Thursday, 29 December 2011

Seasonal bean brings the family together

The December month brings on the seasonal beans to the market.

This being a once a year harvest, all homes make a dash for it,the peeling of the beans and the other variety of soaking and further peelings can bring on family members under the roof, or to the table for gossiping.

The nuclear family can get the hubby and wife to bring on an act of togetherness,cleaning the beans and discussing issues of the family.

We had a dish of brinjals, and these beans, with spice and curry, go great with rice.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Travelling on the road of prescribed vitamins

The spiral visual being shown was of a multivitamin compound, with a basket of fruits, colorfully arranged and lighted for the picture.

I got the picture mentally saved .

I asked the representative where does the vitamin that he is marketing got from in that array of fruits, he said he did not know, i requested him to take that as a company work to be submitted for the next visit.

The next visit and further visits did not bring on results, and neither did he take the spirit to get to know.

I volunteered and showed him most synthetic vitamins are got from petrochemical derivatives, that we prescribe to our patients.

He was shocked and so was I. (different reasons)

Where do the ones u take, come from? Road Tar or Nature.

Chill days seek Chilli dishes

We are folks who are used to summer heat, sweating,with cottons and hot walls to bake chappathis.

The winter with temperatures just touching 15 c at night and around 20 c during days is literally not bearable to us.

One could find us with shawls, pull overs and jute caps to keep warm.

There are some who find escapes with an eatable of the spicy kind, and in our area, the food world has been taken over with adding chilli to any thing and every thing, to make the stomach warm and the nose drip.

A chilli this and a chilli that , from cauliflower to mushrooms and now parathas and even a chill idli.

May we all manage to stay warm with our ways, till the coming of march.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Piercing the ears to progress - for men

The practice of ear piercing for all children , and the continued use of ear jewels for girls is a common practice in the Indian community.

The relationship of it to health and looks is legendary.

The style of piercing the left ear, and dangling a simple earring or a stud has become a way side acceptance of men in the modern world.

It is the fashion these days promoted from the actors to the singers, and young rebels.

In the school days , if a student was found lagging in his work of studies, he was asked to pinch his own ears, and do squats, or the teacher did it for him, little did the student or the teacher realize that this was a form of insinuating his system to work harder with intelligence, it was thought of as a punishment.

The left ear is given more importance,the modern anatomist now realise that there is a crossing of nervous tissue and the left hemisphere represent the right ,and the right hemisphere the left side of the body.

Now the piercing of the left lobe and with it the stimulation of the right hemisphere , may be there is a better performance of the system.

The acupuncturist would surely have much to say in this matter, as they heal many a person , with the points in the ear.

We would realise it if we keenly notice the effects of it on the person.

With it comes an added jewel to the pierced ear, and a chance to model.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Holy days have turned to holidays

The christmas season in memory of jesus christ has turned into a time for travel, relaxation and forgetfulness of ones nature and work.

Well can't blame any one for that, as the trend is into that, and many a highly placed person encourageous it, and sets a standard.

Some set out to churches, others set out to beaches.

Happy holidays and holydays.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Your President, is our President

The citizens of America may have voted for their President, but with his signing against the bill of rights and favouring the NDAA S1867, he is no longer just your president, he has the concern of all the citizens of all nations,against bad guys, and so we can call him as the President of the united countries of the world.

Long live America. ( she needs all the blessings she can get)

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Caught u cold on global warming

It is a trash for those who have been promoting co2 as the cause of global warming.

Canada has walked out kyoto and has given out its reason.

It is a ding a ling from all high goverment and tax collecting fraudsmen who want to make quick money, with carbon taxation , promoting vaccines and the likes, as they think co2 is a worry .

I am an evironmentalist, let us grow trees for its shade, its greenery and more benefits, to encourage natural medicines and a ring a roll with other species, for a warm planet called "Earth".

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Birds at a breakfast

They used to come regularly, but they seemed to have lost themselves, may be it is the traffic noise and the eating habit change or the weather.
good to have them back at the garden for now.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Prisoner drone-caught in the act of espionage

Now that a prisoner has been caught, though a robot, it is a shame by itself, wonder how the super power would act, will it work out its release through international bodies it pays, or bully Iran to get its prisoner released with out torturing its internals.

What ever the outcome, it has become universal knowledge that cowards of politicians , and army personal has come to light with their toys of drones to cause destruction in distant lands.

Cowards fight with toys, courageous ones are destroyed with inequality.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Patients trust the doctors, whom do the doctors trust?

In many a clinic, a usual sight would be to see a patient listen attentively to a doctor and his words, in some the sight would be a prayerful gesture to a doctor.

The trust in a doctors skill is immense, and his insight into many a health related subject is thought of as profound, this being so , where does the doctor lay his trust on?

The laws that come on, from the politicians , who are bought by the industries, seem too scary for the honorable profession of Medicine, that a trust in oneself is all that is left for the Doctor for the benefit of his patients.

May he offer his best , knowing that his trust in Himself is as good as the one his patient has on him.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

If “war is peace” then “stupidity is intelligence”

I had a chance to see this slogan " war is peace" on my screen, i tried to fathom the depth of the slogan from the roots of my heart, to the base of my intelligence, i could see nothing.

Then i remembered that story that if u want to see God, u must have the tip of that nose cut and bleeding only then visibility happens.

Freedom is slavery , poverty is richness, stupidity is intelligence, cruelty is kindness, any number of such atrocious opposites can be formed as long as there are folks to sit in front of leaders who will utter such nonsense and have folks try to make a theory of it .

Will no one stop and ask questions when folks utter them or make a walk out.

May be i am making a say, as i have no claim over a post, or a boss to keep me in check with a dangling pay.

A is for anti, B is for bios

If A is for anti, and B is for bios meaning life, what is an anti-biotic.

If this is going to be against life , why is it being administered to a living person,or if it was only for the bacteria , which is living, should this general term be used, when we could have just adopted anti- bacterial.

Or was it purposely selected to destroy life later on.\

Well if we agree they are termed right, it may have a sinister outcome to be realized at later times.

A vacation at work

We villagers have a life of simplicity and can even manage a life style with out a clock, but now that the kids are present and sending them to school or college ,at a distance, the time machine has started to work.

Our days of action are a routine , and easy going that we are not stressed to take a break, and during them if any vacation does come in, it would still be a part, and things would work as usual.

In this sense a vacation is a term that is a puzzle, and with leaders or folks in high places , vacationing to run away to distant lands to forget their work, sounds more puzzling for us who cannot actually take a vacation.

If ones does not love their work and get stressed to have a need to run and let out steam , there is something that needs to be thought of.

The headline reads" The P...., takes a vacation to the island resort for a fortnight" poor hard working P......

Vacation filled work, or a working vacation.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Guilty - no need to prove or disprove

The judiciary world wide had a common dictum , those who are charged with a crime are innocent, until some one proves their crime, now things have changed.

It has happened recently in the land of the free( sic) where u are guilty until u can prove u are innocent, which is not possible, with the passing of more laws, where u have no one to prove with your absence and in some unknown prison across the seas.

The judiciary have lost their right to fight for their clients with wit and humour and laws laid out in their constitution, it has become a stab for all humanity, the judges can hang their heads in shame.

What can be proved , can be disproved with an intelligent argument , innocence is stable.

One can only prove a crime, innocence is there for u to see, it cant be proved.

If someone does not like u , u can be termed as a t........ and off u go with the passing of the bill S 1867 to some place with no address.

Ta ta.

Friday, 2 December 2011

A friend turns a foe

In a world of, Friends of Today, turning into Enemies of Tomorrow, bringing foes together to sit at a table would be a thought of bye gone days.

This should be the way of peace and the path for the next generation to start with us laying the stones for the castle of togetherness to come up from today.

The line of making an enemy would not have happened suddenly , the process would have started from the time of friendship, starting with a suspicion and more exploitation and finally the enmity.

We see this very much in the international arena these days across continents switching sides to drop ammunition and finally destruction of poor civilians, and business for marketers.

When will we have courageous referees, who will bring the warring sides to an embrace of understanding.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dangling Carrot,Stick story with vaccines

We have all heard of the carrot and stick story,but this sure is different.

The government of Australia, is forcing the parents of kids to take full immunisation or else their tax benefits will be lost to the tune of 2,100 dollars per child.

How concerned the government is to make the parents take the stick,or make the child get the jab.

Do we still have our freedom, in matters of health .

Can we decide what we want , for ourselves and our children, see the results in your place and then know, whether u live in slavery or in freedom.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

A mantra at thirumala

Thirupathy used to be a yearly pilgrimage for my folks, and we had used a bus trip till Katpadi, and a train ride to reach the mountain foot hills.

There are two ways to reach the hill top mountain temple of thirumalai thirupathy,the bus route and the other is the walkers path, that is wonderfully laid with steps, lights and nature s beauty.

The queue for the bus trip used to be a horror, and the walk around the temple pragarams,a day and a night mare of waiting to get to see the deity,With the Darshan, the whole tiredness and difficulty is forgotten.

I got to hear and see about Konganavar Siddar, who was the one who got the place consecrated, and his place is at the north west corner of the temple tank.( unknown to many)

The slogums within the temple is continuous and soothing and more.

There is another which i heard about recently, the ones who manage the lines and the crowd with their services, voicing "jarugandi jarugandi" move move, within the santum santorum.

The mantra for all , don't stagnate.

A revelation of a different kind.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Namasthe - a gesture of completeness

The half hearted salute or the suspicious hand shake to drop hidden arms, or daggers, have been traded for a trusty sharing of equality, in a wish of complete happiness.

A namasthe.

We Indians have got it in our veins and hence it has become a habit more than an understanding, this seems to be so for many of our ways.

Looks like we have to relearn our past to be present in our future times.

Now science has understood that our sides are represented on either halves of the brain hemisphere and when only one side is used it is incomplete, a simple explanation for it with a gesture is a namasthe - a wish and a welcoming of completeness.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Be - warry criminals

Now that the tribunals have courageously tiara ed Bush and Blair as criminals, would they feel it as a shame or a tribute from the bench?

Being dubbed as international Criminals who should be prosecuted where ever they are , is a very hard hitting verdict for past Prime minister and President of nations across the Atlantic, who always sided with each other.

May this hearing with out the guilty, bring them to the stand and get them to show their acts and all those who are with them and drag the full net , to at least prevent more crimes and halt the criminals from killing more and destroying humanity.

Cheers to the bench.

May a wave of security be present over Malaysia following this daring move.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Labouring at Labour ward

We have already had many a heart sharing episode happening in the birthing ward,with all of them forgotten or ending with the cries of the new born, and the welcoming of another creation.

The difficulties and happenings of all that takes place in the birthing place, is something we men are never qualified to express, but we do have hearts that feel, and so this sharing.

We men may not know , but we can at least start with a help in the change in the term of that ward, may be if we send a quest many a new term would come to change from labour to some thing else.

With the advancement in obstetrics, the laborious delivery has undergone many a change and with it more innovations and planning .

Who knows more things may follow and we may go along with Nature and the whole happening may be taking place in a garden shack later, with Mother Nature as the invisible mid-wife.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Turmeric - the divine root

I had taken my kid for one of the meets sponsored by a company that promoted anti rabies vaccine, the kid was quiet till a slide said , do not sprinkle any turmeric powder on any wound.

My son asked me why not?? i said shshshsh i will talk to u later.

In our custom turmeric is used as a condiment for all our good food preparations, in temple rituals it is used as an applicant over the body , and as a cosmetic too for the women, in the bindi and also as a general applicant for wounds.

Now the scientific organisations have begun to realize that it has anti- bacterial, anti- viral properties and it is a curative and has more actions which we will know with the researches going on.

I was talking about this to a cousin in states, and he says, ohh i take turmeric tablets .

Hmmm this is news to me.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Corn cobs stolen to make high fructose corn syrup

The maize corn,is a staple food for us, and eaten after being boiled and salted.
we seem to have forgotten this food, as much of it is being sent away and sold before we get to even see them for sales.

There were days when we went to the cinema it used to be full of chewed sugar cane fibres and corn cobs, eaten by folks of the previous shows.

The high fructose corn syrup industry seems to have completely covered the produce, as their returns are plentiful from the bakers, pharmacy , confectioneries and all the products that u pick up at grocery shelves.

Recently the hfcs as it is shortened , has been found to be the cause of obesity, with over eating and addiction to it.

The fructose have taken over us , check to keep them away , for health.

Ginger Burfi- the sweet medicine

The mix of cuisines at the buffet dinners and the satiety centre forgetting to use the word " enough" the onset of indigestion is a sure happening.

If one does not believe me imagine, nan,side dish, then bisebela bath,then rasam sadam , finally custard puddings.

The onset of winter has brought on the chillness that causes a dry hacking cough, and for the lesser mortals a case of laryngitis, the cough preparations are either suppressants or expectorants and at times a blend of both to confuse the system to expel and suppress.

For these times we villagers have a sweet remedy called as the ginger burfi, many a house hold has forgotten to make them and we depend on the Unani therapists who make them for their patients.( i have managed to sweet talk to get some for myself)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Acceptance -fluoride is harmful

Some days ago i did share my village teeth brushing habit with neem twigs .

Once u have got a rememberance, now u can see how the government has suddenly realized that adding fluoride to the water systems is a worry.

we shall see what they will do now.

Foresight of a viral strain - next year

Viral strain that will strike next year, a foresight of it this year is a long shot, and spending billions of money on a gamble ,and playing with lives is pretty stupid for a system that dwells on evidence based medicine.

How come we who ask questions of simple things fail in this matter.

Let us pick up a flu shot of this year, how could scientist know which strain are folks going to get this winter by studying animals and birds across the world and take up three?California, Perth, Brisbane are the strains selected for the present year.

Now that we know how we can be fooled by the call for a swine flu pandemic, the trust in WHO, FDA, CDC and other alphabetical arrangements are dwindling.

A tap on Tapioca

Many a house hold in our village has pre-breakfast with tapioca, hot steaming tapioca were carried in a bamboo basket on the head and sold to hungry kids, toiling moms and aged parents.

The curved knife that is used is handy, and we wait for the seller to give us that "pissuku" as it is called that comes as a bonus with the buy.

It is rich and energetic and keeps us full for the time the breakfast is ready , and many are off to work, till lunch time.

Many farmers grows these tapioca around our village and they are traded across the country from here.

If u have not seen any surprises , u can look up the uses of this simple tapioca and find them as filling, thickening ,binding and all the other words u can , for the many applications in food and other industries ranging from textiles,beverages,explosives, confectioneries, paper, cosmetic, medical, mining, plywood.

Tap the tapioca for its many uses.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Practising strokes on an electrocuting racquet

Many a damsel in our village would have had illusions of playing tennis on the court,with high skirts or low tops,watching the opens across the globe, but with the culture and non playing husbands, things are difficult for imaginations to work out.

With the mosquito menace picking up pace on the battle front, the usual, "all outs" and other aromatic destroyers have been outdated, the mosquitoes have become immune to their effects.

The launch of the racquets have brought out hidden strokes with in the household, the mosquitoes are electrocuted with a sweep and the rest fly away with astonishment .

Missing the mosquitoes has an equally disastrous effects on them, as they leave to find racquet less environments.

Time for a relishing lunch, with the racquet at the side, this is when back strokes and left handed practice help to keep the gnats at bay.

Monday, 7 November 2011

'A' stands for arrogance

Gone are the days when kids were taught simple innocent words for alphabets, now things are changing so fast and they need to be kept up with moving times.

The kids learn to play video games faster than getting to read the alphabets, and with the schools getting to have the LCD screens and CD s the value of the teacher is more of a button pusher, than one who surfaces the intuitions of a child.

The games kids play are all shooting skills which will enable them to get the targets, what ever they are.

"The hurricanes are coming with the seasons" , some one said, and the reply was "we shall bomb the clouds to disperse them ".

B stands for bomb
C stands for control
D .........

Sunday, 6 November 2011

7th sense( 7 aam aarivu)

If looks could kill, it is this.

The Chinese villain by his look at folks, and the Indian beauty with her looks on the screen.

The Tamil movie has been well researched to bring back to reality the lost days of the past, still present in our genetic code.

Who would have thought that the famous Shaolin temple in China, has its roots from us Indians.

For the younger generations, tantalizing dances and step by step fights, would keep them whistling away to the moves of Surya, the hero of the present and the master of the past.

It brings to reality that genetic engineering could be used to dig into the past that has been saved for the future, which we Tamils still carry in our wedding cards in kothiram and kulam, from our past Rishis.

The movie blends with the present crimes of bio-warfare, which could be tackled with wit and courage saved to surface at such situations.

If there could be a word more deeper than patriotism, it could be used for this feeling of seeing the movie, and walking away with a wonder, what have we in our genes that hides the past of our masters within us.

Credits to all those who brought this on to the screen, from digging into the palm scripts and voices of the present masters.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Immunization -on guard

Is the immune system of the child weak or strong?

Wait take time to answer.

Got an answer
or don't know, well.

If it is strong why give vaccines,if it is weak, giving such concoctions that are present in a vaccine, do u think the child will be able to survive all the dangers that follow it with out succumbing!

With the net available for information, that was lacking when things had to be studied, or known only from medical books and journals, that were given paltry sums from the pharmaceuticals for their publications, one can see how much we lack,let us question and search for what is the truth .

Ask who knows what is in a vaccine, and how they work? the pediatrician who prescribes, the nurse that administers, the parent of the child that receives, the chemist who stocks, or the medical representative who meets the doctor to market it?

None of the above.

I would be glad if someone in this category denies and wills to share his/her knowledge.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

If lobbying is not bribery what is it?

Many across the globe feel India is the most corrupted , as the politicians accept bribery in all matters from road laying to egg laying.

I am not here to expound the acceptance, nor say it is right to accept their trade, but to say it is occurring all across the world.

Our policies and politics are local, but the super powerful nations of the first world , make changes or accept things to make it a law to carry it to the other worlds , like the promotion of the sweet alternative - aspartame.

If this one product is not enough to set u to trigger the caution, what ever will!

Monday, 31 October 2011

Cauvery flows out through a leaky pipe

Many a pipe gets to leak due to a sudden force of flow, or a faulty tube.

On the path of our morning walk through the village street is a water way made recently with the sudden leak in a drinking water underground pipe, which comes from Cauvery river.

The water seeping out makes a dance of the sand particles with the flow,the water found a way to the nearest gutter and cut a pathway for itself.

It will continue this way till, the public works department gets a notification or the roadways gets a call for damage to its road, either way it will take some time, and till then many a pedestrian will walk over it and the kids will wade and play, for photographers and writers it will be a theme for a work out.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

A blend of rains and shines

It was a day of engagements,a family function in the morning brought all our country cousins to the hall , with the band of village musicians playing and leading the grooms party.

The morning had been shining , but the weather changed and re- changed to bring on rains in a matter of minutes, to clear away soon, one could not believe that the weather could do an act of redressing so quickly, on stage.

It was raining when the guests had their lunch, and while they were leaving it was giving them all a warm send off with the rays.

If fine is fine why refine?

Anything that is nutritious in food, is bound to get destroyed with time.

If we understand this then we would not fall into the trap ofthe advertising tradesman gimmicks, of refining tactics, to improve the shelf life of many a product of normal usage on the rack.

The word refine has gone very deep into our mind,as if meaning, it has done some thing very good for our system.

We must understand that our bodies are made to assimilate things of nature in that form, if we in our intelligence, think we can bye pass that for better usage,then we need to get prepared for the many new problems it brings on.

The list of refined products in our food , starts with the flour, sugar, salt, oil and with it all the products which need preservatives , fruits and vegetables.

Mother nature seems to be taking the insult pretty quietly.

May we look at refined products with caution.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Guarded -for a safe pineal gland

There was this feeling in me, what has my rambling and ranting on fluoride got to do with our indian bindi.

We in india have a tradition of our women folk keeping the bindi, and even men keeping a mark on the forehead, each one has a reason, and some a custom through the family.

Those who have religious contact and those with meditative skills, have pointed that there is a spot between the eye brows that is important,which is the command centre, it needs to be guarded and strengthened.

Now the anatomist say there is a gland called the pineal which has connections to past present and future--- oh sounds too fantastic.

What ever the manifestations, the fluoride seems to accumulate in that gland, which makes a person dull and obedient, so for the best of the pineal gland, we shall avoid toxicating ourselves with fluoride, and if we have it already calcified, it will get gone with exercise,good fresh food and lots of sun shine on our head.

Let us get to keep reading,stay cautious, and be aware for a meditative healthy life.

Boiled peanuts - worry less snack

There are more folks who are scared and allergic to peanuts than we know,this is an alternative method where some get over that reaction, what ever it may be.

In our place we get a variety called kodi kai, we prefer that.
The peanuts are washed and boiled with salt to taste and after an experienced wait, the water is drained, cooled,de-podded and relished.

The frying with sand is a variety that could bring on fatty worries, this way it is avoided, for a tea time snack.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cholam -offers a nutritious dosa

We south Indians are famous for our dosais and idlies, made with rice dough, you will find even in Srinagar,push carts selling the masala dosais.

This evening my lady made cholam dosais, she normally gets the cholam and has them milled.

Today was an exception we got a packet of ready made flour of cholam and she made a blend of this and urud dal, the dough was quickly done with the addition of water, fermentation is required in this preparation, she added onions and chillies and salt to taste

The dinner was tasty with a side dish of coconut chutney.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Kattabomman Gadddafi kattai bommai aaginar( patriot Gadaffi gets sculptured)

A patriot Gadaffi of Libya has been murdered in his own land by foreign forces.

What wrong did he do? he never went along with the foreign forces, he opposed their will to steal the wealth of his nation, he let out the truth of the multi national forces, and he asked questions embarrassing the might of the mighty.

Such people cannot be tolerated by the cowards, who will not fight face to face, but send robotic video game children to war with computers at seats in far away lands.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Blooming to share the emptyness of a bulb

Many moons ago, on the way back home from a picnic, i noticed some flowers on the roadside house, i was given a bouquet on expressing the beautyness of them, and also some onion bulbs, to bring on our own flowers.

I dug and planted the onion bulbs, and grassy leaves grew and grew, and when the monsoon rains came , the flowers bloomed, they seemed to wait for the rains, our watering did not offer their wants.

Not having a name of our understanding we gave it a title of "Shankagiri lilly"
in remembrance of the place we got it from.

Monday, 17 October 2011

A call to action

We can hear the thunder,see the lightening, and are ready for the rains.

We can also see the false accusations against the Iranians, to beat the drums of war, we see the blame gathering hands across the world, to make them see a cause to make war.

Is this not reason enough to get ready to leave where ever u are, or get the food ,batteries and water stocked in case the hiding is for long .

Do u hear the sound of war, the smell of it, and the fear, another war that needs no votes.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Cosmic bliss under the pyramid

The pyramid in the midst of our village stands simple, offering a veranda for the ones who have been blissed out, to take rest, or do they take rest and then get blissed, it could be found only with an experimentation.

It is a tile roofed structure with pillars of stone for support. sitting under the pyramid, each one could get an experience, unique to their state.

Many a child of this village has grown up, seeking the support of its shade, with a prayer in the heart, and a wish in the mind.

To come back later to pay homage and sit quietly meditating to a cosmic design , unfathomed in this civilised world.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Tracking - to neat the place we dirty

The tractor moves at a walking pace, being filled with the garbage of the village, to be dumped at a site of filling.

The workers in khaki uniform move with precision and a stiff neck, deciding what to move and what to let it stay, to fill the truck for dumping.

I once asked a worker, why not u clean up my green foliage which have been cut, he said today we will only remove the in disposables of plastic, yours another day and off he went to my astonishment.

What ever, he has the last say ,as one day of non working can get our clean village stinking, and get the birds pecking.