Monday, 11 May 2015

Tearing away with tears

A date was fixed for the parting and postponed, and timing fixed and lengthened, i was wondering why, until i saw the farewell.

It was the final day for our kid at the college and the batch was dispersing,it seemed just like a shift to another home, until all the things were packed and it was time for the waving.

There was a moment of jealousy in the mind when I could see how he has been won over by many a rugged one with soft hearts and cool eyes.

They had been together for 4 years and they must have shared many a struggle and moments of euphoria in closeness we can imagine like ours.

It was too dark and Mother Nature too was very solemn and shared her part in the parting with a slight drizzle.

These are the ones who are going to carve the world of tomorrow,for themselves and for the future.

Wishing them all a bright future,with togetherness and understanding.

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