Wednesday, 2 May 2012

May Day - meditative celebrations

May day calls are distress calls, but this may day  call  was for a celebration.

The kids have got their summer vacation ,and we wanted  to arrange a  jolly time  for them for a day, before they all leave for their grand parents home or run away to tourist spots far away.

My wife made calls to all people she knew who had children above 7, wishing they send their kids for a dance and fun time for a day at a local school.

The programme was called " little stars" and it was conducted by a master , he came at 10 am.

The kids had arrived before that and after an introduction, it got away with songs, dances and traffic watching ,cooing like an infant, and listening to multi- voices and sounds.

A star cut out was pinned on their chest with colorful ribbons, made of chart paper.

The kids were encouraged to share jokes, sing and dance , to the tunes of many a cinematic music.

We could see the happiness in the eyes of the kids and the warm enjoyment in the organisers heart.


shazia m said...

nice pictures!!
thanks for sharing.
You sure made the day for the kids!

venkhat said...

A great time for the organisers too.