Monday, 9 January 2012

Laughter as a medicine and a meditation

It was a get together of a club in Namakkal, called as happiness club.
They had decided to have a debate on the best effect of laughter was for the body or the mind.

The teams had straight away agreed the goodness was there and there was no doubt on that, but the difference was only the results, was it limited to the body or the presence of the mind itself.

 The readers digest has a separate page for the jokes titled as " laughter the best medicine", with no doubts left for the medical profession to argue at all.

The words medicine and meditation have a common origin, and it was no better place to have it than at this togetherness , where the whole auditorium was up with peals of laughter.


sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

Any thoughts on the genetic code?

venkhat said...

For the genetic code, we can start from the visible, then go inwards.

This is a wonderful topic, depends what u are in search for.

I would prefer the spiritual coding than the physical ones, in the genes.