Friday, 5 October 2012

A wrong number to the right person

I have a habit of ringing up my patients , just to know how they are getting along or are they drifting away.

It was one of those evenings and i had tapped a number and waited for the voice on the other side, and when it did , it was different, i enquired if it was Murugesan, which Murugesan? it enquired, well Ellampillai i said, well this is Swami, came back the reply

Good Lord looks like i made a connection to heaven..

It was a number i have not wrung for a longgg time, but that friend has turned into a  mystic  now.

Laughter was shared like the old times,  for the present , and more things ..  for the future.

Sometimes diaries can get to  make contacts with the  right person, with the wrong lines.

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