Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Forgive? hmm , Forget? NO

The silent memorials at the Japanease cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, show that the Japanese have not forgotten the bombings.

Remembering the 6th August as the day of the atomic dropping is a thing that cannot be forgotten and needs to be studied.

What really gets me wondering is how did the two countries get to patch up after that dropping.

With the things in the archives coming out and shut up mouths talking and other things, truth of the bombings are surfacing, we know the rushed up scientists and developers wanted to see the actions of the inventions and the power of the beholders.

The forgiveness!  Japan must be some society to have that compassion, and to continue to do trade and exchange program mes, in spite of seeing the destruction, with the chromosomal anomalies still occurring after 67 years.

The scientists have been duped with their inventions being put into destruction.

With every commemoration they must be silently crying where they are,as with the present scientists who see theirs being misused.

May we learn from the past mistakes for a safe livable planet.

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