansion for VACCINE

V very

A active

C chemical

C combinations

I introduced into

N natural

E environment the body.

The subject is so controversial that the learned ones are not willing to listen or debate on it.

We can start with the immune system, is the immunity that is gained naturally and by the administration of vaccine similar?

Take any vaccine and study the components and one gets to gape at the list, and if we study the effects of the individual chemicals we can sure wonder why they all got there in the first place.

Pharmacological and medicinal topics are no more under the jurisdiction of the medical white coats, ever since the coming of the materials on the net.

The recent episodes of kids going under effects in Australia, is a sure eye opener to at least research at the net for the welfare of our family.