Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Shocks and further shocks following an anaphylactic shock

We had a rural gathering of doctors meet last month, and the topic was " medico legal aspects - caring for ourselves while we care for patients".

A village close to ours was affected with a death of a patient , in transport from there to Salem.

The public demanded action, the relatives were shocked , the doctors astonished, in short it was hell for all.

The pharmacy companies do not seem to be affected at all in this confusion.

I heard about the child s death at Bangalore thro' a patient from there yesterday, in this we are all confused , who should do what, the western doctors comments on the articles , say we should follow protocols, right we do not have them for any thing, but what about the situation as it happens , and where do we point our finger, today it has happened to a common patient, but we doctors too are patients some time.

How are such situations managed legally , and how is the heart dealt with for the doctor.

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