Thursday, 28 April 2011

The march of the best to the west

It has always been the dictum that the best of a lot, whether of the family or the class or the society always goes to the west -AMERICA

The happenings in the land of the brave and the home of the free, will it still attract them, or make them change to a different continent or direction.

The skies are being poisoned, the water,the food and now the minds with stupid programmes on tv and mass media zoombism, and the kids of the land sent to school to learn unnatural things to make them stay retarded.

I wonder what the kids of the future generations will choose the green paper back, or the black oily gold for a valuable living, or the mannerly Regal British,thoroughly polished with their please and thank yous.

what ever the hope and the scope, the decision is based with the concern of the family at heart.

Loosening a belt or tightening it

There has been a marked change in the dinner menu for a function among the citizens of Ellampillai.

The cuisine has taken for a blend of the north and south, served on a banana leaf, on table tops.

Buffet style is yet to take its step into our bubbling town, but will soon, seeing the wastage of food that is taking place, and the hurry burry.

The last dinner i had been too was a great hit, and a bouncing waste.
One has to be wary of a quick hand that serves and rushes to the next person's leaf,the target it seems is to fill the spaces of the leaf than the tummy of the person.( there is an overflow)
The menu for the dinner i went last was,

vegetable ghee pulav
peppered appalam
deep fried yam
butter beans sundal
mysore bonda with a cashew inside
chappathi with paneer gravy, ( roomali roti at another one)
bisi bele bhath
curd rice
white rice with more kulambhu,( with a vadai ) rasam
mango pickles

followed with banana, fruit salad ice cream and iced paan( the betel leaves all the way from kolkatta.

Like some one said,
"When u hate to waste the food that is served, u know where it goes WAIST."

Now u know why i am round and like a bouncer when i walk.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Painfull fingers at an exam

Gone are the days of essay writing for exams they said, but it is still present as evident from a recently conducted exam for age olds who still want to learn things at a vocation training.

Me and my lady found the center through land marks offered earlier,
my lady had yet to finish her record work, so she got my papers and we sat at a near by shop entrance and there she was copying my work with her recently got spectacles on, giving her a school girlish look and as mature as a lady judge, what a combination!!!

The exam started later than the time mentioned, and i found a place next to my wife, as we were allowed to choose our neighbors for help.

The ball point pen seemed to rush, and i had to match its speed with my mind for words to suit the question, no wonder teachers are so strict with kids not to use them , but prefer the ink pen for more cautious , slow and uniform words of correctness.

I pity the person who has to correct my paper, and even if he had me at his side during correction, i would not have been able to help with deciphering my own hand.

The questions were sharp, and needed hard work and experience and many were allowed to bring in books to help, but unless one studied them ,one would not even be able to know where things were.

It was an experience, which brought out pain to many a middle and elder writer, and one could see folks massaging themselves or walking about to sit and write again .

There was one kind hearted one who offered one of his answer sheets , literally de-pinning them to a neighbor as he did not get sheets, i had to laugh away as he was crossed by a vigilant officer, such innocence.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Splenda is not splendid

The craze for sugar is insatiable, hence an alternative for an existing sweetener is evident, till another comes on to the market, disqualifying the present product.

Natural sugars are best for the body and most suited for its to trick us consumers a slogan, " Made from sugar, so tastes like sugar"

How gullible we are when we are told that a product has been certified by high authorities, and tests had been done,let us see this para on tests.

"Splenda was approved by the FDA as a tabletop- and general-purpose sweetener in processed foods in 1998. The FDA claims the approval was based on more than 110 animal and human safety studies. However, what they don't specify was that out of these 110 studies, only two were human studies, consisting of a combined total of 36 people, of which only 23 people actually ingested sucralose.

Additionally, the longest of these two human trials lasted only four days and looked at sucralose in relation to tooth decay, not human tolerance! "

U want a sweet with no bad effects " hunt for natures sweet fruits or chemical free country jaggerry"

Wishing u sweet times.

Monday, 25 April 2011

A warning on the label

According to the laws of the land, a warning for a substance is notified on a product.
How moral and sensitive the firm is regarding the society!

Who gets to read the warnings? the public, the shop keepers, the doctors ( if it is medicines) the respective department secretaries?

If it is only an eye wash, where do we start, to make an awareness.
The most simplest example is "statutory warning cigarette smoking is injurious to health"

High on the list is pandemix vaccine which E U says must have a warning of narcolepsy.

The warning on the label is for whom? the doctors who do not see the medicines, the patients who do not get to see the vials or the pamphlets, or for the nurses who get to take the medicines from the vials and discard the packs?

catchy slogans ' we are committed to the safety of the patient"

"vaccines have an excellent safety record"

I wonder if there will come a time, when those who are high in the checking program will ever get to see the light of truth, and if they do, i do not think they would be in a state to blow it out.

The bottom is , this game of words is for the legal clashes if they ever happen from the customer side, to win them over and escape penalization.

How far sighted of the manufacturers.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Blowing a whistle

An innocuous act of blowing a whistle can be a very serious crime to those who do not like to be admonished for a wrong act.

Many an innocent person or one whose conscious drags a heavy burden on him can turn out to be a whistle blower to a firm or a government organization, only to find himself in a mess or a garbage dump, or his family find his body there.

Honesty does not pay, and if does, only in terms of violence.

Goodbye to all whistle blowing, and may all the whistles get their berries removed from the whistles, for the welfare of the honest and innocent ones.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sensitivity - or the lack of it

When an issue touches us to the depth of our heart and we writhe in pain or ecstasy, we feel we are sensitive, but if things just touch us skin deep, is it lack of it or some thing else.

I AM getting to read so much on destruction and effects of war that i have decided to stop reading -- is this the way??

Then i am off to the hills, but my heart draws me back to do something to prevent this destructive nature of man and turn it inwards for the welfare of nature and mankind.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

From 9 /11 to 3/11 and beyond

A calender of the present times can be categorised into different sectors ,and the one that came to my mind is this.

September 11 to 3 rd march.

One can recline in a favorite chair and go deep into the tragedies that has happened since that fateful morning, till this late afternoon, and how pictures and flash news have been churned up for the gullible public to make them gossip away for lifetimes and future generations.

If Nature is the cause, may she be dammed, if man is the cause may he be dammed.

what ever is the reason, a heart as hard as mine has been bashed, so i can imagine the heart of a soft person, and innocent ones who have been affected.

May something happen for such things not to occur again.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Alternative medical practioners-murderers?

A few days ago North Carolina was into a bill making all alternative medical practitioners (even if they have a license according to their systems) up against felony charges, and that is like murder.( SB 31)

Now the state of Nevada is up with the follow the leader game, wonder which will follow next, and then across the world.
( SB 412)

Well Codex Alimentarius is here to stay rooted , for the welfare of the big pharma and their cousins in the medical business.

We will get what we deserve, but if u search and verify and want what is good safe and natural, then u have to see what all is available, and WHERE.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Genetic manipulation - human milk from cows

I had always been fighting that cows milk is for its calf, may be one of the scientist had over heard it from some ones close by, and they have been manipulating genes .

The result is udders making breast milk of humans, is there no end to such stupidities, i have a feeling the scientists are being forced to make studies by monster companies for their games and gains.

No honest scientist would work for such results - a shame

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Moral science class - absent in the time table

Ours was a christian missionary school, and when the Catholics went to church to meet and learn ways to stay religious , we (non - cat licks as we were called) were given a class on moral science.

It may have been too small a time and drilling with soft words and no exams, but we got what the present generation is not allowed to learn.

Where has that moral science lesson gone?

So much of bunk and junk is stuffed into a child that no morality is allowed to surface from with in.

Do u honestly think we have a chance to share or teach a kind act or word into our kids?if u do , then carry on let the class on morality at least happen at home.

We had a tough looking African boxer who was also a tap dancer, and our boxing teacher, who taught us that morality is what leads u to the shore of an island , than the other drills and commands and rules that sink u at the time of a high tide.

The world is a rotten place and this lesson will not fetch u what u are working for, may be true, but humanity is loosing touch with itself, with the loss of moral lessons.

Ballot - Stamping or Punching

The days of stamping on a design for electing a nominated person with an inked piece of wood with a swastika sign is gone.

Now a days the computer machine, with a punch button is the norm, the elders of those days are getting used to this fashion too.

Many a voter has expressed his desire to have a ballot paper for his valid vote, but has been turned down for the keeping with the times of the world , with the computer machine for the benefit of time and accounts.

Those who know machines, know how well it works, the way we give it commands and so it can be manipulated, why care about good work and winning the heart of the voter and spending so much money with other methods, easy, win the heart of the machine and its engineers who make the programme.

It is time we go back to the paper ballots which cannot be tampered, if the security for its proper handling is taken care of.

Then may the best for the land WIN.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Mercury was in, now it is out

Right from the Alice in Wonderland times, mercury effects were noticed with the mad hatters disease, but we have failed to accept them even now.

At last the dental association and other top abbreviated organizations are willing to phase out dental procedures with mercury.

The old timer dentists argue that they have had no problems with mercury, naturally as they dont see cases other than the oral cavity and they do not mingle and discuss things with the general physicians who get to see the effects of their work.

Thank god now there are biological dentists who work with non-mercurial material.

For those who have already had their cavities filled, check out what u have and what u will get, from those who refused to read and keep with the times.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Movies I review

I haven't blogged in a while - I've been watching an overwhelming number of good movies. And terrible ones.:)

When I watched one movie a week, and that's how slow emule was, I had time to review both good and bad ones - I even watched some of them twice. That's way in the past now - I get to see 3 movies or more a day with Vuze and I don't much care to review anymore!

First of all, it seems to have fulfilled some kind of long suppressed visual longing - books were the only permitted indulgence for us oldies and they're not very visual, though compelling for imaginative people. I think I needed to see how others see stories, see it through their eyes.

This age of the internet, the first decade 21st century, with vast visual resources so easily available has been a boon to fulfilling that dream - but it probably won't last much longer. Places like Isohunt where you can find virtually every movie ever made are going down with copyright closures; youtube and 4shared which had so much quality are self-policing themselves into oblivion - there's very little of quality material left on them. But lets enjoy it as long as it lasts.:)

I'm not going to review as much as I used to - I'll try to cover the good ones, maybe even the bad ones if they're current, but I doubt if I'll go one movie at a time anymore.

None of 2011 crop so far has been a must-watch except:
The Fighter [* * * * *]. Fabulous action, true story and very good acting by Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale.
Freakonomics [* * * *] A rogue economist who finds evidence to link legalizing abortion and the drop in crime totally rocks.
The 2011 don't-watch list:
Sucker Punch [* * *]- horrifying abuse in a mental institution disguised as a fantasy adventure.
Rango [* * *]- an animation about a chameleon who saves a town from water shortage.
Mean Girls 2 [* * *] - high school mean girls and one who takes them on.
Sharpey's Fabulous Adventure, Age of Dragons, Dirty Movie, Cougars Inc. [* *]

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Nuked food - good for health?

The world is aware of the recent tragedies from nuclear irradiation escaping from the nuclear plants, and its cancerous tragedies that are bound to follow.

The shelf life of a food product has become so important that we do not mind nuking them with irradiation to prolong it.

Any food product is bound to get spoil t as it contains nutrients, and life in vegetable matter, if they are present, bio organisms are there to denature them.

If we are going to use irradiation to destroy the DNA of the bacteria and other organisms, to keep the food from spoilage, imagine what damage would happen to the food, would it be worthy of being consumed or would it be cancerous invisibly?

Can we not use safer methods for food preservation, yet maintaining the natural quality of the food?