Sunday, 20 December 2015

A stylish beauty with courage

It was closing time for the college, all the staff and students were filing out, the portico was busy.

With a small twist of the neck, the tuft of hair hiding the beautiful face was shifted, sending waves of magnetic attraction to all those
around who could notice.

There was this graceful one with a blue and pink costume hugging her petite figure , she carried herself with grace, aware with each
 step like a precious vase pregnant with fragrance , not to be spilled.

The high heels of a shade of chocolate carried her sweetness across the large hall which was belittled with her presence, more could be typed by her fan.

But these are enough to let an artist know she is noticed, admired adored and appreciated for her style, grace and courage.

Mother Nature would have come down to see her creation if she knew, and so these words......


Monday, 11 May 2015

A crucified rose seeks a resurrection

It was just another of those bright mornings with the early shoppers to the market, gaily moving from shop to shop with a look at the distant exhibits.

The roses in bouquet were a blossom to the heart, after a long gap of the misty gardens failing to bring them to bloom.

With my short sight of colors, as we all men are when in comparison with our beauties, i picked up a different shade of each.

Each rose found a promising place, and there was one left after all the vases were filled and hearts melted, hmmm with a small thought a place on the wall was cellotaped with the thorny bloom.

I went on with my work at the desk below it.

It was more of a call from the flower, begging to be released, i turned and felt myself suddenly a bandit ,pilfering a creation to be taped.

Down it came and a magical cup was found and there it was on the table top, spreading its beauty to those who could notice. 

Tearing away with tears

A date was fixed for the parting and postponed, and timing fixed and lengthened, i was wondering why, until i saw the farewell.

It was the final day for our kid at the college and the batch was dispersing,it seemed just like a shift to another home, until all the things were packed and it was time for the waving.

There was a moment of jealousy in the mind when I could see how he has been won over by many a rugged one with soft hearts and cool eyes.

They had been together for 4 years and they must have shared many a struggle and moments of euphoria in closeness we can imagine like ours.

It was too dark and Mother Nature too was very solemn and shared her part in the parting with a slight drizzle.

These are the ones who are going to carve the world of tomorrow,for themselves and for the future.

Wishing them all a bright future,with togetherness and understanding.

A page for Paige

It was a spur of a thought on the week end, for a trip to Ooty, an invitation from a cousin, which was irresistible, but the Monday morning class was a hurdle, taking the clue, the timing was changed, and there we were on the ghats to Ooty, drinking the blue mountain air, and clicking away the rest on the mobile.

Mother Nature seems to hide some of her secrets, from our normal senses, but which gets stripped with the inventions of man on the cell and celluloid, wow those infra and ultra violet rays.

Following all those oooo’s and aaaahhh’s in Ooty we were climbing down through the Kothagiri road due to an obstruction in the regular route, what pleasures, when suddenly we crossed an Alsatian breed with his rich fur and royal looks standing at the entrance to a home.

My cousin and I must have both had frames and frames of long lost thoughts of a pet they once had named “Mani”, the car came to a stop, and there we were both , talking in rapid sentences, one making and stopping and the other continuing the lines, with similar thoughts.

The cousin decided to adopt an Alsatian young one if they had a pup.

Nearing the dog with little or no caution, my cousin was smelt and soon was being happily pounced, my cousin had fallen and so was i,both of us still firmly on our feet on the ground.

I was next for the happy Alsation s pouncing for the intrusion of his territory.

His name being Paige, i repeated it and could see his ears and attention turning , three hearts were beating as one.

They had no pups, and the carer was away at work, we all grounded to Mettupalayam, and reached Home, but a space of the heart is still there, and running in this page for Paige.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Blind with a sight

It was a troubled morning. Unable to keep time with the silent clock.

The early morning duties were done, and a tasty breakfast of dosais and sambar was relished.

Waving a quick ta ta to  my wife at the gate, I was hurrying to catch my bus and get my  regular window seat.

Everything seemed okay, till I wanted to check the minutes to the run off,( as that is how the driver of the mini bus, gets us on) that I realised that I had forgotten my glasses, to make sure I checked on the bridge of my nose.

The hospital work was ok at the gross level, till I had to write, the large fonts and the extra large prints went on smooth with a few wrinkles on the brow.

Then came the small O.P.  numbers, after getting paly with the patient, with the checks and investigations with my large oval writing, I cooly asked them to read out their numbers.

All of them would have diagnosed my case.

Lest it  re-happen as it already did, I have gotten a spare spectacles at that drawer.

Good to have the focus on. 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The 3 Bs

A slice of brown bread goes great with banana  rings and stoned brown sugar pieces, i hope i have given u great imagination for the evening snack.

I will share a picture of it to frame the imagination.

So the 3 Bs  bread,banana, brown sugar,wishing u a healthy sharing.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Expressive slogans between expansive shoulders

While going outside, there are many things that catch ones eyes, a bill board, a dress on a person or a handicraft through a window on display, what has been noticable these days , is a thought stimulating,or a beat skipping  line on a Tshirt.

I just got to see a few and had the guts to ask them for a snap, there were more , but these are for now., railway stations, buses and walk outs.

It is rare to see a double of the same words, i sometimes wonder if they are of the a la carte, type and printed to order.