Monday, 13 May 2013

An eye on the pyramid

It was an invitation for a family function of the street mates, being on a Sunday and at the times of the school holidays, it was filled with kids and laughter and a back ground of light music not to disturb the gossiping of the get together.

The chairs were draped with a sash and curtains  for the windows,it was some thing new for the village atmosphere, we were pointed to an artist and a painter , who decorated the kids and the women s fore-arm with designs and the artist with pencil sketches , all large eyed like me .

The lunch was all a difference too , with bombastic terms of the menu of the neighboring states.

We let our steps lead us on and found ourselves at a stall with a magician, mumbling the famous abracadabra  mantra to a kid and showing out a feather turned pencil.

The magician said he is more of a puzzler , and that he has resigned his engineering job for his love of the puzzles and its teasers.

He shared with us his trade, and my  lady s attention caught the magic balls to form the pyramid.

Many a participant like her tried and she with her calculation decided she would try,she moved this, that and then, voila there was the pyramid.

We suddenly realised we had a puzzling puzzler , with her eye set on the pyramid.

We wished the magical man the best of times and left , with a take away presents of two jasmine plants from the function hosts, and our hearts blessing them.

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