Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Watering the plants without pinching them

One can notice an involuntary act of pinching plants  by the by standers when they walk along  plants, i have wanted to slap many a person doing that, but i knew i would never be able to stand the retaliation, or they would catch me and get me  an electro shock  therapy, thinking me mad.

Last Sunday morning we had a chance to do some thing else, i was just getting ready to hose the garden , when my lady said why don't we give a chance for the kids to water the plants.

The local neighborhood kids were coming home some of the week ends for a relaxation time and this Sunday was one such week.

Between the dances and exercises , the kids were asked to move out into the garden and water the plants orderly with out causing a mess, and with love and care, with out breaking branches or hurting the plants, and clapping the hands to encourage those who were watering .

It was a simple start to a great compassion in the lifetime to happen.

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