Monday, 5 March 2012

Bill to pay the bill for vaccinations

 For a profession of healing, no doctor would willingly accept words from a layman, to thwart his principles of hard learning,practice, and updating yet we would willingly accept the same laymen to lay foundations or things to enhance a medical project without questions , when we should be careful to accept with caution.

Whoever it may be, the words apply even if it be Bill Gates.

How could he promote vaccinations with lavish donations, and we accept his word as truth for the benefit of our patients and the world at large.

Bill gates and his foundation is on to offer 10 billion dollars in the decade to make this the ' decade of vaccinations" how magnanimous, but would it not be more wonderful to improve sanitations and other basic necessities to fight against diseases, which seem to keep on multiplying, with new names and more sporadic nature, than  imbalancing ones immune system.

Does no one really see something wrong there?

(There was a question from a patient the other day, previously if we had a case of viral attack, it was said that we would never ever get it again, how come things have changed now with the present.
Answer - Now we play games with medicines and the organisms mutate to play with us.)


Yoda said...

Bill Gates may just be ignorant of the wars being waged.
My feeling is that there is probably has some immunity-boosting pharmaceutical research due to hit the market in the near future - therefore this intense drive to unbalance all natural immunity.

venkhat said...

Natural immunity has always been targeted, that is the reason allopathic medicines sell.

I disagree that there would ever be an immunity boosting pharmaceutical product ever... not with the MBA degree style of medicine sellers.

Bill Gates i am sure is aware of the wars being waged and he is being a part of the army that never nears the trench.

He makes inroads for the war men to move on later, with all his softening target methods hitting the lines before them.

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

Look at TB resistant strains coming up and ppl dying of TB. Never happened in last forty years after TB was controlled by drugs.

Probably Bill Gates has a stake in the company making those vaccines.

See the trick. First profiteer from the products and then donate to boost sales of the same products and then the cycle continues.

So in actuality it is taking money from the population of the world and then recycling it back to the population of the world and in turn one becomes a hero.

Remember Robinhood?

venkhat said...

yeah , u seem to see more into it, the resistant TB is more of an antibiotic abuse,well we will have more vaccines for them.

God save us from these evil minded ones who act as benevolent angels.