Friday, 1 February 2013

The tough looking graceful earth mover

It was one of the mid afternoon times when i was chit chatting with one across the seas on my screen, when a call came , informing about the earth moving machine.

 I wanted to fence a plot of land , and one advised why don't u clean it up, this brought on the  mover machine.

The man machine went to work, pulling up things and pushing , there was not much , for us to utilise the full capacity of the machine, but we could see its enormous capability, in a matter of a few hours, the place became neat , for the next work to be done .

We did have spectators, watching the hydraulic system work with such ease and gracefulness  at the push of a gear system.

Man is free to use his time for other things, and let the hard labor be handled by such inventions.

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