Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A water tap to quench a hunger pang

I was waiting to catch a train, with enough time to have a leisurely lunch on the platform.

Enjoying  the breeze that was,on the crowdless station ,i noticed an old man walk up to a drinking water tap and have a large long drink,  then i noticed  after some time he came back to the tap for another long drink, and then i knew it was no thirst to quench a parched lip.

Strange are the ways of attraction, i walked up and asked him if he would accept a drink of porridge blended with curd, that could be the most difficult moment for a man of richness, but i saw that and felt no pity or bigness as i was only going to share.

I gave him half my portion of the blended drink, and his appreciation was as good as mine later, after he finished his, he felt a oneness as this was what he  normally had at home.

He was on his way to a temple,being kicked out of home, for not being wanted.

He left a line," a dad  can  even take care of 10 children , but 10 children cannot take care of one dad".( he has two sons,and is now a vagabond)

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