Sunday, 28 April 2013

A simple breath - as intended

Many a master is remembered, who has acted as a path and guide to a realisation.

This is about Swami Shajananda, who was at Atheetha Ashram , on the banks of Ubbannur lake , near Hosur in Tamil nadu .

He was so close to nature, he shared with us observations and lessons from doing things naturally.

Many a Christmas ago, during one of the days at the health camp, He talked to us on the simple act of breathing.

Watching the breath of a child during activity or sleep, and the breath of an adult during sleep , we find so much similarity, and much to be studied, how we have moved away.

Ever since our first visit to a doctor , who asked us to take a deep breathe, and our days at the defense academy training at  NCC,where we learnt the " chest out stomach in," our breathing  methods have altered.

How stupid it may look to wonder why should one talk on the simple act of breathing.

Let us make a small try , may we slide back to normal breathing.

Take a relaxed inhalation, watch the abdomen grow, now let it an equally relaxed exhalation and watch the tummy get small.

Now let it happen naturally --  happy breathing.

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