Saturday, 26 January 2013

Down to earth water dowser

The modest dowser for water had arrived 10 minutes before the auspicious hour , he had got the traditional lime and his " y " shaped dowsing twig and incense sticks, and camphor.

After a ritualistic prayer of a minute, the dowser started to move with his twig and lime attached by means of a small rope smeared with turmeric.

Within a minute at a space of a few steps the lime started to twirl on a circumference, and  wow it stopped as quickly as it started , like the movement of  the needle on a meter reading.

Moving up and down the plot on his feet he seemed to be in thought and he asked us to identified some spots with a collection of stones.

Finally he selected a spot, rammed down an identification metallic length, said u will get water at 200 feet, go further till u can , good supply and may u use it without waste.

He collected his fee and away he went.

He said he will return when the bore well machine comes and will confirm his findings then.

Such swiftness and his findings are never wrong, he had been for my building a decade earlier , and now for this cousin of mine.

He has nothing to confirm his qualification for this , no family tradition, no meditations , nothing of speciality , just his being.

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