Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Patted wheat dosais

Our wheat flour is locally milled and unsieved, and hence with no chemical preservatives , we make it in small quantities to keep it safe from ants and fungus.

My lady got the dough  ready and the consistency  watery , unlike the dough for chappatis,  onions are added to the dough and whipped well with the hand.

Once the pan is ready , the dough is patted on to the pan, and spread to a thin layer, and  repeadtedly flipped to  avoid charring.

It goes great with  cucumber, onion and carrot salad, dressed with lime juice , sea salt,pepper,and a touch of  country tomato  chaapees......  hmmm.

If u are not jallufying , see the picture again, and let my words swirl around your mouth.

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