Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Singh is Kinng * * * * *

Rating: High
9/10 for humour
9/10 for entertainment

1. The ethics.

The filmmaker is sensitive to the audience: he begins with a reassurance that there's no cruelty involved - it was graphically generated. It was SUCH a change from cringing all the way to the finishing credits to see if you paid 200 bucks to abuse a chicken for mass entertainment, at which point the director casually throws in a careless 'oh-by-the-by, one of the those humane societies was there for the filming.' for all your breathless wait. Used to make me seethe.

To the concerned filmmaker/producers/director: Thanks, for that thoughtful gesture. It made me relax enough to enjoy every single antic with a clear conscience and a stomach

It's a timeless story of a good guy winning through a combination of good fundamental values, aided by luck, puts it in the genre of Sindbad the Sailor, The Count of Monte Cristo and Les Miserables.

[to be continued]

(Disclaimer: Despite sounding like a crazed fan of bollywood movies, let me assure you I hadn't seen one in 5 yrs before this, and went into the movie reluctantly. :)

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