Friday, 24 February 2012

There is no poison.....

In the last rural meet, the guest speaker was a neuro physician, who cared for my papa in his last days.

His topic was  vertigo, after his speech i as usual was given the floor and i Recapitulated the topics of the year in a power point presentation, with
  A for aspartame and also for ajinomoto,  and  passed on to fluoride, gmo,soya,mercury,free flowing white salt, turmeric, and finished with vaccines, a quick brush to show off  our standards.

The  speaker was so kind to make comments, and asked that the topic of oats be added, the whole public is gullible with the wrong information being promoted with the high glycemic index of oats, he added.

It was a mixed gathering of doctors of rural practice and also of specialities , and we also had a doctor from Florida, on vacation here an anaesthesiologist , the topics were new to her too, not aware of fluoride in her drinking water.


shazia m said...

even Oats?

venkhat said...

This has been explained to me, in reference with the glycemic index factor, and how they are using the good results with the bad oats to sell.
The neuro physician specifically asked me to add it to my list of other titles.
i will study and share more details on it shazia.