Friday, 21 September 2012

A deck of murukkus

Friday is a local market day, where one could get any thing that is normally needed for the whole of the weeks living from veggies, fruits, broom,  bamboo baskets,linen and even snacks.

There is a village close by across the Salem Coimbatore highway called Attayampatti, it may be famous for many things,but to us it is murukkus.

It is made with rice and other cereals, made into a pasty dough and using metallic instruments with a small gap,the paste is deep fried with flowery designs in oil.

The local cinema shops get them,for their viewers, and it the snack for many homes with puffed rice and  ground nuts.

I showed this picture to a neighbour hood child, she squealed  " santhai murukkus".

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