Monday, 2 January 2012

Writing exercises-to bring on a good sign

During our school days, we had those 4 liners to practise our handwriting,like i said it is a misnomer, it should have been finger-writing.

The writer was given a set of exercises,which we dutifully followed and still do at times of nostalgic school thoughts of " those were the days".

Things seem to have changed for the better or for the worse, with lots of sharing with e- mails and less of documentation and paper work, yet the answer sheet is one thing that keeps the writing work steady, at least for the future times of  a political high post when u have to sign a lot of bills.

For now the people with  posts are regular with their signing in of so many new laws that they don't have to do writing exercises as such , their signatures for passing this bill and then the next, a new one is already on the table.

If only they had reading exercises too, many of those bills would not have been passed, a shame we do not have similar reading exercises , for better results ,of a sharper mind and a courageous heart.

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