Sunday, 30 September 2012

An inspiration from a yogin

It was a week filled with activity , it started with an introduction explaining about the heritage of our Indian yoga system and how we are in the land and still not aware of the treasures of the mystical system.

Swami Kailashnaath, with his sweet flowing words and cute smile took us along with the work shop of prayers,yogic breathing and postures, guiding us with his participation.

He had come all the way from Palani, invited here by some benevolent citizens.

Each morning we assembled at 6 am, and the routine practices went on till 8 .30 am .
For those who could not make it in the mornings, evening timings were offered from 6 pm till 9 pm.

He made it a class of no paper and pen and all practicals.

Lessons learnt from animals, and how we could benefit from them, breathing patterns , and techniques to avoid the diseases of the modern world , all leading to a fit body to do what ever we need to or in search of,  through the body.

We were initiated into the system formally at the penultimate day at 4 .30 am.

He wound up, answering  our stupid questions with his intelligence  and compassion, encouraging us to carry on with the practices that have been shared.


ravi said...

How fortunate are you people. Staying in towns away from city noise and mad rush enlightening your souls.

venkhat said...

i guess so mr Ravi, we also have a hillock close by where we go for a bath and do our laundry at spring wells.