Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Money laundering with a detergent

I have always felt jealous of the way our beauty women managed to do multi-tasking and all of them well,while i had to shut one doing, to do another
and not too well too.

with the present crisis, it is more apparent now, one at a time, god how did things ever happen on time earlier.

No wonder the boss always had them as secretaries.

The manual laundering of wetting, soaping, crumpling, brushing and rinsing were all done , for my small bundle of clothes, with little wacking.

There was a small bulge at the area of the pocket when i was just getting the shirts on the hanger to dry, shifting i found a few rupee bills all wet and unnoticed till now, but clean new,and wet.

Well i was never one to use the wallet, scared  some one will flick it away, or i may get stranded,  if i lost it all in one place , or worse i remembered , "do not put all your eggs in one basket".

So there they were drying under the breeze of the ceiling fan, to have the words come on .

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