Saturday, 10 November 2012

Birthday gathering

It was my lady's b day , and the street neighborhood kids decided to celebrate,
word was passed around and ,things that they wanted was listed by one of the bright kids.

They had decided to meet at  7 pm, finishing the tutions and home work by that time.

The wall clock did not seem to move in their homes and many had started arriving by 6 itself , asking me if it was alright to be earlier.

Things were moving with such enthusiasm that i agreed, between some plumbing work that had the water tank dry, and the plumber arriving when the electricity was shut for another two hours..

 Nothing was going to stop the celebrations the kids and i decided.

I took the few  kids who has arrived early to one of the department shops, and asked them what they wanted, each one was pointing his or her finger at bright coloured paper wrappings of the worst kind, well each one got what they wanted ,

The next stop was the chips kadai, and then the  bakery.

Then when all had gathered at my clinic next door, we all paraded  to meet the beauty of the day.

One girl presented , a bindi packet and flowers and we all sang  " happy b day  to her".

We then got the kids arranged and then shared the eatables of confectioneries and chips and other things and  they sang, yelled and  trooped to make the day a bright one for the lady .

Ohh yes she sang too.

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