Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sunny oil bath leads to strong teeth and bones

It was another of those lazy saturday mornings.
A container of cold pressed sesame oil was got, a packet full of grounded arapu leaves,( i have yet to find the English name for it) change clothes were collected, and of course that neem twig and off i was to have an oil bath.

The morning sun was at the a slant and  i was into oiling myself ,lazyly chewing the twig and letting my system have itself a chemical reaction of the oil,the sun light and what ever else that was there.

Some folks use shikakai powder, other shampoos, i prefer the powder of a local plant which has an oil cleaning effect we call it arapu, some folks also use the bark, it also offers a shampoo like solution.
a half an hour of a good sun bath , and buckets of spring water from the well, adds to the freshness of a good oil bath on a saturday morning.

No breaking fast today till lunch time, goody lunch awaits me.


Many of us are on to calcium supplements, the calcium that is made from our own system is the only calcium that can be absorbed by the body to be used with no ill effects.

The calcium that the body prepares from the food that we eat is best and natural organic food of sprouted pulses and green leafy vegetable sources are safe.

The calcium supplements are on the chopping block , with reseach leading them to cause ailments from many disorders.( courageous researchers will bring them to book)

(The vitamin D that is derived from the oily sun bath , helps in the body to absorb the calcium in our food.)


Yoda said...

Such a fine insight - wish there were more doctors like you around who combine native commonsense with their knowledge.:)

venkhat said...

Yoda U are kind, thanks to folks like u, who show encouragements, that i am able to share.